Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Saturday morning dawned cool & overcast with a slight breeze.  Perfect running conditions.  I'd had an inkling that I just might consider running the 10km a week early & after a 10 hour sleep, once I felt the conditions, I knew it was time to give it a crack.  

I ran the first 5kms keeping my heart rate under 130 beats per minute.  This was to keep me calm.  I wasn't aiming for a fast time, I was aiming to complete the distance.  It really is a mind game this running caper: I had little bouts of anxiety which made my heart rate increase & my chest tighten.  Why was I anxious you ask?  I was worried I wouldn't be able to do it!  Yes, I know I'm an idiot.  I've trained for it & was more than ready.  But that doesn't stop the doubt.  I had a couple of stern chats to myself like: "What's the worse that could happen?  Having to walk the last couple of kms?  You idiot!!  Big Deal!!!!  Think of those Biggest Loser Contestants running up that big sand hill; if they can do that, you can do this BooYa!!!!" 

Once I'd reached the 5km mark, I knew I could finish & picked up the pace a bit, keeping my heart rate under 140 bpm.  The furthest I ever run before was 8kms, so it was only 2kms more than that & I regularly run 6.5kms in the morning, so only 3.5kms more than a regular run.  See what I mean?  I knew I could do it, but my mind was holding me back.  With around 1.5kms to go, I changed my music from calm & soothing to rockin' & went for it, powering home.

I spotted Plumbing Boy turning out of our street as I was running towards it & held up both hands flashing all 10 fingers at him with a big grin on my face.  He wasn't really sure what I was on about but tooted & waved & went about his business.  I continued to pick up the pace & made it home in 1hr 14 minutes & 42 seconds.  Plenty of room for improvement there, but I did it.  10kms.  All by myself.  HA!!!!  Yes, I was pretty stoked.  

After catching my breath & skulling some water I called PB & asked him if he got my message.  He said what message?  Did you see how many fingers I was holding up when I was running towards you? Ahhhhhhhhh You just did your 10K????  Well done!!!!!  I wondered what that meant & what was taking you so long!!!!

I spent the rest of the day helping PB doing a bit of manual labour, basking in my accomplishment.  My legs were a little sore Sunday, but good sore.  I ran again Monday morning, but had this morning off as I had to get PB out the door with lunch & breakfast on the road by 5.45am.  

Next on the agenda is to run an official 10km fun run in April with an improved time.  If you've ever thought about running, I'm not such a bad example.  I can still remember not being able to run for 1 minute, let alone 1 hour.  Whether you sign up with UpandRunning, or jog a block, walk a block & increase that distance yourself in your own time, getting out there in the fresh air is something fabulous you can do for yourself. While I don't enjoy ALL of EVERY run, the after buzz is worth every second of it!


Memphis Steve said...

Congratulations! You are doing better than I am. I have hardly run at all over the past 6 months or so.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Steve! You'll get back into it when you're ready (or your body is!) :0)