Thursday, January 19, 2012


I'm a road runner baby! Last night I ran my furtherest distance outdoors ever! GPS said 8.75, but measuring on the map it was more like 8.25.

My cold didn't eventuate last week. I felt like shite for a couple of days, but the snotty nose didn't arrive. Had a few sleep ins & it seemed to disappear.

We went to Warrnambool on the weekend to see the family; dinner on Friday night with our international visitors who'd headed from me to there via the great ocean road. BBQ in a park by the beach with our cousins & their tribes of kids; Saturday night pizza. My sis bought her family a Wii at the boxing day sales, so the girls (10,12 & 17) were mad on Just Dance. I laughed so hard I cried @ plumbing boy doing his thing with the 10 & 12 year olds. Even Mumsy had a go. Dad decided it was time to depart before he was further harassed into getting up on the dance floor.

Back to normality this week with all our staff back from annual leave. I've still been flat out though with PB in the office a lot peering over my shoulder hence the lack of posts!!!! LOL!!!!!!


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Epic Fail said...

Congrats on the run! And I am glad that your cold seems to have gone away. That is what you meant by 'eventuate' right? I have to be honest, I didn't know what the heck that meant. Sorry, I am American. The government is in charge of most of our educations and we all know how poorly government does things.