Monday, January 9, 2012


Plumbing Boy's niece gave us these for Christmas! She was worried he wouldn't understand either of them. Funnily enough he responded to them exactly as I responded to her when she gave them to me. Something about writing a particular staff members name in black texta under the STFU! Hilarious.

Thought it was about time I road tested my morning coffee in one of them (& no, it's not the instant Moccona - percolated Lavazza if you please!). Now. STFU. I'm trying to drink my coffee in peace please! :0)

Happy Monday Peeps!


Ute said...

Hahaha! Priceless!

I was gonna ask whether you drank Moccona. ;o)

DOG3OY said...

STFU too, i had to resort to Macca's coffee in chinatown in singapore this morning.... still can taste the bitter brew.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Uteski! I've turned into a bit of a coffee snob these days....cant handle instant!!! I upgraded the plumbers from international roast to Moccona sometime last year! I went from plunger to percolator after staying with italian friends in november 2011. It's bloody good!!!!

Dog3oy - oh dear! I think I'd rather starbucks than Macca's!!! Last time I was unlucky enough it was as week as piss & tasted like dirty dish water :0( Hope you get a real coffee soon!!!