Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year & other stuff

Happy New Year peeps! Hope you had a good one where ever you were. Me, I stayed home with Plumbing Boy this year. I was given a late leave pass to go play with my mates at a house party & in fact called one of the said mates & made a bit of a plan, then 30 minutes later cancelled! Very unlike me I know - turning down the opportunity to party!!!

PB had 2 x plumbing jobs late/arvo early evening & was going to have to fend for himself for dinner. He'd decided on take away; he also usually ends up in bed before 10pm, leaving me to watch TV or a DVD on my lonesome anyway, hence me often going out on New Years with out him, but this year I just couldn't do it!

I toddled off to the stupidmarket & got a few supplies for dinner, a bottle of Champers & a couple of DVD's. PB didn't make it home til 9pm & managed to stay up til 11pm watching a (fairly lame) action DVD with me. I struggled to keep my peepers open til 12.......I actually heard the fire works, then changed the channel on the TV so I could see them as well.

Since Christmas we've been slaving like demons at work. The office has been closed & I've been cleaning out & restocking plumbing trucks & PB has been working on operation clean up the factory & make homes for everything. He's not the tidiest lad on the planet himself, so he can hardly go spare at anyone at work for not putting stuff away, especially if it doesn't actually have a home.

I think this year will be Operation Organisation around here!

This reminded me to have a peek back at last years "changes" I'd hoped to achieve (as opposed to resolutions) & they were as follows:

#Stop defining myself as old/saying out loud that I am old - my age is not relevant.

Have been quite mindful of this & think I've reasonably successfully changed my mind set on this one.

#Stop feeling guilty for time spent on myself.

This one still needs work, but I've been kinder to myself.

#Stretches - do them.

Ahem. Failed this one.

#Look after my nails.

I did manage to use hand cream every day (it lives on my desk) however no fingernail painting occurred. I did paint my toenails 4 times this year as opposed to once the year before!

#Stop frowning.

Yes, made a conscious effort on this one too. I think being mindful of tension helps with stress levels too.

#Exercise - do it! Specifically, run 3 x times per week, working up to 10kms, then doing 1 x 10km & 2 x shorter runs (no less than 5kms) each week. Pump or free weights 2 x times per week.15 mins of Abs/Core every day at home - just a couple of planks & some crunches will do. My middle has gone very soft.

My middles is still quite soft!!! And the Physio told me not to do planks!!! He recons they are over rated. I'm not sure about that yet! After multiple injuries this year (bothered tendon between glute & hammy; multiple calf pulls; RSI/chronic overuse syndrome in shoulder/elbow/forearm) I'm back running. I didn't make my 10km race due to said injuries, but have run 5 days per week for the past 5 weeks under the guidance of my physio. I haven't done my elbow any favours over the past 10 days of operation organisation. Lets just say it hurts. I've not done pump in months & don't foresee doing it for at least a couple of months considering how slow this elbow/forearm thing is progressing, even using left handed mouse! Meh, you win some, you lose some. I've been diligent with the calf exercises & trying to be better at the glute activation exercises!

#Finish off my Fit Fab & Forty Challenge. Specifically, getting my waist measurement under 80cms & reducing my body fat %. Ideally I'd like to have done this by Easter, which is 4 months away. The rest the year shall be spent maintaining this!

Spectacular fail. As my waist measurement was under 80cms when I made this plan, I suspect I meant belly button measurement!!! Last time I took it 9/12 it was 87cms. Will be interesting to see if a months running has helped! Although I've been a bit slack with eating over the Christmas break & had an alcoholic bevie every night; it was back into routine January 1st. Maybe I'll give it a couple of weeks :0)

#Curb Alcohol consumption. Specifically on week nights.

A big gold star 3 please!. While it took me 8 months to commit to this (I started in August) & after weaning for 4 weeks I've been booze free Sunday to Thursday since (until Christmas) & am back on the wagon already. This is a big thing for me, as usually October - March when I find it hardest not to drink!

#Pay more attention to food/meal portion control.

Probably around 50% success rate. Considering the scale weight hasn't budged much, I haven't paid enough attention perhaps!!!!! PB has really got on board with this in the past month or so, so that should help!

So. That's how it played out. I'm going to ponder some changes I'd like to make for 2012 & some specific things I want to achieve, so in my best SJP accent, "stay tuned"!


Ute said...

Your New Years sounded just like ours!

We watched a dvd, was quite a good one, then went to bed before midnight.

still awake at the stroke of twelve. Heard the fireworks. Cbf getting up to see where they were.

Hope this year is a great one for you and PB matey. xox

AlleyCat said...

Couch is good hey!!!! Hope you & Smarty have a great one to mate! xoxo