Thursday, January 5, 2012

Good Old Boys

I woke up yesterday with a Don Williams tune in my head; so of course my morning run was a little bit country AND a little bit western.

I set out listening to Don, Johnny Cash, Billy Brag & Wilco, Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson. Who would have thought my "a little bit country" play list would work for running!

I added on 1km yesterday: after running 5.5kms for almost 2 weeks, this was my first attempt at 6.5kms outdoors. I probably could have run further, but didn't want to break anything. I'll keep at this distance for a week or so.

I'm technically starting the Up & Running training schedule (again) this week, but am modifying it as per physios recommendation & leaving out any speed work. I'll be loosely following it & am about to(?) commit to a 10km race at the end of Feb.

I'm really nervous about it, especially as I didn't make the last one I signed up for (due to daft calf injury). I was listening to a life coach briefly on 3RRR this morning, who was talking about goal setting & a little fear is as good thing, she said. It helps motivate & fear of failing pushes you to succeed.

I hope I can do it this time. As physio said, I've just got to get the kms under my belt. I'm not attempting to run fast, but to just extend the kms slowly.

Wish me luck!

Here are some pic's I took a couple of weeks ago after a run that felt particularly hard, but on reviewing, I found it was because I'd run almost 3 minutes faster than previously at that distance.
It was hard because I was running faster!

I rounded the corner to home & saw this glorious sunrise that had been at my back for the past 15 minutes. "scuse the power lines!


Tully said...

Those photos are beautiful... there has to be something nice about running! ;-)

I think you're right that a little fear is a good thing. If our goals were easy to achieve they wouldn't really be goals, we would already be doing them. If that makes sense...

AlleyCat said...

LOL @ "there has to be something nice about running"! Some days are harder than others that's for sure!!!

Yes, I understand totally what you are saying about the fear factor. I'm pretty slack & tend to aim for goals I know I will be able to acheive...........don't really challenge myself that much. I recon anyway!!!

That said, I know that not everyone can run, so I'm not doing so bad; I certainly admire talents other people have & would never bother challenging myself to achieve what they do as I just know I couldn't do it!!!

Slyde said...

those are some great pics, and congrats on the running. now that my arm is feeling alittle better, im trying to ease up on the running and get back to the weights...