Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Chocolate Cups & Xmas

I spent Christmas Eve making more Chocolate Cups!

And I remembered to take pictures of the finished product this time. Ta Da!!!!!!

This is my cousin's new puppy. Apparently he's doubled in size & she's only had him a couple of months. He wouldn't sit still on Christmas day for me to take a photo, so this is one Jax took earlier.

This is the beginning (or ending) of the woeful Melbourne weather on Christmas afternoon. We were driving back through it from East to West.

Easing up a bit here. We did get hailed on, but only by less than 5 cent piece size stones as opposed to the snowball sized ones that damaged a lot of cars.

By the time we made it back to the workshop, it was just steady fat rain drops (I'm looking out of our workshop - the building is the one across the street from us).

Them be all my belated Christmas Photos.....................................not very exciting I know.

The desert was bloody good. Tully - I recon the raspberry sauce IS better if you cook it down - it's thicker & syrupy. Use the same recipe, just simmer in a saucepan until has reduced to your liking (cool then strain)!


Ute said...

Awwww, that puppy is just adorable! What breed is it? It looks like a labradoodle or summink.

Epic Fail said...

The photos of your chocolate cups are making me HUNGRY!!!

Tully said...

How crazy was that Christmas Day weather. I don't envy you having to drive through that!

Those cups just look amazing, I am going to have to make them the next time I have a barbie or dinner to attend.

I'll just remember to simmer the sauce down like you said!

AlleyCat said...

Uteski! Yes, I think thats what she said, a something doodle anyway :0)

Epic - lol hope you didn't drool on your keyboard!!!

Tully - yes - you definately have to make them!!!! Once you've done the chocolate stuff the rest is easy peasy!!!