Monday, December 31, 2012

It's Hill Time

Hope you've all survived the Christmas period & eaten your body weight in your favorite foods!  I know I've been in a bit of a food coma with plenty of savory & sweet treats on the menu.  I sent the last of the lollies & chocolates home with my sister for her other half & the kids to eat Thursday; & Mum & Dad anything else on Saturday.  I'm hoping the extra kg I gained will have disappeared shortly.

Speaking of my sister, she's kindly drawn in the hills in ORANGE on the above map.  This is the 10km route I'll be running on Sunday (green is downhill, purple is the actual route, red arrows tell me what direction I'm supposed to run).  Weather forecast is for 23 deg C thank GOD!  Earlier in the week Dad said the long range forecast was for 40 deg C!

So.  What I want you to do (PLEASE!) is pick a hill.  Then I'm going to imagine you in my head, all the way up that hill cheering me on (or more likely swearing at me to move my bloody arse)!

The first one is not marked in because I knew it was there & I get to run back down it on the way back & was thinking of channeling the Anzac Spirit for that one!

1. Pertobe Road (Anzac's - AKA harden up princess hill)
2. Lava St Hill
3. Bostock Street Hill - Cinders
4. Otway Road Hill
5. Hickford Pde Hill (smaller)
6. Hickford Pde Hill (bigger mother you know what)
7. Belmore Rd Hill
8. Nicholson Street Hill - C

First in n all.  

Feel free to add in your choice encouraging words & or tune.  

I'm not sure I'll be aiming for a particular time as I won't have run so many hills before.  I'm just aiming to finish without injury & not come last.  My watch went flat & I'm not sure I'll be able to get the battery replaced by the weekend as it's waterproof.  I'll have to estimate by tunes.  Under 60 minutes would be awesome but extremely unlikely.  I ran a slow 10km Christmas morning (was only meant to do 8km, but it was nice out & I had the streets to myself) in 63 mins.  I ran the same 10km in 1.13.? in March so anything between 60 & 70 minutes will do me.

Wish me luck.  Those hills look scary.  Mainly the looooong Hickford Pde big un.  Breath!!!!!!

Oh.  And............ HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Hope you have a good night or a good sleep where ever you may be.  Be safe OK!!!


Monday, December 24, 2012

Ho Ho Ho

Wishing you all a safe & happy Christmas!!!!

I'm gonna get all sappy & ask you to be kind to yourself & those you love.  Christmas can be a horribly stressful, sad & lonely time for many people.  Where ever you are I hope that you find some comfort, happiness & joy in the little things.

Take Care xoxo

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Getting there

Early last week I felt like there was no way I was going to be able to do this upcoming 10km.  After driving the course on Saturday, I'm dreading the hills & thinking I need to revise my estimated completion time.  I'm running a week behind in longer runs & had knee soreness over the past couple of weeks which meant I only did 2 runs weeks beginning 26/11 & 3/12 (instead of the scheduled 3).

Then last week, I managed 7.5 on the beach in Warrnambool Saturday (rather than attempting to do the 8km planned on the course on the road) then 8km 2 days later on the road Monday night without knee soreness.  I'm feeling better about it all!!  I think I need to slow down & aim for completing the training runs without causing injury rather trying to improve speed.  Maybe I'm just not meant to be a 10km runner.  And I'm still not sure about the course hills as I don't know if that 4km section will be run clockwise or anti clockwise!!!!!

I also went horse riding last Thursday with a mate for her delayed 40th birthday present (she had a baby) which was awesome & I'll do a proper blog post about that later which rendered me quite sore afterwards, so even more amazed I managed Saturday's run.  

The boss has pulled his cranky head in thank goodness.  My office assistant said he was a shocker on Thursday when I was off horse riding.  Perhaps that was the cause of said crankiness!!!  It's not like he hasn't had lots of Friday afternoons off this year to go camping & dirt bike riding LOL!

Anyhoo.  While I'm not really feeling the Christmas thing this year, I'm definitely looking forward to a few days out of the office.  I still have a long list of jobs that need doing out in the yard, but will be good to get out from behind my desk.

Watch out on the road peeps - its feral out there at the moment!

Monday, December 17, 2012


People often ask me how I go working with my other half.  My usual response is not without challenges.  Like everything in life I guess some days are good; other days not so good.  Today has been one of the later.  I swear if he was my child I'd have sent him to his room for an attitude adjustment by now.

On the upside I've have 2 most excellent compliments from one of my co-workers.  He hadn't heard or seen Mr Attitude yet today, so they weren't sympathy compliments.

The first compliment was about running your own business; he basically said that if I can do it, he can too.  "Not that I don't admire & respect (plumbing boy) but you're a lot more normal than he is.  You have a life, go out with your friends, go to the gym, have a heart.  If you can cope with it all then I recon I can do it".  I'm just happy he thinks I'm normal!!!!

The second revolved around our Christmas Party; a couple of the guys (28yo & 25yo) had made comments that I had though quite socially inappropriate (they were both sober mind you) at our Christmas Party.  I guess I called both of them on each comment.  I usually don't get involved, but one guy was going on about shooting people as though it were a joke & considering what happened in America over the past couple of days, I recon he'd he'd have been slapped/decked if he made the same comment now.  The other comment was not quite racist, but more about inciting violence rather than avoiding it.  My co-worker went back to his mates & asked them what they thought about what was said & he actually went back to both these co-workers & reinforced what I had said as he thought they were both extremely in appropriate too.  Interesting.  

So.  While the boss has gotten me down a bit today, my co-worker has cheered me up & I need to remember that I have the power to decide whether other peoples positive &/or negative attitudes affect me or not.  I guess today is one of those days where you decide the boss can (insert appropriate sentence here) himself!!!  There.  I feel much better already!

What do you do when the boss gives you the shits?????

Monday, December 10, 2012


I wrote this two weeks ago & forgot to publish it!

It's pretty much my 1st year anniversary of road running without injury!  I started in spring 2011 (August) when I signed up for the Up&Running 10km course.  A couple of injuries later I couldn't do the formal run I'd signed up for nor did I complete the 10km training program properly (sorry Shauna & Julia!).  Reality was my body wasn't ready for it.  

While I could run 5kms (& further) easily on a treadmill, running on natural (or concrete, asphalt etc) ground makes your body work harder & I didn't factor in the time it would take for my body to adjust.  I worked with my physio & gradually built up the kms & ran a virtual 10km in January this year.  I also had to do a heap of very specific glute activation exercises.  Who knew not only were my glutes weak, they were also lazy buggers.  Especially the one on the right LOL!.

I now have a year of running stats - times, distances etc to compare.  I'm definitely getting faster.  I'm definitely getting stronger.  That is definitely due to the weekly 30 minute PT session I've been doing.  Even Mr PT notices one leg is stronger than the other.  We always work the lazy leg first.  Slowly it's catching up.  This would explain why I am right handed yet left footed.  My lower right side has been cactus since forever it would seem.

Sorry.  Sidetracked.  So Happy Anniversary to me!  I recon it must be time for a new pair of runners - I have 2 pair now & alternate, the older shoe has done almost 500kms.  Too many to choose from!  I think I'll wait til after Christmas then hopefully pick some up on sale.

Friday, December 7, 2012


It has been a long week!  13 hour days at my desk Ugh.  Work has exploded (every man & dog requiring stuff done before festivus); a new staff member (lost half day on induction & associated stuff) & now we have a man cold in da house.  Is it possible to snore & cough at the same time? Yep I'm a little tuckered.

Training schedule has fallen behind.  Had a sore knee after last Friday morning's run so didn't do the 7km planned for last weekend & work kicked me til Wednesday night's PT whereby I did the hill tready run first.  This morning I just couldn't get up (& run).  I'm gonna try to hit the gym & tready tonight before our work Christmas Party.  Ambitious?  Yeah.   We'll see.

Not much else happening on the western front.  The next few weeks are jam packed with social stuff & my liver is quaking already.  Best I get on with some water & get back to work.

Have a great Friday peeps!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Imagine my Surprise.........

Went for a run last Friday morning (this is how busy I've been that I'm blogging it a week later), first 6.5km in a while.  It was pitch black when I set out, but by the last km before home, it was quite light.  I was cruising along with the end almost in sight, when a motorist started to pull over next to me.  A middle aged bloke, winding down his window, a little creepy.  I took out an ear bud as he was gesturing & speaking, to hear him saying to me "watch out, there is a naked boy ahead.  Someone should call the police".  Ah, OK, I say as he drives off.

I look up ahead, but can't see anything & continue along pondering a naked little kid in a front yard somewhere up ahead.  About 200 metres later, I clock him.  Taller than me, I'd say around 6 feet.  Butt naked.  I go to cross the street, but he beats me to it.  I stay on my side wondering what to do.  He's not staggering, but looks to be a little wonky.  He crosses back to my side, then back to the other side.  This street is a main thoroughfare, with 2 lanes of traffic each way, with clearways during peak hour.  The buses have started too.  I decided that it might be a good idea to call 000.  

While on the phone to the police dispatch person, naked man crosses again & starts walking back towards me.  Uh Oh.  I walk down a side street & duck into the car parking spaces behind a block of 4 units to continue my call.  Probably not the smartest place to hide as if he'd come around the corner & spotted me, I didn't really have anywhere to go.  I'd have to hope the people in the units were home & come to my rescue!  Ooops.

Dispatch asked me if he looked drug or alcohol affected - my response was "I'm not getting close enough to be able to answer that question".  They also asked me if he had a weapon.  "None that I could see" was my response.  The only time I saw him front on he had his hands cupping his wobbly bits!  I'm pretty sure he wasn't carrying any sort of weapon!!!

He could have been anywhere between 16 & 30, judging by his skin - didn't look old & crinkly anyway.  Had his head down & lots of dark shaggy hair, so I couldn't see his face.  He didn't seem to be battered, bruised or bleeding; I was more concerned that he'd get hit by a bus of car as he really wasn't paying much attention to the traffic.  I don't think he'd been accidentally locked out of the house in the nude if you get what I mean!!!

I asked dispatch if they wanted me to hang around, the guy said no, keep on my way & stay safe - I'd explained I'd been running.  I carefully peeked back out onto the street & naked guy had crossed back again & was heading away from me.  So I took off back down the side street & took the back streets home.  A taxi had actually pulled into the side street & done a u turn & headed towards naked guy as I left so maybe the cabbie was going to check on him.

I was almost home when my phone rang.  It was the local constabulary.  The policeman said to me laughing, "So, you've reported a naked man..." ah, yes.  So I explained the whole situation again how the motorist had initially flagged me down while running etc.  The  policeman was in stitches & said they'd send a car straight away.  I haven't heard any more since then.  Nothing on the news or local paper about it, so I hope they found him & returned him safely home!

It makes for a funny story to tell, but at the end of the day he's still someone's son & it would have been awful if he'd been hurt!  When I come home from my morning runs I usually give Plumbing Boy stats of what I saw - usually 1 cat, no dogs, old walking guy, lots of snails.  Now I'm adding in NO Naked peeps (or calls to 000)!

PS Ute - your EMU reminded me to blog this!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Results are in!  

Official time is 35:39 & I came in @ 1,597 out of approximately 4,500 runners in the 6km event.  Results were emailed in an alphabetical format - the highest number I spotted was 4451 (can't be bothered trolling through to find the exact number or runners).  

There were 11,792 competitors across 4 events (12km run, 12km wheel chair, 6km run & 6km family walk) with $503,092-00 raised for the children's wing of the Geelong hospital.

I have no idea if they recorded age group results or not.  I ran a slow 6km on Friday night at 38:32 so am pretty happy considering that was supposed to be slow & on flat ground.  

Race day I had hills & 4,500 other runners to dodge!!! :0)

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fun Run 18/11/12

One of my friends said to me "those are two words that just don't go together Cat!  Fun & Run!".  Although she did say afterwards, 20 years ago she'd have been the first to put up her hand & go running.  Funny how times have changed - I was the one trying to avoid sport & PE at all costs back then.

We were up at the crack of dawn - 5.45am as I had to collect my race number prior to 8am.  Plumbing Boy was Mr Taxi & chief support person - backpack/clothing holder & putter upperer of cranky me the night before (that's another story in itself - his dinner cooking didn't quite go to plan & I'm a bit of a control freak in my own kitchen).  

Made it to Geelong & found a park without too much stress as the event organizers were in the process of closing of some of the streets on arriving making navigation a little trickier.  We were within a block of the event when the 12km runners took off (7.40am) & could hear the PA & see them taking off!  

Collected race number & installed without ado, then hung about watching all the people til my starting time.  It had been pouring with rain on our way down to Geelong (50 minute drive) & PB was a bit annoyed that I didn't pack my rain coat!  Lucky for me, it stopped as we hit Lara & the sun came out.

The event was very well organised; lots of information explaining how the event would operate & signs instructing you where to go.  The starting chute was organised into 5 speed zones with signs showing where to line up according to your estimated speed.  

Finally it was time to line up -  I was in the 3rd wave of runners 35mins - 45mins.  The first group was sub 25 minutes, then 25 - 35, 35 - 45, 45 - 55, 55+.  Although the sun had made an appearance, the sea breeze was still quite chilly & I was reluctant to take off my jumper!  Once I was nestled in with the masses, I was nice & warm & we all eagerly awaited the start.

We took off in waves & it was a little difficult to find a clear path to run as there were just so many people.  It wasn't til I rounded the first corner into Moorabool street (& the first hill) that I had true perspective of the numbers.  As far as I could see was a sea of runners taking up both sides of the street which was pretty awesome!  There were families, kids, friends & all giving it a go.  That was the fun part!  I kind of felt a bit special doing the run with so many other people. The first wave had already rounded the corner: there were runners everywhere!

Most of my outdoor training is done on flat ground; with hill training done on the treadmill.  While Moorabool Street isn't that steep, it has a long steady incline for the best part of a km!  There were a few more gentle rises & another hill closer to the finish line.  Spectators were out on the street the whole way around cheering on family & friends.  The second half of the course was through Eastern Park & I could see the bay.  Just beautiful.  I even tried to run in the shade I was that hot!

I ran pretty hard the whole way around & started to feel a little knee pain in the last km, maybe the hills?  I don't know.  The last 200m was down hill & on flat ground.  My mate D came to see me cross the finish line - while I saw neither D or PB at the finish - was concentrating too hard on crossing the line & not crashing into the chick who'd stopped dead in front on me - I did spot D pretty much straight afterwards :-)  

I'm still waiting on the official result; my watch said 35.33 although I think I hit stop at the first timing speed bump instead of the second which means I should probably add 10 - 20 seconds!  The results are supposed to be in the Geelong Advertiser today, click on the link to see the wave of runner on Moorabool Street! & on the RunGeelong website tomorrow so will update when I get them!

Here is a dodgy pic PB took on my phone to prove I actually did the run!  Was taken after I'd cooled down & needed my Jumper back on!  Miss D took a much better pic, but I can't for the life of me make my phone allow me to save it (was emailed).  I was more than happy with the time & it was as expected if not a little better.  I had no idea about how the first 1/2km would be affected by all the other runners & also how much the hills would slow me down.   I always have the road or treadmill to myself!  It felt good though to be part of something much bigger & think I'll be sticking to charitable fun runs from now on!

The 10km I did previously was more for serious runners; definitely more competitive & not so much fun, unless you were part of the "group" or a regular to this organisation I guess.  I wasn't made feel unwelcome by any means, but it wasn't as a friendly event as the 6km.

The 6km had more of a carnival feel with stalls (coffee, goods, advertising etc), kids rides & someone (Billy Brownless I think!) entertaining us on the microphone giving a bit of a commentary (& instructions) throughout the event.  It certainly made for a far more festive event.

In hindsight, there were things I did & didn't do that contributed to having a bad 10km experience which I was able to remedy for the 6km, which contributed having a better run.

1. Breakfast.  Normally I jump out of bed & run, eat breaky post run.  I applied this to the 10km, however getting up at 6.30am for an 8am start with no food didn't really work.  I should have gotten up 1/2hr earlier & eaten.

2. Mints.  Stupidly I scoffed a couple of mints just before the 10km which made my mouth dry & just bloody Yuk for the whole 10km.  This time nothing but small sips of water.  I did brush my teeth both times (can't run with dirty teeth in the morning!) & the toothpaste doesn't bother me.  Must have been the sugar &/or chemicals in the mints.  I had sinusitis & was feeling bad breathy which was why I ate them!

3. Injury.  I was still a bit injured for the 10km maybe should have switched to the 5km, but as they say, you never know til you give it a go.  I hurt the whole way through the 10km.  The camber of the road on the 10km was against me; the 6km there was lots of road & on some occasions surfaces to choose from.

4. Nerves.  I was really nervous for the 10km & put a fair bit of pressure on myself.  I was nervous for the 6km too, but more about attempting to run with so many other people & more "what if someone I know sees me"!  Yes, a bit stoopid!.

5. Understanding the course.  At the 10km, the half marathoners started off in 1 direction at the same time as the 5 & 10km runners in the other direction.  I did ask a group of 3 chicks near me if I was pointed in the right direction for the 10km, they said yes, unless you want to run the half (event instructions & organisation was very poor according to PB).  For the first 5km I was so stressed I was in the 1/2 marathon group & that I'd stuffed the whole bloody thing up.  I'm much better when I am sure of what's going on.  My inner control freak.  I got PB to check the instructions for the 6km & make sure I was in the right place in the right group pointing in the right direction at the right time.  This is why I am definitely going to run the half of the course I don't know @ Warrnambool prior as a general training run.

All in all it was an enjoyable experience & am now looking forward to training for & completing the 10km in January!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

AutoCad 2007 Help!

Is anybody out there proficient in AutoCad2007???  Plumbing needs some help with his As Built drawings!!!

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Running Update

Training schedule is up on the running page for those of you who are interested!.  I'm still tweaking it a bit - would like to fit in a cycle as well, but we'll see.  Friday nights are not conducive to exercise.  But, with longer runs scheduled for Saturday mornings, perhaps cycling instead of wine on Friday nights will work out just fine!  LOL.  

Geelong 6km this Sunday.  Plumbing boy is coming along for moral support.  Sort of!  His mate who broke his leg dirt bike riding with him 8? weeks ago is coming in to have a beer or 3 & breakfast/brunch/lunch with him.  As he can drive now in his space boot (although I think he has to use his crutch to push in the clutch!) he's able to get out a bit more as is going a bit stir crazy at home.  They're planning on going to "Lingy's Bar" I think.

This weekend gone PB & I celebrated our anniversary. It was 20 years ago last month that we met & pretty much started going out from that date & tomorrow is our 3rd wedding anniversary.  

I booked us a night in a fancy hotel in the city, dinner at Nobu followed by Ben Harper (acoustic show) to celebrate.  Wow on all accounts.  The food at Nobu was so so so good.  And Ben Harper...........he was the most generous & humble performer I've had the pleasure to see.  

He played for an hour, went off stage & came back for what we thought was the encore; then played for another 2 hours & 20 minutes.  Unheard of.  He had around 10 or 12 guitars/dobros/lutes/lapsteels, a piano & a xylophone.  

For his last tune, he grabbed his ukulele & chair, placed it on the very edge of the stage & without a microphone or amp he played this: simply beautiful!

In some ways 20 years has gone so quickly; it seem like just yesterday we met.  Other times it seems like forever.  But I guess its pretty good achievement really!

Friday, November 2, 2012

No Title

Was gonna use last weeks' title again! TGIF!  This week for some reason has gone forever.  Went out for dinner mid week (MIL's 88th birthday) & got home quite late which probably was the culprit.  Need my sleep.

MIL had decided to give up driving on her birthday, not sure whether that has eventuated or not.  Earlier in the week she mentioned on the phone to me that she's been out for lunch on 1 occasion & taken for a drive on another occasion the EX she has a modified restraining order against.  Shakes head.  Apparently on both occasions he asked if he could come home.  She said she has (other) DIL living with her & looking after her as she's not well enough to look after herself, so there is no possible way she could look after him.

She's a better woman than I.  She feels sorry for him & worries about him being all alone in the nursing home & is now blaming his family for putting him somewhere where there is "nothing to keep him alive".  Apparently no activities.  I did point out that they (& she) tried to get him into various places (which did have lots of activities), but he wasn't interested so you can hardly blame them.  But she's elderly & has short term memory issues as it is, asides the selective memory factor!

Dinner went well though; Chinese in the burbs.  MIL & other DIL had battered sweet & sour scallops.  I'm a bit of a food snob I spose & I shudder just thinking about the concept, so apologies in advance if you're thinking YUM!  Yuk Yuk Yuk!  I'm all for the concept of sweet & sour, but that usually involves salt to: not that pink sauce! 

Plumbing boy & I shared a sizzle platter of chili beef n veg, dry fried salted calamari & some garlicy greens.  I had a side of hot chili sauce.  At some point I must have gotten the chili on my finger then touched the side of my nose which in turn made said snoz unbearably itchy & everyone was laughing at me while I rubbed & scratched!!!

Ran a PB time this morning: 5.5km @ 29.59 mins.  Previous PB was last week @ 30.10mins.  I'd been getting a little disheartened as I though my previous PB was 29.30 ish, but that was at 4.5kms!  I got very excited when I realized I've actually been shaving time off for the past couple of weeks.  That renewed my enthusiasm for the upcoming 6km.  While there may be a hill or 2, the time shouldn't be too awful.  So long as I finish it & don't come last I don't care!!!

Registered & paid for the 10km Warrnambool SurfTSurf January 6th which is 10 weeks away already!  Have drafted up a bit of a training schedule, but not quite sure the best way to structure it.  Will put it up on the running page next week so you can make sure I'm doing my training!!!

Off to see the lovely Miss D tomorrow night.  She has a big back yard with grass & trees & I'm hoping the weather will be fine enough for me to lay out in the sunshine & feel the grass on bare skin!  I actually got sunburned last weekend - the sun was hot at 10am so I put sunscreen on my face so all good.  The scoop of my tee was neglected however & went bright red (all faded now & no peel), so I will be double applying the sunscreen before going out in said sun. 

K.  I'd better get back to work.  Have a great weekend where ever you are.  If you are in Melbs & heading to the races, hope you back a winner; or at enjoy a day out!   

Friday, October 26, 2012


Thank God it's Friday!!!  I'm looking forward to sleeping in on the weekend.  I just can't seem to get enough sleep lately!  Maybe I need a holiday :0)

Welcome to Miss D who's been reading.......she's a real life friend......& a bloody good one at that!  I recently started to tell her about something I blogged about & instead of having to retell the story on email, I emailed her the link.  Yep, I'm lazy.  I talk about you all to her, so hopefully she'll get herself a profile & join in reading your blogs & commenting etc even if she's not keen on blogging herself :0)

Got smashed at PT this week.  I do different activities each week so its hard to tell if I'm improving; although Adam (PT) tells me I am getting stronger.  I tell myself he makes it harder each week which is why I don't feel any better at it! 

We've been using these evil plates which I just found out are called Valslides.  Asides the muscle you are exercising, you have to engage your core to support your body, which is good, but the exercises are always quite hard!  I guess that's the whole point though of a PT session LOL.

You place your feed or hands on the black grippy side & the underside slides along the carpet.  There are all sorts of evil exercises that can be done using them (this week we did push ups where you slide your arms in & out sideways - my Pec's are still feeling the burn!).  

The exercised that has defeated me every time so far, has to do with hamstrings.  Lay on your back, place your heels on the pads, lift up your hips so you are balanced on your feet & shoulders then slide your heels in & out.  Together.  I just don't seem to be able to do it!

While moaning about not getting any better Adam said he had 2 clients in earlier that day who'd bought the pads & wanted him to give them exercises to do using them.  He said they couldn't actually do anything he gave them.  He pointed out that I can do 2 sets of 10 or 12 of everything he's given me to date other than the hamstring one. He then spoiled it by telling me the clients were in their 60's & had never exercised before.  DOH!

Just updated my running page.  Have piked on the Maribyrnong 8km but have signed up & paid for run Geelong 18th November.  Adam said there will be hills.  Don't think I'll aim for a particular time, although under 40 minutes will be almost respectable.  I just want to complete it without feeling the same pain I did with then 10km!  


Monday, October 22, 2012

No Gnomes

So.  The mystery of the missing keys was finally solved this morning.  It wasn't evil gnomes.  It was my first suspicion - an apprentice.  Who was at trade school all week & brought his lunch everyday.  It wasn't until this morning when he went to put his lunch in his lunch box that he found them.  Little bugger.  I asked him 3 times to check every pocket last Friday when they disappeared......

The same kid asked one day the week before if the vehicle he was driving had an etag in it or is clipped to the window as per every other vehicle under the rear vision mirror.  He's been driving that ute for 6 months now........

At least I know I'm not going crazy :0)

Well.  That crazy!

Got smashed at PT on Thursday & my glutes are still feeling the effect.  Coupled with a hard core effort Attack class on Saturday morning, I'm still feeling very sore!  I guess it's a good thing & means I worked hard, but isn't it supposed to get easier?????

Been suffering a little sleep deprivation of late - going through a bit of an insomnia phase, coupled with snoring no matter how loud or soft has not been helping.  This makes me more tired then I get anxious.  Although I think I'm stressed which makes me anxious first which makes me unable to sleep easily second!  Sometimes my brain gets too busy & I think to much.  

Boss V Employer - I was thinking a lot over the weekend of this concept.  "Bosses" get a lot of negative press, treating their employees badly so on & so forth.  You don't seem to hear much praise for Employers on the other hand.  The people who create jobs for people to do.  This is very basic comment on an extremely complex topic, I guess what I am trying to say as an employer in a small business, the responsibility weighs heavy sometimes & the reward or appreciation feels non commensurate .  Any wonder I can't sleep!  I need to spend more time pondering unicorns & bloody rainbows!!!

Speaking of work......I better get back to it.  Wasting time blogging at work.....GAH!!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Not Much

Not much going on here other than work which is outta control!!!  And if any one can tell me where those set of keys I swear someone stole off my desk on Thursday went I'll be eternally your slave!!

Computer problems sort of sorted.  Everything bar the price file & estimating  modules operate at the speed of light; said two still at slower than snail pace.  We had this problem with the original software & I found the documentation & patch they wrote to remedy the fault.  Apparently not so easy in SQL & the software mob have gone back to the programmers they used to see what can be done.

Had a nice quiet weekend & caught up on domestic like chores.  Can walk around bare foot without going ewww.  The spare bed is also visible (had been mounded with laundry).  Cooked up some "meals on wheels" for the MIL.  Can't remember if I gave you an update - her ex gentleman friend has moved into a temporary retirement home.  She went ahead with the restraining order but only is as far as he cant come to her house.  He can telephone her & he can approach her in public.  She wants him to call her & hopes that eventually they can go out for dinner & go 'round together again.  She just doesn't want to live with him & have to look after him.  Sigh.

Her other daughter in law is still staying with her; but she's quite sick too (emphysema) & neither of them are much up for cooking much.  MIL has really bad arthritis & struggles with her eating weaponry as it is.  They tried meals on wheels (YUK); & have been having Lite n Easy delivered, which is pretty expensive.  So.  I've volunteered to do a bit of cooking for them.

So far they've have left over hokkien noodles (2 serves); 6 spaghetti bolognese (with penne - easier to fork) & 6  lasagna serves.  Yes, I bought a lot of mince that week!  

This weekend I cooked up a lamb & a beef casserole & made a mound of mash to go with them.  I've been using the small oblong silver foil type take away containers & freezing them; then sending them over with which ever plumber was working out that way!  See, meals on wheels!!!

I'm kinda enjoying thinking about how to make the meals as nutritionally sound as possible without driving myself insane with the additional workload.  I remember my Grandpa used to cook up a roast once a month (after Grandma passed away) & plate up 7 additional meals, cover them with foil & freeze them.  Then he'd have a Sunday roast whenever he felt the urge!  I'm not sure that would work, but gramps loved it.

Anyhoo.  The boss is back so I'm gonna get back to work.


PS any suggestions for easy to eat, easy to cook, nutritionally sound, freezable seniors meals welcome!!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2012


A duck walks into a pub and orders a pint of beer and a ham sandwich.

The barman looks at him and says,

"Hang on! You're a duck."

"I see your eyes are working," replies the duck.

"And you can talk!"
Exclaims the barman.

"I see your ears are working, too,"
Says the duck. 

"Now if you don't mind, can I have my beer and my sandwich please?"

"Certainly, sorry about that," 

Says the barman as he pulls the duck's pint.

"It's just we don't get many ducks in this pub.. What are you doing round this way?"

"I'm working on the building site across the road,"
Explains the duck. 

"I'm a plasterer."

The flabbergasted barman cannot believe the duck and wants to learn more, but takes the hint when the duck pulls out a newspaper from his bag and proceeds to read it.

So, the duck reads his paper, drinks his beer, eats his sandwich, bids the barman good day and leaves.

The same thing happens for two weeks.

Then one day the circus comes to town.

The ringmaster comes into the pub for a pint and the barman says to him

"You're with the circus, aren't you? Well, I know this duck that could be just brilliant in your circus. He talks, drinks beer, eats sandwiches, reads the newspaper and everything!"

"Sounds marvelous,"

says the ringmaster, handing over his business card. 

"Get him to give me a call."

So the next day when the duck comes into the pub the barman says, 

"Hey Mr. Duck, I reckon I can line you up with a top job, paying really good money."

"I'm always looking for the next job," 

Says the duck.

"Where is it?"

"At the circus," 

Says the barman.

"The circus?" 

Repeats the duck.

"That's right," 

Replies the barman.

"The circus?" 

The duck asks again.

"with the big tent?"

"Yeah," the barman replies.

"With all the animals who live in cages, and performers who live in caravans?" says the duck.

"Of course," the barman replies.

"And the tent has canvas sides and a big canvas roof with a hole in the middle?" persists the duck.

"That's right!" says the barman.

The duck shakes his head in amazement, and says 
"What the FU*K would they want with a plasterer????!!!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Technology issewsssss

We had planned a upgrade on our business software yesterday.  For the tech heads (as best as I can explain) we went from a something or other version to an SQL version of the software which required the software company to log in remotely & do approximately 4 hours of data conversion & other stuff to make it work on each work station.

We also had our IT guy here to facilitate.  He had another job to do as well as we finally upgraded our lap top.  We affectionately called the old one the dinosaur as it must be 10 years old & it's very slow. So we have a nice fast new one that is now configured to remotely access our internet & the network!  That side of things went smoothly.

It would seem that a few important factors were overlooked as far as the upgrade goes though.  When we bought the software 4 - 5 years ago, we were provided minimum operating computer specs (I can see you all going UH-OH).  

I guess WE could have asked for the NEW minimum operating specs; I guess our new IT company could have also checked this (they've only just taken over our IT needs so I don't hold them responsible); & more importantly I expected the software mob who forced us to upgrade to their SQL version to have mentioned this to us prior.  But nobody asked & nobody offered.  

They've since provided a data sheet (which only relates to servers & ours appears to comply - nothing for work stations) & explained that they usually provide this 14 days prior to the upgrade (curiously not at the time they hit you up for the $$$ for it) but of course it is due care & no responsibility.

The long & short is that we now need to replace a server & at least 1 x work station.  Luckily the old version is still operable (but slower than it was before yesterday), but if we continue to work on that, the the data will need to be converted AGAIN & that took 4  hours to achieve yesterday.

I guess the moral to the story is buyer beware, but I liken the situation to us advising a client they need to upgrade their storage hot water unit to a continuous flow type; installing it, then allowing the client to find out it doesn't work properly, then telling them they needed to also upgrade their gas line if they do want it to work properly.  

We would NEVER do that to a client.  Our duty of care is to provide the complete picture to our client.  How can you retain a client & have them recommend you if they cannot trust you to be honest & forthcoming?

The software mob have a history of poor communication so I suppose we should have been all over them.  They've asked us before to link them on our website to promote them.  While their software is probably the best we can afford in terms of a complete package (we can estimate, turn it into a job, invoice & cost against the job, pay creditors, raise purchase orders, create BAS's etc etc & has a payroll module), we have issues with the company.  

I do recommend the software, but could never actively promote the company.  The tech who was with them when we purchased the software left approximately 2 years later was a joy to deal with, but since then it's all been down hill.  I've felt bullied by their sales staff; their support staff have regularly let us down & they are hopeless at returning telephone calls &/or emails. 

Just last week after waiting 6 weeks for a fix on something & being unable to do my August (& then my September bank reconciliation , I did a bit of data manipulation (had to do with a 12+ month old retention) to force the account to balance & deposit the payment so I could do my rec(s).  

This was the 2nd time this fault has happened this year with the same debtor account & is a glitch in the software.  They took 3 week to sort it last time, so not sure what the hold up was this time - should have been faster as they knew what to do!!!  

If we hadn't invested so much time & $$$ into this software already I'd be reluctant to continue with them, but it is what it is & resolutions are what I need to focus on.  So whinge over.

I'm working with out new IT mob (whom have been very professional in their approach so far) to sort this out.  We have another (newer) server so they are going to transfer the SQL to that & everything else onto the old server (i think) to see how it runs.  This will enable us to test the capability on the newer server & have a clear picture of what we will need on top of that.  The 2nd server more than meets the minimum requirements, but I have reservations as to how it will go.  

I really should stop banging on about this, just had to get it off my chest.....I lost a day of work yesterday so I really should get back to work now............

Have a great weekend peeps!!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Body Stats

So. After noting I'd lost/gained/lost/gained/lost the same 5 - 6 kgs since reading over my old posts I was interested to see what had changed after training for the 10km run.

I took some measurements 9 weeks ago to compare.  I forgot to do a body fat caliper test; last time I recorded one was this time last year have included those stats as well.  I knew there had been changes as my clothes fit much better & I'm wearing more fitted tops instead of the blousey ones that give ones middle a little more privacy.  

Stats below in metric (kgs & cms)

                 9/9/11       30/8/12        25/9/12
KGS             65                64                 61.5
Bust            96                94                  91.5
Waist          79                78                  75
Hip             103               97                  94
L Thigh        63                62                  60.5
R Thigh       63.5              62                  60.5
L Bicep        30                29                  28.5
R Bicep       30.5              29                  29.5
L Calf          35                 35                 35.5
R Calf         35.5              35                  36
Butt           107              106                  104.5
Pot belly      94                95                  88.5
Belly Button 88                87                  82.5
Body Fat      26%       didn't measure       25%

The body fat % may not be quite right - I've got a budget set of calipers, but I seem to have lost the chart that came with them!  I used the internet today & did a few different type of tests which averaged to 25%.  I'm in the average range & going in the right direction.  I'd like to be a little leaner (18 - 20% is athletic).  I don't necessarily want to be in the athletic range, just closer to 20 than 25.

While I still jump on the scales every couple of days, my clothes have really been the guide as to how I am going.  I won't measure again until the January run, which will include Christmas & the silly season :0)

I guess I'm just aiming to be fitter between now & then; & hopefully faster!!!!  Reality is the scale weight may increase as fat converts to muscles or may stay exactly the same.  Some measurements will increase & some I hope will decrease (Butt wings!)

Hope this hasn't bored you all to tears!

PS you can tell the boss has been out of the office for the past week................

Monday, September 24, 2012

RACE DAY #edited

The alarm went off at 5.30am!  Hit snooze a couple of times as had a fairly restless nights sleep - was considering moving to the spare room around 11pm due to someone snoring next to me, but I must have finally fallen asleep.

Showered, dressed, packed a change of clothes; remembered I forgot to charge pod & delete 2 songs, quickly plugged in, plenty of charge, deleted 2 tunes & moved one to the end of the play list (back up tune!).

Was feeling OK.  Tired & a little nervous.  Hit the road at 6.30am, picked up K at 7am who'd volunteered to keep Plumbing Boy company & cheer me on.  Had a little trouble finding how to get into the car park @ the venue, but eventually arrived at 7.40am (had been feeling quite anxious for the 10 minutes prior as I'd wanted to be there at 7.30am). 

Lots of runners everywhere, long queues for the loo - I'd not really had anything to eat or drink so while I did join the queue for 5 minutes, I got out of it again & decided to spend my time warming up instead.  As K said, more nerves than really needing to pee.

Walked a lap then jogged 2 laps of the oval to warm up.  7.55am we were called to the starting line for a race briefing.  The 1/2 marathoners were to run in one direction to complete their 1.2km first & the 5 & 10km runners were to head off in the other direction at the start of the 5km loop.  I asked the girl next to me if I was facing the right direction for the 10km, her response was "Yes, unless you want to run the half".

A moment of silence, prior to starting to reflect on being a runner & being part of a wider community of runners & off we went.  Our race bibs had an electronic timer in it; I'm  waiting for my official time which will be published on their website today.  

I waited a little for the pack to clear, then hit start on my watch as I ran under the start banner.  The first turn around was between the 1 & 2km mark & I started to worry that I'd started in the 1/2 marathon group by mistake, until I saw a group over take me going very fast.  Obviously they'd run the 1.2 plus what I'd run.  Didn't stop me from feeling very anxious til I found the 5 & 10k runner's 2km marker.  Watch said 12 minutes so I knew I was running in the right direction with the right group!!!  

The course was supposedly flat according to the website, but not in comparison to the flatness around home where I run!  There were 3 uphill sections.  While they were only slight, my knee wasn't too happy.  The first uphill was gradual stretch between around 1.5 & 3 kms marker & by the 3rd km, my knee was starting to hurt like it did last weekend.  The 2nd uphill section had a gradual 1/2km with short steeper 200m section at the end in the 4th & the last uphill a minor gradual 100m at the beginning of the 5th km.  

At the 5km mark I was around 31 minutes, so felt OK with the time.  Cheered on by PB & K, while my knee was still annoying, I decided that I could make it around again.  I'd trained for it, so wanted to bloody well finish it!  There were a couple of runners around 100m ahead of me & I focused on them, hoping to overtake them, or at the minimum, keep up with them.  No such luck, they definitely ran their 2nd half faster than their first!  I think I only over took 1 person in the second half.  

By the 7km marker my right hip was now in protest with my right knee.  My mantra at this point pretty much I think I can I think I can & just started counting to 100, trying to keep my breathing steady & even, 2 steps in, 2 steps out.  Last time up the steep hill (the first time round I over took as few people walking it) I realized I wasn't going to make it in under an hour & struggled to power home in the last km.  Lucky I kept the back up song on my pod, as my playlist was exactly 1 hour & the finish line was in sight!

I crossed the finish line according to my watch at 1 hour, 2 minutes & 5 seconds!  The official time might be less a couple of seconds as I almost forgot to hit the stop button on my watch as K wanted me to throw my hands above my head at the finish line for a photo.

While I'm happy to have completed the run & am fairly happy with the time the pain my knee & hip put a bit of a damper on the whole experience.  Sculled a few glasses of water & stretched, by then the 10km presentation was ready to go so we hung around for that.  The first place was 40 something minutes.  First in my age & gender category was 52 something minutes, so felt quite happy with my time.  There was an 80 year old man who beat me with 59 minutes!  Legend!

The sun had gone behind the clouds & it was threatening to rain, so we headed back to the car & went in search of coffee!  As we'd organised to go out for lunch, we had a quick light breakfast, then back to K's for a shower!  Sooooooooo good.  Spent the afternoon with K, our mate T & her man & their baby, & another mate J at a pub in Williamstown.  It was Baby's first lunch out in public & first time at the pub.  Had a few wines to celebrate & feel a little worse for wear today; more tired than anything though!  Both knees are a bit sore today + hip, & going up stairs is not much fun, but am sure with a few days rest that will all subside.

Next on the agenda was a 12km end of October, depending on recovery, may do the 8km instead & continue on to the 10km in January.  To be honest, I think I'd be happy to run my boring old 5.5 km circuit 5 times a week & just clock up a few more kms.  

Will post my official time when it's published on the website.  Spose I'd better get back to work now :0)

Stats are in:
10km had 168 competitors.  I came in at 134
of the 83 women competing in the 10km, I came in at 58
of the 20 women in my age group, I came 13th
Net time: 1.01.56
Finish time: 1.02.19
(not sure what the difference is between the net & finish)
My watch: 1.02.05

Friday, September 21, 2012


Finally finished reading through my old dribble (posts).  I slightly edited a couple & have reverted a few back to draft.  I may or may not edit & re-publish.  I should be back in your readers/feeds when I blog because I've taken it off private.  I was feeling really daft having to email you when I'd posted.  Also I've been reading some new running blogs & what's the point of commenting if they can't read my blog & comment back.  Kind of removed the opportunity to make new friends.  

Strangely I was finding me editing myself more when private about whether I was sounding whiney or bitchy!  The only thing that was easier was not having to use initials for names.  So it's back to that.

What did I learn from re-reading old posts?  I repeat myself a bit.  Uh Oh - I'm gonna be one of those old people. I've been gaining & losing the same 5kgs for the past 4 years.  I use this blog as a log book sometimes for food & exercise which must be awfully bloody boring for you out there to read!  You guys are hilarious!  Reading back over some of the comments had me in fits of giggles.  So.  I must thank you all for sticking out my repetitive boringness!!!

On with the show.  10km fun run is on Sunday.  Last training session was Saturday @ 9kms.  Was stoked with the time 54 minutes something, but wasn't so happy about the right knee pain 2/3rds of the way through.  Decided not to run this week; did a cycle on  Monday followed by another PT session (got smashed - felt like wobbly jelly all over by the end of it - lucky dinner was already prepared coz I don't think I could have held & operated a knife to cut anything up!) & it was fine.  

Yesterday again it was paining a bit, but had a Chiropractic appt & felt sure my pelvis was out & that was the cause.  Bingo.  Plus all my muscles had tightened up in protest which was contributing.  I'd remembered seeing a flyer at my gym for a new masseuse & as I couldn't get into anyone at the chiropractor's booked in with Margaret @ the gym.  Double Bingo.  $40-00 for 1 hr, $30 back on medibank pvt, yessiree I'll hand over $10-00.  Chiro laughed at me & said you really know whats going in with your body don't you.  Brilliant idea & I'll write down what muscles I want her to torture you with. 

There was a fair bit off puffing/panting (on my part) while she worked on a band of muscle that runs between your bottom rib & your pelvis in your lower back (forgot what it's called), more when she stuck her elbow in all the trigger points available in my glute & only slight panting while doing the same to my IT band.  Those puppies were not happy.  Feel so much better & looser today than Jebus.

Have not been sleeping well at all this week.  Crazy dreams of running & being chased (subconsciously worried about Sunday I'd guess) & somebody snoring so loud one night I moved to the spare room @ midnight.  Last night someone called at 11.30pm to chat hot water...........

Hopefully tonight will be an awesome sleep as I don't have the phones, nor does plumbing boy.  I'm planing on a big sleep in.

Sunday the run starts at 8am, so will be up bright & early.  I've updated my play list & have a new revised time goal.  Originally I wanted to be done in 70 minutes.  I'm going to try for closer to 60 minutes.  I have no idea about how the traffic of the other runners will affect time, so will have to let you know after I'm done.  Gear is all washed & ready; just need to charge the pod.  Plumbing boy is driving me & another friend K is coming with us to keep PB company & to cheer me on LOL!  

So.  Here goes..........

Wish me luck!!!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


My local gym recently advertised 10 personal training sessions for $240-00 (down from $600-00) which is a bloody bargain!  I signed up & had the first session last Monday.  My PT is a young bloke, which has its pro's & cons.  

I guess even if he doesn't have much experience, he's at least done the course recently so he'll be up with the latest stuff & be enthusiastic!  He was quite interested in my running program & took a copy of what I've been doing; was planning on doing a bit of research & coming up with a few new ideas for the next run's training program.

I've never paid for formal PT before, but I did train with a mate while she was doing her course, so was chief guinea pig for 6 months or so for her.  Adam was pretty good & I felt just the right amount of pain.  Definitely sore 24 hours later, but not so sore that I couldn't walk!!!

I'll be doing a session a week with him til the prepaid runs out.  If I'm still diggin' it I might continue on.  I can't do pump because of the tennis elbow, so it's good to have someone design a training program that I can work with, plus he makes sure my technique is good & pushes me.  I usually avoid lunges at all costs, but I can't escape them now..........

My core, lower back, glutes & upper body are all weak (surprise surprise) so that's what we're working on.  The funnest thing I played with was a Bosu ball.

You flip it so the round bit is on the ground & you stand on the flat bit - yes, it wobbles a lot (or should I say I wobbled a lot).  Then try it standing on 1 leg!  That was most peculiar as each ankle almost reverberated.  I had to hold onto the arm Adam offered me for 1 legged.  I also managed to do a couple of squats on it.  It's harder than it looks & works a lot of muscles at once.  Plumbing Boy wants one!

Here's a few pic's from a camping weekend a few weeks ago........

sunset on the way there (had to set up in the dark)

Red wine glass & a beautiful bottle of red.  I hear the locals are bloody awesome!!!

Mr Kettle & the campfire.

I went on a 2 hour hike on the Sunday up a ginormous hill plumbing boy rides his bike up; came back via an easier route.  Going down steep rocky trails is much harder than going up them!

Tis a good camping spot except for the lack of phone reception.  That's not so bad, but it means we can only both go when we're not answering the work phones which is around 1 in every 6 weeks.  Plumbing Boy is right into his camping at the moment.  I did tell you he bough an ambulance didn't I? And is decking it out as a camper.  I'll have to find a's a Holden ute with the ambo back on next time!