Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What UP???

What up Peeps?

Life is exceedingly busy this time of year! I finally got to see Breaking Dawn Pt 1 on the weekend & really enjoyed it. My niece saw it the weekend before & sent me a text telling me it was a load of vampire crap. She hadn't read the book so didn't really get it I guess. I've just finished reading the book & it was as good as the first time I read it! Cant wait for the part 2 film.

Next on the reading agenda is "The Slap". Santa might be bringing us the DVD set for Christmas so I want to read the book first.

We have our work Christmas Party this Friday night & a BBQ to go to Saturday night so I suspect I'll be feeling a little weary Sunday.

I've run the past 8 days out of 9 & the last 2 days I've run the whole way around the 4.77km loop except the first 200 metres which I walk & swing my arms about like a crazy lady to warm up.

29/11 38.38 mins, max heart rate 152, average heart rate 125
30/11 37.01 mins, heart rate monitor didn't record
1/12 37.01 mins, max 155, av 129
2/12 39.17 mins max 171, av 137
3/12 35.10 mins, max 168, av 144
5/12 36.57 mins, max 164, av 131
6/12 32.57 mins, max 164, av 140
7/12 30.21 mins said my max was 218 2 mins into the work out.....not working me thinks!

I think I hold my breath when I change from one play list to the other, giving me oddish max spikes & don't ask about this mornings stats!! I'm happy with the time 6.31 minutes per Km including the 200m I walked. I used my old running play list this morning, the music is faster & I felt more like I was running rather than shuffling!

I was really enjoying my slower play list though:

Billy Brag: Great Leap Forward
Black Crowes: Remedy
Buffalo Tom: Staples
Eddie Vedder: Hard Sun
Sisters Of Mercy: Temple of Love
Rage Against The Machine: Killing in the name of

The last two songs were off my old play list.....needed the motivation to get home! I'm going to keep on with the morning runs & increase the distance to 5kms til Christmas to condition my body, then I'll start up the Up & Running 10km 8.5 week training plan again & see if I can't run me that 10km race!!!! Without getting injured too!

Cinders - the chocolate cup recipe is coming - would you believe I took photo's the whole way through, but forgot to take one of the finished platter!!! Will get that up loaded this week.

Enjoy the sunshine if you are in Melbourne today! Its lovely!!!!


Cinders said...

yay - my Google is working again today. I've been wondering where the recipe is... You've heard Brooke and I rave about the Slap long enough so you know how much we loved it.
Well done on the running, I'm pretty sure I said I'd lose 10 kilos by the time you were running 10 kms.. I'm happy to say I'm down 5 so we're on track :)
See you next week x

Tully said...

I love The Slap too!

You are smashing those work outs, you must be feeling great to be able to run again.

I'm waiting for that recipe too... :)

AlleyCat said...

Cinders - Yay for google!!! I've read 2 chapters & loving it so far! Thank you & Good Job!

Tully - yes, am loving being able to run again, although was very slack & did not walk the loop hungover as promised. You'll be amused to know my mate & I did a midnight run in the rain in barefeet on saturday night although only a km. I think I squashed a lot of snails!!! eewwwww!!!!!