Wednesday, November 2, 2011


OK OK OK!!!! I went walk-a-bout & didn't let anyone know!!! Sorry!!!! Sometimes I worry about broadcasting when we are going away - we might be burgled. Daft? Maybe, maybe not.

We went for a little drive last week. Approx 825kms to visit a mate who's 40th birthday was last week. On the way up we left work at lunch time & stopped overnight at the 5hrs of driving mark, then drove the last 3hrs the following morning. We did the return 825kms in one hit on Monday. Just a wee drive.

After 2 weeks of no running I had a crack on Thursday morning very early in Griffith & guess what. I felt great for the first 9 minutes. Then pop. There went my calf again. Not. Happy. Jan. After further research, I'm trying a Physio tonight. Looks like the original injury was worse than Mr Osteo though.

Cobar was fun. Way too much champagne was consumed. My liver is feeling the after affects! There was lots & lots of laughing (no need for sit ups) & limited dancing (damn calf muscle). We saw emu's, wild goats, & kangaroo's although no snakes which was odd. The weather was hot.

Didn't take many photos; mainly of friends up there which I wont put up here. Flat out catching up with work - although I worked most of yesterday (Melbourne Cup) Public Holiday here in Melbourne. More laters.


Ute said...

Stealth Cat!

Glad you're ok. And yep, I think it's actually pretty smart NOT to advertise you're going away.

Welcome back! :o)

Memphis Steve said...

Oooh, sorry to hear about the calf! And hey, it is NOT crazy to keep the walkabout to yourself until after the fact. I had a friend whose house was broken into and they stole her laptops, which they promptly used to auto-login to her Facebook account and search all her friends' walls for notices of going away on vacation. She herself had posted that she was going away, which is when they broke in and robbed her. Clearly they saw that through someone else's account whom they had robbed. So no, you aren't crazy not to post that until you are back home. You are smart.

AlleyCat said...

LOL @ Stealth Cat!

I do remember that story Steve & it did prompt me to not broadcast my walkabouts so much, or at least be a little crptic about them!