Thursday, November 10, 2011


Spiked is what Tess did to the ball when she scored the winning point in the last game before this one!!! The following is taken from the local paper down home (Warrnambool Standard). Tess is up the back R - L 3rd (next to the 1st boy). My sis emailed me before & the girls have won their first game, but she wasn't sure against whom & no update on the boys. In case you missed it earlier, Tess is my niece.

YOUNG St Pius Primary School pupils have proudly arrived on the volleyball scene and are not interested in making an early departure today.

Bucking the trend of more popular sports, such as football and netball, the grade six players have strapped on the knee-pads and spiked their way to the top.

St Pius’ boys’ and girls’ teams will travel to Werribee today for the western conference finals.

The talented sides breezed past more than 20 opponents at the first round in Warrnambool before doing the same at regionals.

Now their skills will be tested in the far-reaching boundaries of the western conference, which includes the South West, Barwon, Grampians and West Metropolitan regions.

Head coach Bruce Keeley said the keen youngsters had been training three to four times a week throughout the campaign.

And the hard work has paid off. “They’ve improved out of sight,” he said. “It’s unbelievable.” The last practice session yesterday had the girls and boys on either side of the net, making for some fierce but fun competition.

Plenty of encouragement was shared between the schoolmates, which should have both teams full of confidence and enthusiasm today.

St Pius sport co-ordinator Karl Dwyer has managed the group while Warrnambool Volleyball Association coach Dave McConnell has offered some tips.

The next stop is the state championships. “We think we’ll do pretty well,” Keeley said. “We might not win it but we will try our best. We’re not going up there to lose.”

The girls’ team consists of Lauryn Keeley, Tess English, Hannah van Duynhoven, Hayley Walker, Rebecca Keane, Taylah Hautot, Ebony Kelly, Claudia McCutcheon and Ally O’Connor.

The boys’ team is Jackson Cruickshank, Kai Brown, Sam Lee, Jack Rix, Tom Radcliffe, Travis Stacey, Harry Johns and Jye O’Brien.

Very exciting for Miss Tess. She's been little miss sporty this year, competing in inter school running & basketball & volleyball!

I'm still in recovery mode. Have permission to run 100m walk 100m alternating on grass or treadmill. Have had something important on every night this week (like hair cut & colour!) so probably will give that a crack tomorrow. Been doing my calf raises off a step now & glute muscle engaging exercises. Still left handed mousing - getting faster, but still odd.

Been flat out this week. School reunion next week. Eek! Been dreaming about random peeps from high school - nothing too dramatic thankfully. I'm sure it will all go well & if not, um well.......I don't live there anymore



Ute said...

Congrats to your niece!

Since you last mentioned about using the mouse left handed, I thought I'd give it a try.

OMG! How weird?!

Sorta like masturbating with your 'other' hand. ;op

AlleyCat said...

Thank you!! They won both games & are through to states :0)

Yes - very weird!!!!

That is bloody hilarious!!!!

Epic Fail said...

How exciting for your niece!

When I was in college we had an intramural co-ed volleyball team with 2 girls who had been on their high school varsity team. We just wanted to have fun, but they were bound and determined that we were going to win it all. So with a lot of screaming and demeaning comments throughout the season, we did finally win the championship. I guess it was worth it. I still have my 'trophy' from that somewhere in a closet.

Slyde said...

congrats! we could use her on MY team!

Chris H said...

Well done to your niece! You are right to be proud.