Monday, November 21, 2011


The Reunion weekend went off really well. I need another weekend to recover though! My throat is very sore & I've still got a headache!!! The headache's without a doubt self inflicted!!! We took off Friday afternoon & only made it 1km down the road when our car broke down. Bloody thing! We were able to get it started & back to work; quick change over & off we went this time in the plumbing van.

Arrived @ the pub @ 5.30pm, had a couple of beers then went up to the function room & we finished helping set up. I had to blue tac a heap of stuff to the walls & the boys put up the disco ball. Quick trip out to our mates farm 8 minutes out of town where we were staying to drop off vehicles, shower &/or change, then back to the pub for dinner.

PB with one of my old school mates I'd not seen for 20+ years!

Plumbing Boy was standing at the bar chatting to a bloke when we were setting up & I had no idea who he was; he gave me a grin when I approached & I said "I'm trying to figure out if I'm supposed to remember you or not"! The bloke said "& why would you want to remember me Cat?" Luckily the voice gave it away & I quickly put it together!!! PB just laughed at me because his name was on his bloody work shirt! I was too busy looking at the face to figure it out. There was only one other guy who it took me until I heard his voice to place him! Everyone else was easily recognisable! PB was a gem with the girl above, she was so nervous about coming. He hung out with her & they became great mates, hanging it on each other for the rest of the night.

We had around 20 for dinner Friday night; a few people who couldn't make it on Saturday night wanted to catch up Friday. The night went well & we made it to bed @ 2.30am.

Saturday morning we were up by 9am & pottered about our mate's place; moved a mob of sheep & went for a bit of a drive around the property. He's got a fair bit of lawn to mow & a very impressive lawn tractor!

.........................View from the front yard

Looking at the rear of the house (above) & the kids cubby (below)

Next on the agenda was the local show.

We'd arranged our own marquee for a bit of a meeting point, a bit of shade or protection from the rain & time out space for those with kids. The weather was cold & showery. I was bloody freezing! Someone had bought a blanket to put down for people to sit on.....I made good use of it keeping warm!!!

The show was a typical country show with rides, side shows, produce, baking, art & craft displays & competitions; equestrian events; all sorts of animals including this cute young lady snuggling up to Plumbing Boy.

When we went back with the kids, they'd put this one away & the handler got out a ginormous black headed python....that was a bit creepier! I much prefer the baby animal enclosure, but there were just way too many kids in the queue so I had to settle for patting the snake instead.

After a few hours at the show we decided to head home, our friends kids were a bit over it (5yrs, 3yrs & 18 months) & we all felt like a kip. The boys went in one car & were going via the bottle shop & ended up at the pub for 2 hours! The girls sorted the kids & their Mum took them off to their Grandma's for the night, then we had a few drinks & got ready for the main event. After a bit of faffing about (by me & D - changing our minds from frocks back to jeans) we headed in.

Me & my mate J who made the banner (above); me & D (below)

I went to primary & high school with this guy who was hilarious, albeit a tiny bit drunk who was dancing on this chair under the mirror ball!

The night went off with out a hitch. There was plenty of food, loads of talking, a short speech, a gazillion photos, but as I don't have peoples permission I'd better not put them up here; dancing & a whole lot of laughing. I didn't do my deb, but someone hand managed to copy the video onto DVD & we projected it on to the wall - that was hilarious to watch! I think we had around 55 people altogether - a few partners pulled out at the last minute. And I have blisters on my feet from dancing in my red heels.

Unfortunately the local taxi had gone off on a long job & wasn't coming back til 3am @ 1.30 when it was time to go; lucky for us the publican (who was my old next door neighbour at the farm) ran us home! We tried to pay him, but he wouldn't take our money bless him! We had a few more drinks at home & got up to a bit of mischief with the kids batman costume......

People slowly headed off to bed; myself & one other were last standing: it was getting light so we thought we'd best get some ZZZZZZ.

We all frantically packed up & attempted to make ourselves look a little respectable to be at our old school by 11.30am for the tour. It was quite different in some area's & just the same in others! The Assembly hall & canteen has not changed at all; the old maths & English portables have been replace & the new science portable is only just ready for use (hadn't been "opened" yet). The wood work & metal work rooms were just the same; as is the first year 7 wood work project....

Is making a wooden pencil box a universal year 7 first woodwork project? After that we were all in need of some grease & took fish n chips back to the pub to eat & then clean up (no Sunday lunch at the pub). The boys took down the disco ball while the girls went & got the food; then we all pitched in to remove everything & pack them into cars. The publican wouldn't let us vacuum, but said we're welcome back any time! So I think our 30 year reunion will be in exactly the same location!

It was a very long drive home yesterday & PB was in bed & snoring within 5 minutes of walking in the door. I unpacked & did a couple of loads of washing before waking him for dinner. I'm thinking I should have had a nap too!

All in all a brilliant weekend. I think it turned out even better than we'd hoped & all the knockers were put to bed: even the fiesty girl who blasted my mate at the show because she couldn't find the tent (& said it was the worst organised event she'd ever been too) said she had a brilliant time Saturday night & thanked us for all our efforts in putting it on.

I may need a week to recover though & I'll definately be taking a day or two for the 30 year reunion!!!!


Ute said...

So glad you had a great time.

I don't know if I could handle a school reunion. An old primary school mate has asked for me to organize one....but meh.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Chickee! It was fun. There were plenty of very nervous people though........they all fessed up after a few bevvies!!!!

Tully said...

What a epic weekend! Looks like all your careful planning came together and everyone had a blast.

I have no idea how you have the energy for all those late nights, I hope you aren't feeling it too much this week!

Memphis Steve said...

I don't know what to say. There is so much here. I had a blast at my high school reunion. I'm glad you went. So many people skip them for various reasons. I love the photos of you two clowning around with the Batman mask. Looks like you've been having a great time!

Chris H said...

What a fun time !

AlleyCat said...

Tully: I recon it took me a week to recover!!! I'm definately getting too old for those shenanigans!!

Hey Memphisd: yeah, glad I went too :0) it really was a hoot. I don't think I'll be best friends with a lot of them; really glad to reconnect with a few of them. But there is something easy about hanging out with people who grew up in the country you don't find so much with city slickers!!!

Chris: very fun indeed!