Monday, November 28, 2011


Spent most of last week in recovery mode. I don't think I stopped feeling tired & hung over til around Wednesday! Just catching up on laundry & cleaning was a challenge in itself.

I had most of Tuesday off work watching Tess in her U11 State volleyball final (they were runners up - beat the 1st team 3 - 0, then lost 0 - 3 to the other team who also beat the 1st team), so I had a lot of work to catch up on as well!

I only managed 1 x run last week - way too slack. Should have gone on the weekend, but my car is on the blink & there is no way I was going out in the foul weather on Saturday with the possibility of breaking down & Sunday I was too hungover.

Saturday night was my cousin's bands single launch. Absolute hoot. The boys played well & there were quite a few people there to watch them. A few of my mates came too & we stayed out way too late & apparently I was a bit incoherent when I got home. I'm blaming Matt & Joey for feeding me Jagerbombs, then Drambuie shots. UGGHHHH Why do I do this!!!! I spent Sunday on the couch. Plumbing Boy went dirt bike riding Sunday, so didn't come out with us Saturday night. I was on phone duty, so answered calls in between naps.

My cuz & the drummer; below, lead singer & bass player.


Epic Fail said...

Ah, we ALMOST went out to listen to our neighbors band play. Jagerbombs are a blast, but they sure take a toll the next day. And sometimes that same night, if you're not careful. ;-) I ran today, but it was only for 1 mile after my heavy leg workout, so that doesn't much count. And I was slow and sort of limping along on a treadmill.

AlleyCat said...

Nothing better than live music hey Epic! Damn Jagers.......I was rather poorly the next day. Good for you running after a leg work - better some than none :0) Probably made your legs feel better than they would have the next day!