Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm on the Road Again

Running that is! After Physio Monday night, got the all clear to start back running on the road/footpath. I'd designed a program gradually increasing my distance on the treadmill then graduating to road doing the same thing (walk 500m, run 500m; run 1km, walk 500m, run 2km walk 500m etc), but have instead started out walk a block, run a block yesterday for a 4.5km loop. That went so well I upped it to run 2 blocks walk 1 or 1/2 a big one this morning around the same loop!

When I woke up it had just started to rain & I almost caved thinking, "oh well, treadmill tonight it is", while at the same time saying out loud to plumbing boy "do ya recon the rain will ease up?". He said "yeah" so I got up & dressed while it continued to rain. I went & found his sweaty gortex dirt bike rain jacket & as soon as I stepped outside it stopped raining! Amazingly the rain held off until I got back & then started up again! Thank You Mother Nature!

I enjoyed this mornings run ALMOST as much as yesterdays. Yesterday it was 19 degrees C, the birds were out, the dawn light was beautiful, & no rain jacket! This morning was colder with a grey sky & rather breezy! But it feels awesome to be back out there RUNNING! I've installed MapMyRun on my new phone, just got to figure out how to work it properly.

I much prefer running in the morning, plus coming into summer it's cooler & while I've enjoyed running on a tready, I'm really enjoying the great outdoors at the moment. Perhaps when its 9 degrees & hailing I'll change my mind & head back to the tready, but for now, I'm a road runner baby :0)

We have a going away party Saturday night for our goddaughter (AJ) who is going to France on an 8 week exchange over Christmas. She has just finished year 10. Everyone was requested to bring some of their fave Aussie foods via the invite; AJ had a very specific request for me so I spent last night making chocolate "cups" using silicone moulds - so far I have 24 mini cups & 3 large. Will do the same again tonight.

They will be filled with a lemon infused marscapone cheese, topped with fresh blueberries & a raspberry coulis & probably a mint leaf! Photos to follow. I made this one year for Christmas & have requests ever's not a proper recipe, but something I concocted out of a few different recipes. Hopefully it tastes as good as it did last time! Stay Tuned!

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