Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crazy Buzy

I'm crazy busy at the moment, hence not much posting here.

School reunion this coming weekend - madly finalising stuff for that: like every thing in life, there are always last minute things that can be done & dopey me has volunteered. Almost done.

My phone died; which isn't such a bad thing & yes I've finally got myself a smart phone. After much umming & ahhing & research, I didn't get the "I", I went with the Galaxy SII. Once I figure out how to drive it, life will be easier! I've got bloody Sydney weather stuck on the home screen & can't figure out how to change it to Melbourne!!! Gave it to one of the young guys at work to sort out, but they couldn't work it out either. So apparently I'm not as stupid as I though I was!

The camera is awesome so I'll be able to take better quality photo's & no longer battle plumbing boy for the camera!

This was my first picture & yes, PB bought these for me yesterday as it was our 2nd wedding anniversary. A bit weird considering we've been together for 19 years! It was the 2nd time he's ever bought me flowers so they are pretty special. He's gone soft in his old age!!!

OK. I'll be sure to update after the weekends shenanigans: Dinner Friday night at the pub; the local "Show" on Saturday; reunion function (private room) upstairs at the pub Saturday night; Sunday - open day at the school. The reunion is only for the peeps who were in my particular year level, so should be a hoot. I've not seen the majority of these people in 20 years. Still haven't decided what to wear.........

Still left handed mousing & elbow forearm shoulder not much better to be honest. Had a tready run last night - run 100m/walk 100m for 3kms. Off to physio tonight. Laters!!!!


Chris H said...

Gorgeous flowers! 19 years... well done. Even if you didn't get married until 2 years ago!

Ute said...

Oh, ya gotta go the full 80s retro look for the reunion!

Pics please!! ;o)

Memphis Steve said...

Well Happy Anniversary and I hope you enjoy your new camera!!!

Irish Daughter said...

Hope the school reunion went well. Can't wait to hear about it. Flowers are fab. Happy Anniv. :) Hope the physio is going well. Have you tried ultrasound treatment?