Friday, November 4, 2011


I scooted off to see a Physio Wednesday night & think I may have some answers finally! I wanted to see him about my calf & hip/butt issues; but by the time I'd finished work my forearm/elbow shoulder was burning & screaming for attention over everything else so he had a look at that as well.

I probably should mention said Physio also has a Masters in Acupuncture, so he has lots of approaches.

Elbow: not so much coming from elbow as is from neck (pretty much occupational). He poked & prodded & I felt some very odd sensations down my arm when he pressed down the right side & front of my neck. Did a bit of cross fibre massage then some needling. I'm up to day 2 of left hand mouse which is driving me a bit batty. He assures me it only takes a week to learn, so hope that's the case!

Calf & Hip/Glute: He did a couple of movement(?) tests & believes that both are coming from weak Glutes (especially the right one). And that the calf keeps re injuring as it is needs to be strengthened while healing (& of course continuing on with after). I'm just shaking my head that the Osteo didn't or couldn't see this. Physio went to great pains to explain that Osteo's are the experts in pelvic/hip alignment & I was in the right place in the beginning IF my hips/pelvis was out. The point between hamstring & glute that has been giving me grief is because my hammy is trying to do the job of my weak as piss glute. Ha Ha Ha!!!

He's given me a calf exercise to do til my appointment next week, when he's going to have another session on my arm & get stuck into my calf then as well, plus he will give me some glute exercises. Of course I've been checking the interwebs already...

Another bonus is this guy is a runner!!!! We also chatted about running technique. He was totally cool with having an on-line running coach (not all people or health professionals have been supportive) & says he'll have me back on the road in a week or so. This makes me very happy as I've really been getting into the running!

My 10km race is this weekend, obviously I won't be able to do it. I'm going to start over & Shauna (@ Up & Running) will save my certificate until I'm done. Gotta love a certificate. So. I need to choose another 10km, which I'll do once I get the OK from Mr Physio to increase my distance & training.

Gotta love getting some answers. It's so hard sometimes. We are bought up to believe & trust in our medical practitioners, but I guess like every trade, there are people who do the bare minimum & do it as a job; then there are the people who are exceptional at what they do, love it & really care about achieving a result. I can see it in the building industry as well! I guess I should be very very grateful that I can afford to seek out alternate practitioners. Not everyone has private health insurance & not everyone has the spare bucks to cover what that or medicare don't. Believe me, if this gets me sorted I'll be one extremely happy camper.



Ute said...

Well, that's good!

I've never trusted chiro's enough to go to one. Heard too many bad stories.
And the people that I do know who've been to them, always seem to have to keep on going's a never ending visit.

I've had much luck and success with physio's. Since my last visit, over a year now, my back has been really, really good.
*touch wood*

I'm thinking I may need to go see him again, for a different problem.

So here's hoping you continue to get good results! :o)

Memphis Steve said...

oh listen, in Memphis I've had doctors who did less than the bare minimum. I've had them do procedures on me that I didn't need done, try to do procedures on me that I didn't need and might kill me, and totally screw up basic procedures that I did need and they just sucked at. You name it, I've had crooked doctors and incompetent doctors do it.

I've had neck problems before that forced me to switch my mouse to the left side. It didn't take me long to adjust to. Actually, I need to do that periodically, but I just keep forgetting. Anyway, I'm glad that you are finally getting some answers and some help fixing you up.