Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Osteo says I have a sprain/minuscule tear in the calf muscle which will heal itself in a week. I have to go back next week & he'll work a bit more on the glute/hammy issue & wants to play with (check) my Achilles & give my calf/calves a bit more of a serious work out & then (is crossing his fingers) I will be injury free for a while. I will wait & see.

Feels far less tight today, the pain has subsided a lot AND I can walk MUCH betterer. Don't think I'll be back running til next week though; grumble grumble grumble. Just when I recon I'd got the hang of "strides" n all! Sigh.

I've my sis & niece visiting later in the week. Sis arrives tomorrow after a day of shopping; & is collecting Tess from her Dad's on Friday (she's spent a week with him) & I will cook I am not sure what for them for dinner. We'll probably just hang out, maybe watch a DVD (Tess & my fave past time - eating & watching flicks!). At the moment I'm leaning towards pizza. I guess I'll have to make cake as well.......they are visiting for my pending senior citizens celebrational day.

Anyhoo. I'm just about to clock up 11 hours at my desk so I think I'll bugger off & so something more cleaning in preparation for my house guests! Bah! Think I'll have a nice hot bubble bath instead. Bugger dusting!!!!


Ute said...

Ouch, mate!

Sounds like you're doing too much!

Hope you and your sis and niece have a great visit..and you got to enjoy a nice bath. Half ya luck!

Take care. xox

Epic Fail said...

Wow, the hours you work would kill me! Sorry to hear about the calf injury. I've been battling some sort of illness, plus some odd wrist pain that seems to have no known cause. I hope we both heal up soon.

Memphis Steve said...

Maybe you sprained it from sitting at your desk for so many hours flexing your muscles while aching to get out there and run? ;-)

Slyde said...

at least yours will heal. I tore my rotator cuff last november and it STILL hurts like the dickens...

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Ute...sorry being so slow to respond!

Epic - LOL sometimes the hours do kill me!!! Yes, hope you get better soon. I had a dodgey wrist maybe 8 - 10 years ago - ended up with a ganglion cyst & got the bastard chopped out. all good now :0)

Steve - LOL too true. It's still being sooky!!

Slyde - OUCH. my Dad tore his rotator. Not good. :0(