Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm Back but as busy as a buzzy bee!!!!

Wollongong was good. Stayed with our mate who is Italian as is his partner. You'd think we'd been living in Ethiopia for the past 10 years considering how much they tried to feed us!!!! Twas delicious, but a little too much!

Took about 5 photo's for the whole trip - sad. The weather was shite & we spent more time in the car & inside than out in the non existent sunshine. Our mate used to work for us so it was a bit of a blokey holiday. I heard more about excavators, plant & rail works (our mate now works for a rail maintenance company & manages a lot of track work & big machinery) than I would ever want to know for the next million years!

We also dropped in & saw his mate the concreter, his mate the tow truck driver, his mate the so on & so forth. Like I said, lots of blokey chatter. I frequently nodded off in the car (not) listening to their chatter.

Lots of laughs though. His partner has 3 sons, two of which live at home (26 & 28?) & both have girlfriends who come for dinner Monday through to Thursday. Our mate is a bit of a comedian so there was a lot of teasing & shit hanging going on.

I took my running gear & finished the week before's final work out, plus last weeks 3 work outs. All good. The area was hilly (where I live & usually run is very flat) so that was challenging! Lots of wildlife - galah's & cockatoo's who didn't move off the footpath, I had to go around them!!! And a paddock of bunnies. Domestic black & white ones! The first time I ran past them I nearly fell over! Apparently the house next door just let them breed & roam on the vacant block next door. I was amused!

Watched the AFL grandfinal in a club (we were in Wollongong, about an hour south of Sydney). The club while playing the game on 2 big screen projectors for us, only had maybe 20 other people besides our group of 5 watching. So so strange. NRL rugby is far more popular in NSW & the place was apparently packed the next day for the NRL Grandfinal. All were Collingwood supporters bar 1 & funnily enough I was probably (without a doubt) the most vocal supporter in the room!! Our mate barracks for the Pies, but he didn't really get into it, even in the first 3 quarters when the game was super close! For those of you who don't follow our know, my team was victorious (Geelong - the mighty mighty Cats). So I was a very happy Catter.

Spent 13 hours at my desk yesterday catching up on work. Still getting there, but not so bad. Was up a the crack of dawn (4.45am) this morning to go for my first run of week 4's training program. Got halfway through & have done something to my right calf. expletive expletive expletive. I've got an appointment with the osteo later today anyway, but not sure he can do much. At first I thought it was the mother of all cramps, but after stretching & walking it out for 10 minutes (& the fact that the bloody thing is still giving me grief). Ended up ringing plumbing boy to come & get me as it would take too long to walk back home & we had staff arriving at 6.30am. Bugger it all.

More Later.....

PS all home remedies for cranky calves welcome (have been following the RICE principal, sort of, as in I've iced it once so far)!


Ute said...

Christ, where the hell have you been?!

Was about to send a S&R op out for you.

Even Memphis asked if you had gone walkabout.

I get real bad leg cramps, but only at night while asleep... $#@*&

I've learnt, whilst half asleep and swearing at the top of my lungs, to put my heels down....like when you're riding a horse, "Heels down!" in the stirrups.
It works!

Not sure if that'll help with your problem though. :o/

Epic Fail said...

13 hours at your desk? I think I would have to shoot myself rather than do that. Ugh!!!

AlleyCat said...

Hey Uteski!!! LOL S&R not required :0) It was just one of those weeks where I didn't seem to have much puter time!!!

yeah, i was a bit walkabout :0)

Yes heels down stretches out those calves. I giggled at like riding a horse!!!! hadn't thought about it like that but so true!!!! Bummer you get them while sleeping. They bloody kill don't they :0(

AlleyCat said...

Epic - yeah well, sometimes dem the breaks. When you is the boss, you gotta do the paper work to bring in the moula to pay the workers so they has jobs yeah??? I'd much rather have been at the beach myself :0) Nearly caught up now though!!!