Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I'm having one of those weeks where I'd like to press stop or at the very least pause on life while I catch up!

Work has been crazy busy & is about to get even more out of control I think. We've finished a big project & I've been compiling operation manuals. The architect wants an insane amount of information, but really, instructions on how to operate, maintenance frequency & procedures, safe trouble shooting, disassembly, repair & reassembly, of sinks, basins, tapware etc is just ridiculous. I am queen of paper work though & I will provide this clown more documentation than he's prepared for. My problem at the moment is how I'm going to paginate & index properly due to multiple documents & attachments. It's due in today, so I'd better get crack-a-lack-a-lack-a-lin'.

Calf is still cranky. I've stopped running altogether for at least another week. I've just been making it worse trying to persist with any running. I'm cycling instead. Crystal has 2 x new tyres; my inner thighs doth protest but under carriage is coping quite well considering how long it's been since I've been on a bike seat. Almost made 10kms in 30 mins Monday night. No idea if that's good or bad, but its better than sitting on my butt as I did til 7.30pm last night in the office working on those manuals!

As part of the Up & Running program, I had to sign up for a 10km run (can't remember if I mentioned it or not); dutifully I did, & I have my race number. Not sure if I'll be able to do it or not. Worse case scenario, I can do 4kms, or 8kms depending on my calf & fitness levels. That is in 18 sleeps. Yikes!!!!

School reunion is in 30 sleeps. We have 46 paid up & probably another 10 - 15 stragglers who have indicated they want to come, but haven't got themselves sorted. Should be fun. Imagine I'll get a little nervous the week before, but I've already caught up with a dozen people in the organisation of same, so really I have nothing to worry about!

Operation Babe watch is still chugging along in the background, although has taken a hit with the calf injury. Did some measurements last weekend which I'll upload soon. Scales haven't budged much, but the cms have decreased so that is good.

Am loving this warmer weather & the food it brings! Last night we had a delicious cous cous salad with a poached chicken variation of caesar salad (minus a few of the calories!). Delicious.

K. Better get back to those manuals.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mouldy Oldy

So. It was my mouldy old day on Monday. That's what my sis & I used to call our parents birthdays when we were kids (while joking about the pet dinosours they had when they were kids).

Petty non-eventful this year. I was thinking this morning about what my parents & even grandparents had achieved by my current age. I'd already moved out of home & was at University by the time my Mum was my current age. Scary. I'm not sure I actually feel any "older" than back then. Hopefully I'm a little more mature & a heap wiser :0)

My grandfather had fought in a war & lived through an earlier one; built up a farm which my Dad later took over & had 3 kids amoungst other things. I feel like my generation is so more self involved. I had to stop & think about my achievements & how they stacked up in comparisson. I'm not sure I've quite measured up, but anyhoo.

My sis & niece sang me happy birthday & bunged a sparkler on a mini mud cake Friday night; Saturday night we caught up with our goddaughter who's 16th birthday was back in August & her little brother who's 8th was in September - we'd not seen either & the 8yo (the little shit) had been asking me on the phone everytime we spoke "where's my present". Their parents cooked a lovely dinner & organised a birthday cake for me which was very sweet.

On the actual day Plumbing Boy took me out for dinner & a movie - we saw Real Steel which was very cool. If I hadn't been in the cinema I think I would have been jumping up & down & cheering out loud!!! I had a great day (other than working) with lots of calls, FB messages, texts & emails wishing me a happy birthday (THANK YOU!!!)

This is what I got myself this year:

Somewhat tragic I know, but I love love love my clever new Vac. I'm calling us the dynamic duo: he's Batman & I'm Robin! And sadly yes, I've been vacuuming everything in sight!

Tonight I'm going out for dinner with some girlfriends - can't wait!

My calf is still not right. Tried a 20 minute run Tuesday & again on Thursday - tight & not at all happy. Dug out my bicycle though: it's had a flat tyre for ahem (2 years) which PB promised to fix, but hadn't gotten around to it. I asked our storeman to take a look & he whipped off the tyres & tubes in a couple of minutes & I bought new ones last night which will be installed today I hope (on the off chance I'll recover from tonight enought to go for a cycle tomorrow).

It's a sensational day in Melbourne today - I wish I could be out in it more, but I'm making do with tidying up the office today & filing or tossing all the crap that ends up on the floor in the showroom (so I can vac!) which gets me up from my desk & almost in the sunshine (where the bins live)!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend wherever you are!

PS & a few pic's I forgot I had....

Me grandfinal day in the gong

Me at a lookout at the was blowing a freaking gale hence the cranky facial expression! & below, same location view from the look out & the blowhole doin' it's thing.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Osteo says I have a sprain/minuscule tear in the calf muscle which will heal itself in a week. I have to go back next week & he'll work a bit more on the glute/hammy issue & wants to play with (check) my Achilles & give my calf/calves a bit more of a serious work out & then (is crossing his fingers) I will be injury free for a while. I will wait & see.

Feels far less tight today, the pain has subsided a lot AND I can walk MUCH betterer. Don't think I'll be back running til next week though; grumble grumble grumble. Just when I recon I'd got the hang of "strides" n all! Sigh.

I've my sis & niece visiting later in the week. Sis arrives tomorrow after a day of shopping; & is collecting Tess from her Dad's on Friday (she's spent a week with him) & I will cook I am not sure what for them for dinner. We'll probably just hang out, maybe watch a DVD (Tess & my fave past time - eating & watching flicks!). At the moment I'm leaning towards pizza. I guess I'll have to make cake as well.......they are visiting for my pending senior citizens celebrational day.

Anyhoo. I'm just about to clock up 11 hours at my desk so I think I'll bugger off & so something more cleaning in preparation for my house guests! Bah! Think I'll have a nice hot bubble bath instead. Bugger dusting!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


I'm Back but as busy as a buzzy bee!!!!

Wollongong was good. Stayed with our mate who is Italian as is his partner. You'd think we'd been living in Ethiopia for the past 10 years considering how much they tried to feed us!!!! Twas delicious, but a little too much!

Took about 5 photo's for the whole trip - sad. The weather was shite & we spent more time in the car & inside than out in the non existent sunshine. Our mate used to work for us so it was a bit of a blokey holiday. I heard more about excavators, plant & rail works (our mate now works for a rail maintenance company & manages a lot of track work & big machinery) than I would ever want to know for the next million years!

We also dropped in & saw his mate the concreter, his mate the tow truck driver, his mate the so on & so forth. Like I said, lots of blokey chatter. I frequently nodded off in the car (not) listening to their chatter.

Lots of laughs though. His partner has 3 sons, two of which live at home (26 & 28?) & both have girlfriends who come for dinner Monday through to Thursday. Our mate is a bit of a comedian so there was a lot of teasing & shit hanging going on.

I took my running gear & finished the week before's final work out, plus last weeks 3 work outs. All good. The area was hilly (where I live & usually run is very flat) so that was challenging! Lots of wildlife - galah's & cockatoo's who didn't move off the footpath, I had to go around them!!! And a paddock of bunnies. Domestic black & white ones! The first time I ran past them I nearly fell over! Apparently the house next door just let them breed & roam on the vacant block next door. I was amused!

Watched the AFL grandfinal in a club (we were in Wollongong, about an hour south of Sydney). The club while playing the game on 2 big screen projectors for us, only had maybe 20 other people besides our group of 5 watching. So so strange. NRL rugby is far more popular in NSW & the place was apparently packed the next day for the NRL Grandfinal. All were Collingwood supporters bar 1 & funnily enough I was probably (without a doubt) the most vocal supporter in the room!! Our mate barracks for the Pies, but he didn't really get into it, even in the first 3 quarters when the game was super close! For those of you who don't follow our know, my team was victorious (Geelong - the mighty mighty Cats). So I was a very happy Catter.

Spent 13 hours at my desk yesterday catching up on work. Still getting there, but not so bad. Was up a the crack of dawn (4.45am) this morning to go for my first run of week 4's training program. Got halfway through & have done something to my right calf. expletive expletive expletive. I've got an appointment with the osteo later today anyway, but not sure he can do much. At first I thought it was the mother of all cramps, but after stretching & walking it out for 10 minutes (& the fact that the bloody thing is still giving me grief). Ended up ringing plumbing boy to come & get me as it would take too long to walk back home & we had staff arriving at 6.30am. Bugger it all.

More Later.....

PS all home remedies for cranky calves welcome (have been following the RICE principal, sort of, as in I've iced it once so far)!