Friday, September 9, 2011


So. The Up & Running Fall 10km course started yesterday & I have 3 workouts to complete this week, all outdoors. I'd hoped to do one tonight, but considering the forecast is a top of 13 with hail, I think I'll be doing a tready run instead.

I never got around to taking measurements at the beginning of Operation Babewatch, so thought I should now, to see how I change after 8.5 weeks of running training.

I've been recording these sort of stats on & off since September 2002! Yes, this will be a bit boring for those not into stats, but I find it quite interesting so I'm gonna share:

10/02/02; 64kgs; 103.5; 92; 78;
04/07/03; 63kgs;105.5; 94; 77;
29/10/04; not recorded; 107; 96; 76;
02/07/05; 63kgs; 104.5; 92.4; 77;
27/09/08; not rec; 110; 96; 80;
12/05/09; 60kgs; 102; 90; 73;
15/09/10; 63.5kgs; 104; not rec; not rec;
21/03/11; 65kgs; 105; 96.4; 77.5;
09/09/11; 65kgs; 107; 96; 79;

All measurements are in cms. It would seem I was at my chunkiest in 2008 & of course lightest in 2009 (wedding). It would have been interesting to see the stats just before the wedding (Nov) when I was thinner again than the stats show in May.

I also recorded my body fat percentage this morning = 26% using callipers. I had to g##gle as I couldn't remember what the healthy range is. Then I went searching for the stats the last time I did my body fat % which was end of W8 FFF challenge in August 2010 @ 24%.

As always, there is descrepancy as to what is considered normal (some said 15% - 23%, others said under 21% was underweight). Last time I looked I'd decided lean or good was 16 - 20% & was aiming for 18%! The most common recommendation I found this time around for a chick my age is that 21 - 33% is normal; above that is obese. I guess I'm in the middle so that's not too bad, but always there is room for improvement.

I'm not overly stressed about it, but again, it will be interesting to see where it sits at the end of the U&R course.

I also had my annual "grease & oil change" a couple of weeks ago; everything came back normal, although my cholesterol had gone up. I'm about one score under the maximum healthy end of the scale before action needs to be taken. My Doc didn't want to see me, but asked the receptionist to mention it to me & let me know to watch my diet.

Mum has a history of high cholesterol & has been on lowering medication a couple of times. This has certainly helped with increasing my AFD's (alcohol free days). I know some of you must think I'm a bit of an alcoholic (perhaps I am!) & I guess drinking wine with dinner every night has become habit. That is probably not so bad if I was only having 100mls. I think my wine glasses are around 400ml full = half a bottle if I fill it up (& don't go back for a smidge more).

This week I've done 5 AFD's in a row so I'm feeling pretty happy with that. Each week has been better & I'm hoping this week will now become the normal. i.e. drinks on Friday & Saturday nights only. There is also $160-00 in the jar towards my new vacuum cleaner too ($10-00 per AFD). Sure I could just go out & buy it, but a little incentive never hurts.

OK. This is getting a little disjointed, too many interuptions at work & I've got a soggy visitor, so I'll finish up. Hope you all have lovely (& warm!) weekends.

Carn the Mighty Catters!!!!!


Ute said...

Mate, for a nine year period, you haven't done too bad!!!

I'd hate to think what my stats were in that same period. I know for sure that everything has DROPPED!

Chris H said...

As Ute said, you are doing great!
What was your soggy visitor?

Epic Fail said...

You sound like you're doing great to me! I hate those body fat percentage scales. They have 2 settings, and if you're working out then you have to make sure it is set to 'athletic' or else it'll give you wrong estimates, and the shocking thing is that it IS an estimate. I didn't know that until recently.

Epic Fail said...

Sorry, you flat out said you measured using calipers and I just blocked it from my mind and pictured you using one of those scales like I have. Worse still, my scale doesn't have the athletic setting, so I had to buy a different device (more $$ out the window) that does have the athletic setting. Anyway, nothing that I said has anything to do with your measurements using calipers, so I am just taking up space in your comments being an idiot. Sorry 'bout that.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Ute - thanks! Glad everything has dropped for you ( I think????).

Hey Chris - thank you! My soggy visitor was Nannette from Tasi! She dropped in on her bike & it was a bit rainy that day!

Epic! Mate!!! not to worry about misreading my blather... I do it all the time. So not an idiot :0) I'd always wondered about those scales, but just cant seem to believe how they could accurately measure your body fat by standing on them!!!! Not sure how accurate my measurement sure at the gym they do multiple skin fold tests in different body area's. add em together then use some formular. The ones i bought only want you to measure the belly fat above your hip. Anyhoo. It's a starting point right?