Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I did my first outdoor workout in forever on Monday night! My PT mate used to make me run up & down the streets in her quest for fitness, but I never really enjoyed it. She liked to run on main roads (to be seen I suppose); I'd have much rather run on walking tracks or quiet streets away from the traffic!

I started on the 1st week of the Up & Running's bridging workouts which involved running, skipping, walking & marching. It was bloody cold outside & my nose kept dripping, but at least I managed to get it in between work & it getting too dark! I've ordered a sports watch with heart monitor online but it hasn't arrived yet, so had to use the alarm on my phone to time stuff which was a bit of a pain in the arse.

By the end of the session I actually had a bit of a pain in the intersection between said gluteus maximus & hamstrings in a similar location to my injury from last year. Got worse throughout yesterday, but luckily for me, my wonderful Osteo Jess had a spare appointment so I toddled off & let her push her elbow into places that HURT!

All is well, 2 - 3 days off running & straight back to her if there is any further pain. My pelvis was out which turned my leg out which buggers everything up apparently. She was happy I came straight in rather than leaving it until next week when it would have been harder to sort.

I'm supposed to week 1's workout 3 x times this week so hopefully can do the next session on Friday night & the last one on Sunday.

Been feeling a bit gloomy again this week....the cold wet weather just doesn't do it for me.

Oh. I made Brooke's lemon cake last night......... L has already eaten two pieces..........morning tea is looking good :0)


Brooke said...

Ooooh, that cake is soooo good. Hope you enjoy it!

Good on you for joining up with U&R. I can't wait to join up myself, one day! Hope your injury pain doesn't come back so you can keep on truckin'!


AlleyCat said...

Thanks Brookie!! yes, I hope my body behaves & lets me do this thing!!!! Hopefully you'll be able to do the 5km course sooner than you think!!!!!

LOL......I already sampled the cake last night :0) it is indeed lovely!

Chris H said...

You started out talking about running ... IKKKkkk, but redemmed yourself when you mentioned cake! lol

AlleyCat said...

mmmmm.....Chris.....the cake was loverly!!!!

The running's still not happening coz i hurt myself!!