Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Plumbing Boy has taken up CAD drawing & has engaged a private tutor to assist. She came on Saturday morning, bright & early, so I whipped up a batch of muffins for them for morning tea. One of the plumbers dropped off some keys early that morning as well, & he grabbed a couple (he was taking his Ma shopping) - the same guy who wants this recipe for his next birthday cake! He came in yesterday morning "Mum wants the recipe! She frothed it." Translates to "loves them" - he shared.

Here is Saturday Morning's muffin making session & recipe for you.....

the original recipe is taken from this book

Here are some of the ingredients. I've tweaked the recipe a bit.

Mixed Berry Buttermilk Muffins

#2.5 Cups (375g) self raising flour
#3/4 cup (135g) caster sugar
#1 egg, lightly beaten
#1 tspn vanilla essence
#2/3 cup (160ml) vegetable oil (I've been using extra virgin olive oil)
#3/4 cup (180ml) butter milk (I've been using the yogurt above - full fat organic Greek style)
#200g frozen mixed berries (I've increased the quantity by 1/3 & use 200g blueberries & 100g raspberries

1. Preheat oven to moderately hot (I cook them at 200 deg C)
2. Line 12 hole (1/3) cup muffin pan with paper cases or grease holes (today I used the cupcake style cases because I ran out of much preferred square cafe style muffin wraps)
3. Sift flour & Sugar into a bowl; stir in the remaining ingredients
4. Divide mixture among muffin holes & bake for 20 minutes (without the modification I think they need 25 - 30; with modification test at 30 mins & cook for another 5 mins if skewer test fails). Stand for 5 minutes then cool on a wire rack muffins top side up to cook.

No mixer required just a bowl & a wooden spoon. Too easy!


Time to eat one!

Yum! Serve with cream or eat as is. Deliciously moist fruity muffins!

Day 2 Babewatch concluded well - went for a 5km run on the tready; it was a little too dark to try for outside by the time I finished work (to be honest, I'm a bit worried about how I'll cope without the tready!). No booze again & good clean eating. I stretched a lot after the run, but have sore inner arches this morning. Think I'll try a pump class tonight!


Chris H said...

OK.. I am in the dark.. what is CAD drawing???
Yep, your muffins are making my mouth water!

AlleyCat said...

Hey Chris - a CAD drawing is a technical building drawing & CAD/Autocad is the program used to draw them in. quite complicated! Engineers & architects amoungst others use them to design stuff.

LOL the muffins are pretty damn good if I do say so myself!!!