Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week 4, Day 3

Life has been busy, but operation Babewatch is still bubbling along in the background. The Up & Running course starts on September 8th by which time I'm supposed to be able to run 5kms outdoors @ 6 minutes per km.

Week 1: lots of enthusiasm, worked on nutrition (trying not to use that term diet). Made pumpkin soup, osso bucco soup & ate very cleanly; 2 AFD's (better than none right!); got in 2 x training sessions before waking with a very sore neck. By lunch time I could barely look left or right, up or down. Got in to my Chiro that night luckily; I recon it took a week to settle properly & for the muscular pain to dissipate. Had a weekend of cousin & niece visits which ensure (excused?) no more structured exercise from me. Lost 1kg.

Week 2: Did my first outdoor bridge training session & injured myself somewhere deep in between right glute & hamstring. Osteo got her elbow in there & adjusted my pelvis (again - this seems to throw everything out & was the cause of last years injury in a similar location). She told me to refrain from running for 3 - 4 days & take it easy. Did nothing until Sunday where I tried another outdoor session, this time of my own making: walk 1.5km to oval; then walk 1 lap, run 1 lap x 5 of oval; 1.5km walk home. Still a bit sore in the injured region, but range of motion was fine. Nutrition OK (steamed veggies for work lunch everyday with either an egg or a bit of chicken), 2 AFD's. Kept last weeks kg lost off.

Week 3: 5km treadmill runs on Tuesday & Friday. Still feeling a little worried that outdoor running will injure me again. Sunday I decided to drive to a bay side walking/cycling track & ran my 5km play list. Plumbing Boy measured it out on the map for me & recons I ran closer to 6kms + warm up. Cool down was walking around my car. I felt so pumped! It's much harder to regulate speed running outside! I found I was running too fast & had to slow down a bit to catch my breath, whereas on the treadmill I run at a constant speed & breathing is fine. I also did some stretches & core work on Saturday at home. Food similar to the week before, but overdid it on the weekend. 2 x AFD's & on Monday morning that kg I lost had returned.

Week 4 so far: We had a huge tender due in Tuesday, PB & I spent from 6.30am to 8pm Monday working on it (then me most of yesterday as well!). We were too brain dead to cook Monday night & opted for BBQ chicken & chips. Not a good idea. This morning I am up another kg!!! Anyhoo. Hopefully the damage will be reversed, although we have a fair bit on this week. 5km tready run last night. 2 x AFD's already. Thursday night we have dinner with my Aunt & Uncle who are heading west to baby sit my uncle's motel in Denham for 3 weeks while he & his wife are away overseas, so not sure how I will get a run in before 6pm dinner. Might have to see if I can leave work early..... Then on the weekend we are off to Moonambel again, this time with my parents. Will take my gear & get a run in on one of the weekend days & a slow walk with the olds the other day. Mum apparently has stopped "whooping" & is feeling much better.

I am feeling fitter: each run is easier. Most of it is in my mind anyway I think. So long as I remain injury free, it's more mind over matter. I've also found the pelvic adjustments have changed the action of my right leg & my ankle is often quite sore after a run; I am sure that this is due to using muscles that previously have been doing bugger all. I need to make a concerted effort to do a little strengthening on them. I have 2.5 weeks before the U&R course starts. I might not be quite up to speed, but I hope to be close.


Memphis Steve said...

Keeping running, Cat! And don't get hurt. I'm supposed to run a funky race/obstacle course 5K next month and I'm in absolutely shit shape.

AlleyCat said...

Thank you Steve!!! I will!

funky race/obstacle course sounds interesting :0) you'd better get runnin' too matey!!

Slyde said...

concerning the sore neck, did you ever try one of those foam lumbar pillows?

i switched to one a few years ago and love it. it took me a good week to get used to it, but now i sleep great with it and not one neck ache...

AlleyCat said...

Hey Slyde! Yeah, I've had one for 5 years! I replaced the old when I did my neck this time. I think it comes from when I sleep on my stomach! Every practitioner says DO NOT SLEEP ON YOU TUMMY! I always slept kind of on my tummy but have been retraining myself......rarely do it now, but every now & again.......

Thanks for the suggestion. They are bloody amazing pillows aren't they!!! :0)