Friday, August 5, 2011


Was dressed & on my way to Gym Wednesday night when Plumbing Boy calls me to let me know he needs me to get up at 4.45am tomorrow morning to help him load the truck. WTF? Can't we do it tonight??? says I. I'm too wrecked says he. But can't I do it myself says I? Spose says he...

I turn around & come back home & had it loaded within an hour. Almost as good as a pump work out! Unfortunately I caved & had a glass of wine with dinner, but after 2 days without that wasn't so bad (for me!).

Woke up Thursday morning with a sore neck/shoulder which progressively got worse throughout the day - by 2pm I could barely turn my head left, right or up or down! Luckily my chiropractor was working & was available, so went for a crunch followed by a heat pack. He said it will take a couple of days to settle down. Have mobility today, but is still sore & have already had the heat pack on. Hopefully I will wake tomorrow right as rain. Funny expression eh???

I have my cuz Jax visiting tonight & my niece Jac visiting tomorrow (both sleeping over), so won't have a lot of exercise time, but hopefully will get something done.

Hope you all have a bloody good weekend where ever you are!


Chris H said...

Have fun with your visitors.. and yep, I hope to have a nice weekend... watching PUPPIES! lol
My life is all about the puppies right now.

AlleyCat said...

Thank Chris - the puppies are just adorable!!! Hope you (& Stew & the kids) have fun with them over the weekend!!!!

Slyde said...

everyone gets invites to visit you except me... that isnt really fair, is it?

AlleyCat said...

hehehe you can come for a sleep over any time you like mr! :0)

Irish Daughter said...

Just having my Monday morning cuppa and catching up on all the blog. Nice to see you. :)