Wednesday, July 13, 2011


OK. Walk away if you don't want to read about underwear.

Hmmm. That was a stupid statement wasn't're all still here.

OK. It's no secret that I've put on a bit of weight of late & eventually this means that your undergarments no longer fit properly! I can still wear most of my clothes although a few trousers are just a bit too tight to wear comfortably. You'd think that would kick start me into some serious exercise, but apparently not (yet).

Anyhoo. Back to the smalls. I was down to two brassieres - my boobs seem to have put on weight & I had some pretty bad spillage going on, spoiling the line of any fitted top.

I've been a 12C for as long as I can remember. Depending on my weight, sometimes a 10C-D or 12C-D depending on the manufacturers sizing. Off I toddle on the weekend & was fitted in 2 yes TWO separate shops as a 10E. Seriously???

I know I have some bigger busted readers out there, but to be honest, I'd never really thought about sizing larger than a DD. Hadn't had to go there so I'm claiming ignorance!!! E Cup??? WTF. Yes, I know they also have F & G (at least!) - the first lady bought me in an F cup to try!

I'm sporting a couple of Dimity So's & A couple of Berlie's (thank god for DFO) & they certainly fit much better than my old bra's & no spillage. I really hope I don't end up with Grandma's boobs in my old age. I'm not knocking big boobs at all mind you, I just can't imagine my poor back (or yours) dragging them around!

Now. If anyone can tell me about comfy knickers I'll be a happy camper. I'm no fashion guru, but loathe visible knicker lines & will do anything to avoid them. I hate buying knickers - you try them on in the shop & they feel OK, but then you try & wear them for a day & discover they don't stay put!!! At the moment I'm wearing these Rio's

(no - that is not my body.....look on the rio website if ya don't believe me!)

Not sure they'll be good for gym but they're bloody comfy in the office!

So. Spill. What are your comfiest grundies???


Ute said...


Welcome to the BBB club!!!! :oD

I honestly have no idea what my bra size is from one day to the next.

I had to go bra shopping about a month ago, and yeah, I think that was an E cup?

With jocks, I just buy cheapies from either Tarjay, or Big W. But then I'm not really concerned about VPL.

Mind you, I've got a wedding coming up, (I'm a BRIDESMAID!) so had to go get some non-VPL's. Bought some called Invisitails? Made by Bonds. Very comfy. :o)

AlleyCat said...

Thanks lovely! LOLz

I work with a bunch of blokes & I'll be buggered if they is gunna see my knicker line!!! hehehe just a little bit of vanity there :0)

Wooot for Bridesmaiding! Invisitails - I'll go have a looky see! Thank you!!!

AlleyCat said...

PS - yeah - I usually get my grundies from Tarjay & Big W's too!!!

Amanda said...

Awww, I'm an E cup too :) I hate them but guys love them. Even at my thinnest I'm a C or D cup.

I always wear boylegs from Target. I never worry about VPL unless I'm ou in a dress or something, but at work I couldn't give two hoots.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Amanda - I've always quite liked my boobs - just don't want them getting any bigger!!!

I'm loving the boy legs :0)

I just recon the VPL in my work pants accentuates my "butt wings"! I did mention I was a smidge vain didn't I? LOL!

Epic Fail said...

I don't know why, but I've found that the more I spend on men's undies, the better they fit. And if I go cheap, they try to stuff themselves up my butt while strangling my testicles. I don't know if that helps any, but it's all I got.

AlleyCat said...

Epic - I've tried this in ladies undies, but no go!!! I recon the more expensive they are the smaller the bastards are too! Nothin' worse than a butt full o grundie I recon :0)

I was waiting for you to tell me you wear pink frilly knickers LOL!

DOG3OY said...

i have to agree with Epic, i had a pair of CK's that were just amazing, i called them my luckt undies, now i'm in the bonds lycra not as comfortanle but do the job. cant wear the jocks... just something wrong about it.

oh and

FWARRRRR!! on the boobie talk

tee hee hee

VPL isnt something i notice... maybe i'm not paying attention

Epic Fail said...

If I ever wear any pink knickers its because I washed them with something red. Any frills are just where the material has begun to come apart because they are worn out and I need to buy new ones.

AlleyCat said...

tee hee hee Boobies indeed Dog3oy!

I buy plumbing boy the shortie bonds seemless. don't much like the standard jocks either. the shorties are much cuter.

I guess you must be a boob rather than a butt man then if you aren't noticing that panty line!!!

Love that you have lucky undies!

AlleyCat said...

Glad you've cleared that up Epic, although I think you'd look kinda cute in pink frillys!!!! :0) Go really well with the beard!!!