Friday, July 29, 2011


Last year I got more serious about running. As opposed to running for 5 or 6 songs at a time, just because it was cardio, I started to look at distance & time, & was regularly running 7+ kms 3 times per week. I'd hoped to reach a goal of 10kms before we went on holidays last November, but only made it to 9km. Came back from the trip, injured myself & never really got back into it in earnest. I came across this site last year but they were only offering a 5km beginners course. What caught my eye though, was the proposed 10km course. I can manage 5kms without injury, but as I increase the distance, I recon I need a little help.

Yesterday I said things had been changing in my head in terms of wanting to improve my fitness again; things were falling into place. Monday is the 1st of the month. Good place to start. Nice & orderly. Strange though I'd always started any exercise or eating routine on a Thursday - didn't want the weekend to overshadow any good work I'd done. This time Monday feels right. The first feels right. Then this morning I received an email from Up & Running announcing registration for their 10km course, to start mid September! Brilliant.

I've enrolled & have been able to download some bridging workouts to get me up to speed. This gives me 6 weeks to prepare. I need to be running 5kms outdoors in around 35 minutes. I was doing this on the treadmill which is easier than outdoors, so I do have a little work to do; but I already have 4 weeks of workouts prepared by a running coach to help me out! There are two more 4 week blocks if I want or need them too.

I'm up & running!


Memphis Steve said...

Good on you for running again! I'm still huffing and puffing my way through my workouts and doing pathetically, but I don't give up. I'm glad you won't give up either. Keep running!

Cinders said...

ok, you run 10kms and I'll lose 10 kilos. deal? I think Monday is a perfect place to start :)

AlleyCat said...


AlleyCat said...

hehe thanks Steve - we can huff n puff together!