Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We managed to get away for the weekend & I have lots of photo's as requested. Considering the awful things that happened this weekend though I feel somewhat unenthusiastic about posting. I've seen a lot of jokes already about Amy Winehouse - I for one loved her music & think she had an amazing voice. She was someones daughter & I wish people could have a little more compassion for someone who clearly had a multitude of problems. I can't really bring myself to comment about the poor families in Norway: heart achingly sad for them.

Had we arrived in daylight, this would have been our first impression of our home for the weekend.

Tree lined driveway

Lovely Balcony from which to while away the afternoon

Alcove to enjoy the morning sun.

We sat out here for brunch on Saturday morning in tee shirts & bare feet! The sun was so lovely. We arrived at Moon-am-bell (pronunciation) in the
Pyrenees wine region of Victoria, approximately 2.5 hours from the CBD of Melbourne in time for the 10 minute walk to the pub & order our meals before 8pm. It was surprisingly busy & a lot of the older folk of the region take over the pub on Friday nights & before long we were joined by half a dozen locals for a natter in front of the fire. We met a couple who own an Olive Grove & arranged to visit them Saturday. We staggered home at stumps to our nice warm fire...

Plenty of fire wood & a huge comfortable bed.

The rest of the cottage looked like this....

View from our bedroom Window of the vineyard.

We spent Saturday reading & lazing about; went for a drive around the local area & stopped in at the Olive Grove. I can't remember how many trees were in the grove, but they send their olives away for processing (after hand picking), it is then returned to them in big plastic containers to settle for a couple of months, then bottled on site. Each bottle has it's label hand rolled on & hand corked. Of course I did a little shopping...

Pub again for dinner & an early night this time, as plumbing boy was being picked up at 7.30am for a day of dirt bike riding. I rugged up & set out at 9am for a big walk after firstly enjoying the Rosella's.

I didn't find any Koala's but I did find some Kangaroo's. You'll have to click on the photo to see them though.......they are good at camouflage.

Once I reached the end of the lane, it turned into a 4wheel drive track into a nature reserve & continued to climb at a greater incline, which the following pictures don't really give perspective of, but I was thinking of Amanda's hill climb as I went up & up & up & my heart was pounding out of my chest & I had to remove jacket & beanie to cool down!!!

Back down again. It took me an hour 10 to get to the top of the peak & 40 minutes to get back home again. My glutes are still feeling it today.

Our hosts had Alpacas & miniature horses.

Time for a shower, the off to a local market...

Kusundi, Chili Jam, Rasberry Jam & Oganic Chocolate; then to the bakery to stock up on pasties & pepper steak pies!

Back home to read my cook book until the boys returned for a late lunch. All in all a lovely, relaxing, phone & customer free weekend. The cabin was lovely, as were our hosts who included a bottle of their hand picked vintgage Shiraz which I will be trying this weekend.


Ute said...

What a great post! I love the shower!

Cottage looks heaps nice. Can't ask for a better view in my books, than a vineyard.

Cute lil' ponies!

Great photos Cat. :o)

Tully said...

Thanks for the photos, looks like a gorgeous weekend away and I'm happy to see that you and PB were able to have a whole weekend away together and off the phones! I have never been to the Pyrenees, but I will definitely have to go, looks like a charming place to go in winter.

I had a weekend away too, but I haven't been organsied to get my photos up yet, will try to do it in the next couple of days. :-)

Amanda said...

That looks like such a lovely weekend away!! Good to see I inspired someone to do some hill walking :) 1hr 10m up hill is super impressive!

Chris H said...

Really cute cottage... don't know if I'd be having a shower with no blind on that window!
I could not see the kangaroos!
I'm glad you had a lovely weekend.

I felt really sad to hear about Amy Whitehouse... she was lovely and a fantastic singer... such a tragic loss of someone so young.
Also so very awful about the tragedy in Norway... that guy is evil.

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Ute - I wanna camera that zooms properly now though! the waterproof olympus is good for plumbing & diving, but not so good for high quality or zoomyness!

Tully - thank you! Looking forward to seeing your pic's! Zippee doo for weekends away hey!

LOL - Amanada - I recon the serious hill climb was about 1/2 hr, the rest was a gradual incline. I was thinking of your hill every step of the way!

Chris - I'll try & blow up the kangaroosters & repost them later in the week :0)