Friday, July 22, 2011

Fridays & Crazy Dreams

Just above everyone loves a Friday -I certainly do!

Here's what I'm also loving:

I picked this up recently (heavily discounted - woot!) & Plumbing Boy has been hogging it. I plan on spending Sunday in bed reading it (while he is on his dirt bike).

This week we made the Caesar Salad on PB's request - yumo! I may even finally be converted into liking anchovies..........The recipe also reminded me how much I love eggs. Poached or soft boiled - so long as the yolk is runny, I am a happy camper! I cooked a few soft boiled as per above book & have been smooshing them on toast for breakfast. Divine.

PB loves muffins, in particular blueberry ones. I found a Woman's Weekly recipe that I've tweaked switching the butter milk for organic Greek style full fat yogurt & adding raspberries (increasing the fruit content by 1/3). I made a batch of 12 Monday night, they were all gone by 4pm Tuesday arvo. One of my staff members said that he wants the recipe for his next birthday cake!

This isn't a picture of mine, but will make another batch next week take a pic & share the recipe with you!

Sometimes I make Fridays at work "casual Friday" & wear jeans. hehehe my office assistant doesn't work Fridays so it is just me deciding to wear jeans to work really. And I get to wear my fave sneakers.

I'm actually a bit sad because the manufacturer stopped making them this year. I bought a spare pair from DFO a couple of weeks ago & stashed them in the back of my wardrobe..........I just may go back & procure another pair!

And my eternal fave especially on a Friday is 3RRR radio station. I just can't listen to commercial radio anymore (unless it's KRock for the footy)! Can't stand the advertisements & the majority of the commentators.

I've been dreaming frantically all week & last night was no exception. Our alarm goes off followed by the radio around 5 minutes later. On awaking properly I realised I'd incorporated what Red Symons had been talking about in my dream....light bulbs. This was all muddled into a night out with Miss B, Cinders & Tully & we were trying to get home, but the westgate bridge had disappeared & the freeway just ended. And the ferry that was supposed to be taking people from the broken end of the freeway to the western side of the bridge had sunk as well & we could see it on the bottom of the bay. We had to catch trams to a cab rank in Port Melbourne, but for some strange reason everybody needed light bulbs. But the light bulbs had a special clip on them that Red couldn't undo. Curiously he was broadcasting from a hotel room in Port Melbourne & I ran around there & showed him how to take the clip off the light bulb enabling it to be used. I was racing back to the cab rank to show the others how to get the clips off when I awoke. Yes, bloody bizarre I know.

Hope you all have sensational weekends & sensible pleasant dreams!


Chris H said...

I don't work... but still love fridays too!
Stew is home and I don't have to put up with the kids all on me own.
Love the sneakers, go get more!
muffins... look super yum.
You have weird dreams girl!

Amanda said...

That cookbook is one that I have wanted for such a long time!! So jealous :)

Cinders said...

lol, loving the crazy dream - I think it means we need to go out again :)

Epic Fail said...

It's good to know that I'm not the only one having bizarre dreams lately. My dreams have made no sense at all.

AlleyCat said...

hehe yes, nutty dreams Chris!

Amanda - I lusted over that book for years! I got it on sale at big W @ $40-00 off RR & it's the revised edition. Am really enjoying reading so far!

Indeed Cinders - we'll have to pick a date before we're all busy with bloody Christmas parties!

Epic - us crazy dreamers have to stick together...even if we can't decipher we can still laugh & shake our heads at each others craziness!!!

Anonymous said...

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