Monday, July 18, 2011


Started Monday....

This year seems to by flying by in a blur. Some days I feel a bit like life is passing me by - so many things to do, so may places to go, so little time. Work has been getting me down a bit of late; you know, the neverendingness of it. Most of the time I am "up" & chirpy, but lordy sometimes it's hard!

I had a really quiet weekend catching up on house hold chores & other bits & bobs. Laboured for Plumbing Boy on Saturday; said chores on Sunday. Even made it to the gym. My car died again so was back in the plumbing truck. Not sure if it's been looked at today or not. PB's truck is running just fine, so my wheels slip his mind....

Went & saw HP 7.2 2D Wednesday night. Had hoped to see it in 3D on the weekend, but just ran out of time. Loved it. It was pretty unlikely that I wouldn't though. I'd been reading the book again, but hadn't quite finished it in time. Will probably finish it tonight & have been continually surprised at some of the smaller detail included in the film that I'd forgotten about.

Last night my 11 y/o niece sent me a text "is the philosophers stone the same as the resurrection stone i don't think it is but mum does" then 2 seconds later "I can not lose this disagreement". She was right of course & I had to telephone my sis to explain why.....too long to explain via text! I guess Tess won that one.


Well, it's just as cold as yesterday & bloody windy too. Makes me want to curl up under a doona & wait for some warmer weather. Perhaps I suffer a bit of SADS? What do you do to beat the winter blues???

On the upside, we might be going away for the weekend! Our forman has returned from 8 weeks long service leave & (hopefully) will be on call this weekend & answering the phones! I can't believe I may have a whole weekend without having to answer a single phone call!

PB wants to dirt bike ride on Sunday, so we will probably go somewhere conducive to meeting his riding companions; possibly in the Pyrenees region. Found a self contained cabin that is available; just need to confirm with said staff member as I've got a feeling the roster may have changed since he went away & he may not be aware. Should know later today.

I promise I will hijack the camera & take lots of pictures! Not sure what I'll do with myself on Sunday, but I'm sure a few winery's might be in order. So long as it doesn't snow I'll be happy!


Ute said...

I hate it how this year is going so fast. Can't believe it's almost August. Before you know it, it'll be fkn Summer again. :o(

I get the opposite of Winter SADS. I get that in Summer! Heh. :o)

Hope you get to go away... yes, take plenty of snaps! :o))

Chris H said...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend... lots of photos please!
Your niece is precious! *smiles*

AlleyCat said...

LOL Ute - we are opposite sistah's - you can have the cold & I'll take the heat :0)

And yes - we are going away!!! Can't wait!!

Chris - thanks! Photo's are definately on the agenda!!!! Tess is a gem isn't she!