Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yesterday I received confirmation that we are off to Bali next year in March. My Mum's brother has a place there & is having a big 60th birthday bash & the whole extended family is invited. I'm sure I've mentioned before, Mum is one of 6 & on that side of the family I have 8 cousins ranging in age from 20 - 44. Hopefully most of them will come. I know 4 are definitely going, plus myself & my sis. Just gotta work on Sydney (3) & Port Douglas (1) contingents.

I guess you all know I've been struggling with exercise & expanding girth; nothing has been inspiring me to change until now. I have a beach holiday with scuba to look forward to; & the thought of being so wobbly in front of my cousins is enough to make me WANT to do something about it. The school reunion is drawing closer & I have made a few subtle changes in my eating over the past few weeks. The change has been brewing; the urge quietly & ever so slowly growing.

Last night as I was heading towards the land of nod, I started thinking about the beach & Baywatch popped into my head. Not that I ever watched the show, but vision of being fit & strong (& not wobbly) & running along the beach cemented the plan in my head & this morning I put it on paper (well, on screen).

I have a daggy new name to go with it - yes, somewhat lame, but it makes me laugh - we talk about chickee babes at work all the time, so, introducing: Operation Babewatch. Yes, I'm going to bore you all senseless with it, but this is my blog & I'll bore you if I want! hehehehe Maybe I can even inspire someone - who knows.

Anyhoo. Operation Babewatch is split into 5 phases & I've hashed out a few immediate objectives & will add or change as I go.

Phase 1: Birthday Babeness - Weeks 1 - 10

Objective: improve fitness & lose 2 - 3kgs
Exercise: Run 3 x times per week increasing distance from 3kms to 7kms
Step 1 x per week
Body Pump (tennis elbow permitting) OR at least do leg work out at gym x 2 per week

Phase 2: School Reunion Babeness - Weeks 11 - 16
Objective: continue to improve fitness & lose 2kgs
Exercise: Reassess Running, aim for 3 x per week increase distance from 7kms to 10kms
Step 1 x per week
Body Pump as per above
Focus a bit more on Core Strength - Plank it baby

Phase 3: Xmas Party Babeness - Weeks 17 - 21
Objective: maintain fitness & weight
Exercise: Run twice per week; weights once per week, step once per week
Other: look into swimming lessons for summer (I can swim- read dog paddle & breast stroke, but my freestyle is usesless & I'd love to be able to swim laps with or without fins)

Phase 4: Summer Babeness - Weeks 22 - 30
Objective: improve fitness, looking towards diving fitness; maintain weight
Exercise: swimming
Run 10kms 2 x times per week
Pump Or Weights 2 x times per week

Phase 5: Beach Bali Babeness - Weeks 31 - 32
Objective: Primp, buff & polish.
Exercise: where ever possible; maintain weight

This weekend I plan on making up a couple of big pots of soup to eat over the next week or so to give me a bit of a kick start.

Watch this space!


Ute said...

Honey, you're already a babe. ;o)

I'm quite sure you'll manage these phases, they are quite attainable.

The Bali fam get together sounds awesome! :o))

AlleyCat said...

Awww......Thanks Ute!!!