Friday, July 29, 2011


Last year I got more serious about running. As opposed to running for 5 or 6 songs at a time, just because it was cardio, I started to look at distance & time, & was regularly running 7+ kms 3 times per week. I'd hoped to reach a goal of 10kms before we went on holidays last November, but only made it to 9km. Came back from the trip, injured myself & never really got back into it in earnest. I came across this site last year but they were only offering a 5km beginners course. What caught my eye though, was the proposed 10km course. I can manage 5kms without injury, but as I increase the distance, I recon I need a little help.

Yesterday I said things had been changing in my head in terms of wanting to improve my fitness again; things were falling into place. Monday is the 1st of the month. Good place to start. Nice & orderly. Strange though I'd always started any exercise or eating routine on a Thursday - didn't want the weekend to overshadow any good work I'd done. This time Monday feels right. The first feels right. Then this morning I received an email from Up & Running announcing registration for their 10km course, to start mid September! Brilliant.

I've enrolled & have been able to download some bridging workouts to get me up to speed. This gives me 6 weeks to prepare. I need to be running 5kms outdoors in around 35 minutes. I was doing this on the treadmill which is easier than outdoors, so I do have a little work to do; but I already have 4 weeks of workouts prepared by a running coach to help me out! There are two more 4 week blocks if I want or need them too.

I'm up & running!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Yesterday I received confirmation that we are off to Bali next year in March. My Mum's brother has a place there & is having a big 60th birthday bash & the whole extended family is invited. I'm sure I've mentioned before, Mum is one of 6 & on that side of the family I have 8 cousins ranging in age from 20 - 44. Hopefully most of them will come. I know 4 are definitely going, plus myself & my sis. Just gotta work on Sydney (3) & Port Douglas (1) contingents.

I guess you all know I've been struggling with exercise & expanding girth; nothing has been inspiring me to change until now. I have a beach holiday with scuba to look forward to; & the thought of being so wobbly in front of my cousins is enough to make me WANT to do something about it. The school reunion is drawing closer & I have made a few subtle changes in my eating over the past few weeks. The change has been brewing; the urge quietly & ever so slowly growing.

Last night as I was heading towards the land of nod, I started thinking about the beach & Baywatch popped into my head. Not that I ever watched the show, but vision of being fit & strong (& not wobbly) & running along the beach cemented the plan in my head & this morning I put it on paper (well, on screen).

I have a daggy new name to go with it - yes, somewhat lame, but it makes me laugh - we talk about chickee babes at work all the time, so, introducing: Operation Babewatch. Yes, I'm going to bore you all senseless with it, but this is my blog & I'll bore you if I want! hehehehe Maybe I can even inspire someone - who knows.

Anyhoo. Operation Babewatch is split into 5 phases & I've hashed out a few immediate objectives & will add or change as I go.

Phase 1: Birthday Babeness - Weeks 1 - 10

Objective: improve fitness & lose 2 - 3kgs
Exercise: Run 3 x times per week increasing distance from 3kms to 7kms
Step 1 x per week
Body Pump (tennis elbow permitting) OR at least do leg work out at gym x 2 per week

Phase 2: School Reunion Babeness - Weeks 11 - 16
Objective: continue to improve fitness & lose 2kgs
Exercise: Reassess Running, aim for 3 x per week increase distance from 7kms to 10kms
Step 1 x per week
Body Pump as per above
Focus a bit more on Core Strength - Plank it baby

Phase 3: Xmas Party Babeness - Weeks 17 - 21
Objective: maintain fitness & weight
Exercise: Run twice per week; weights once per week, step once per week
Other: look into swimming lessons for summer (I can swim- read dog paddle & breast stroke, but my freestyle is usesless & I'd love to be able to swim laps with or without fins)

Phase 4: Summer Babeness - Weeks 22 - 30
Objective: improve fitness, looking towards diving fitness; maintain weight
Exercise: swimming
Run 10kms 2 x times per week
Pump Or Weights 2 x times per week

Phase 5: Beach Bali Babeness - Weeks 31 - 32
Objective: Primp, buff & polish.
Exercise: where ever possible; maintain weight

This weekend I plan on making up a couple of big pots of soup to eat over the next week or so to give me a bit of a kick start.

Watch this space!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We managed to get away for the weekend & I have lots of photo's as requested. Considering the awful things that happened this weekend though I feel somewhat unenthusiastic about posting. I've seen a lot of jokes already about Amy Winehouse - I for one loved her music & think she had an amazing voice. She was someones daughter & I wish people could have a little more compassion for someone who clearly had a multitude of problems. I can't really bring myself to comment about the poor families in Norway: heart achingly sad for them.

Had we arrived in daylight, this would have been our first impression of our home for the weekend.

Tree lined driveway

Lovely Balcony from which to while away the afternoon

Alcove to enjoy the morning sun.

We sat out here for brunch on Saturday morning in tee shirts & bare feet! The sun was so lovely. We arrived at Moon-am-bell (pronunciation) in the
Pyrenees wine region of Victoria, approximately 2.5 hours from the CBD of Melbourne in time for the 10 minute walk to the pub & order our meals before 8pm. It was surprisingly busy & a lot of the older folk of the region take over the pub on Friday nights & before long we were joined by half a dozen locals for a natter in front of the fire. We met a couple who own an Olive Grove & arranged to visit them Saturday. We staggered home at stumps to our nice warm fire...

Plenty of fire wood & a huge comfortable bed.

The rest of the cottage looked like this....

View from our bedroom Window of the vineyard.

We spent Saturday reading & lazing about; went for a drive around the local area & stopped in at the Olive Grove. I can't remember how many trees were in the grove, but they send their olives away for processing (after hand picking), it is then returned to them in big plastic containers to settle for a couple of months, then bottled on site. Each bottle has it's label hand rolled on & hand corked. Of course I did a little shopping...

Pub again for dinner & an early night this time, as plumbing boy was being picked up at 7.30am for a day of dirt bike riding. I rugged up & set out at 9am for a big walk after firstly enjoying the Rosella's.

I didn't find any Koala's but I did find some Kangaroo's. You'll have to click on the photo to see them though.......they are good at camouflage.

Once I reached the end of the lane, it turned into a 4wheel drive track into a nature reserve & continued to climb at a greater incline, which the following pictures don't really give perspective of, but I was thinking of Amanda's hill climb as I went up & up & up & my heart was pounding out of my chest & I had to remove jacket & beanie to cool down!!!

Back down again. It took me an hour 10 to get to the top of the peak & 40 minutes to get back home again. My glutes are still feeling it today.

Our hosts had Alpacas & miniature horses.

Time for a shower, the off to a local market...

Kusundi, Chili Jam, Rasberry Jam & Oganic Chocolate; then to the bakery to stock up on pasties & pepper steak pies!

Back home to read my cook book until the boys returned for a late lunch. All in all a lovely, relaxing, phone & customer free weekend. The cabin was lovely, as were our hosts who included a bottle of their hand picked vintgage Shiraz which I will be trying this weekend.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Fridays & Crazy Dreams

Just above everyone loves a Friday -I certainly do!

Here's what I'm also loving:

I picked this up recently (heavily discounted - woot!) & Plumbing Boy has been hogging it. I plan on spending Sunday in bed reading it (while he is on his dirt bike).

This week we made the Caesar Salad on PB's request - yumo! I may even finally be converted into liking anchovies..........The recipe also reminded me how much I love eggs. Poached or soft boiled - so long as the yolk is runny, I am a happy camper! I cooked a few soft boiled as per above book & have been smooshing them on toast for breakfast. Divine.

PB loves muffins, in particular blueberry ones. I found a Woman's Weekly recipe that I've tweaked switching the butter milk for organic Greek style full fat yogurt & adding raspberries (increasing the fruit content by 1/3). I made a batch of 12 Monday night, they were all gone by 4pm Tuesday arvo. One of my staff members said that he wants the recipe for his next birthday cake!

This isn't a picture of mine, but will make another batch next week take a pic & share the recipe with you!

Sometimes I make Fridays at work "casual Friday" & wear jeans. hehehe my office assistant doesn't work Fridays so it is just me deciding to wear jeans to work really. And I get to wear my fave sneakers.

I'm actually a bit sad because the manufacturer stopped making them this year. I bought a spare pair from DFO a couple of weeks ago & stashed them in the back of my wardrobe..........I just may go back & procure another pair!

And my eternal fave especially on a Friday is 3RRR radio station. I just can't listen to commercial radio anymore (unless it's KRock for the footy)! Can't stand the advertisements & the majority of the commentators.

I've been dreaming frantically all week & last night was no exception. Our alarm goes off followed by the radio around 5 minutes later. On awaking properly I realised I'd incorporated what Red Symons had been talking about in my dream....light bulbs. This was all muddled into a night out with Miss B, Cinders & Tully & we were trying to get home, but the westgate bridge had disappeared & the freeway just ended. And the ferry that was supposed to be taking people from the broken end of the freeway to the western side of the bridge had sunk as well & we could see it on the bottom of the bay. We had to catch trams to a cab rank in Port Melbourne, but for some strange reason everybody needed light bulbs. But the light bulbs had a special clip on them that Red couldn't undo. Curiously he was broadcasting from a hotel room in Port Melbourne & I ran around there & showed him how to take the clip off the light bulb enabling it to be used. I was racing back to the cab rank to show the others how to get the clips off when I awoke. Yes, bloody bizarre I know.

Hope you all have sensational weekends & sensible pleasant dreams!