Thursday, June 2, 2011


One of my younger staff members asked me yesterday if I like to watch the same sort of TV shows as Plumbing Boy. My response was, Um, sometimes. I steal the remote at 8.30pm; before that we watch stuff like the news, 7.30 report, current affairs/docco type shows. I like an hour of fantasy before bed, where I don't have to think & am (somewhat) entertained - takes my mind completely off work & serious stuff.

He laughed & said, "people ask me what my bosses are like, & I always say the guy boss, well, he's.... different. But you get used to him after a while. My Girl boss though, she's just like the rest of us, & just tries to fit into his world". I've been giggling about it on an off since then. What an interesting observation. I didn't think Plumbing Boy was that different; I suppose having dreadlocks down to his butt is a bit unusual; & he certainly has an interesting approach at times. You just never never know how people perceive you.

Despite being inspired by Humongous the last week, I've been pretty slack on the exercise front this week. I kinda broke my butt on Saturday morning. I was helping PB out on a job, but got there 45 minutes before him & had nothing I could actually do. I don't think it was the stop he made on the way that made him late, more the nattering he did at the stop(s) that held him up. It was cold so I decided to do some walking lunges to keep warm & get in a bit of exercise, as the longer he took, the less likely I was to make it to the gym later. MAN. the next 2 days, my glutes were on fire!!! My eating has been better though & alcohol consumption significantly reduced.

I've been cooking a bit "fancy" of late. Rather than meat n 3 veg or random wok stuff (whatever veg are in the fridge with chicken), I've been making things like potato gnocchi (from scratch), veal meatballs simmered in napoli sauce; last night we had pork cutlets with roasted pear & lemony garlicy, thymey greek style roasted spuds with steamed carrot batons & green beans. Last week I made fancy mashed potato's where you steam the spuds in their skins, then peel, then mash adding lashings of butter & some cream (PB ate most of that - mash is his fave!). I love cooking in winter! I also love all the salads you can make in summer, where meals are made quickly. But there is something more satisfying about lovingly tending your meals over a longer period of time. Soon I'll get into crock pot meals & slow baked casseroles.....YUM!

It is my sisters birthday tomorrow so I'm heading down to the country to help her celebrate. It will be the first time in forever that I don't have obligation to visit with anyone else at all. Mum & Dad are in Scotland; aunt & uncle are in London for another 18 months & Grandma, well she now resides elsewhere. In some aspects a bit sad, but it will be nice to just chill with my sis & niece & not feel like I should be seeing more people & doing more things! It's going to be as grand top of 13 deg C both Saturday & Sunday so I suspect we will be spending a bit of quality time on the couch in front of the fire watching movies!

I think we are going out for dinner Friday night when I get down there, then Tess & I will make a multiple course dinner including birthday cake (?) or at least candles on desert for Saturday night. Tess is really getting into cooking, so I like to get her in the kitchen making stuff whenever I can. We might take a drive along the coast for a bit: there is nothing more spectacular than a stormy Victorian coast line in winter! I think I'd better be packing my winter woollies that's for sure!


Ute said...

Oh hai, you've changed your banner! Looks good. :o)

Mmmmm.... wintery goodness. Love me some hearty winter meals.

Enjoy the weekend with your sis. Hope you manage to stay warm. :o)


AlleyCat said...

thanks chickee! felt like a change - it's a sunset taken in Boracay last year.

Just gotta decide what for din dins tonight now!!!

Thank you - hope you have a lovely warm weekend too!!!


Cinders said...

I'm very impressed with your cooking. I just dont have time at nights but I do love a Sunday arvo kitchen fest if I'm not busy. Have a great weekend :)

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Cinders! Yes, I've been sacrificing my workouts to cook....

Love a sundayfest in the kitchen!!! Hope you have a great weekend too!!!

Chris H said...

Your hubby sounds MEGA SPUNKY!
Enjoy your visit with your sister... and have lots of fun.

AlleyCat said...

LOL @ Chris - thank you!

Memphis Steve said...

Wow, I like the new look!

Lunges to keep warm, eh? That'd be like me doing a ton of squats because I was a bit chilly. I'd end up covered in sweat and soaking wet. And then I'd be colder than when I began.