Monday, June 6, 2011


I got me a little countrified on the weekend. My sis has a bit of a farmlet & we spent Saturday morning doing jobs about the place. Scoopin' horse poop, spreading sand in a stable & stone dust on the outside track of the round yard; checking for eggs, petting the horses & ponies; playing with the cats & sorting smax the guinea pigs cage.

We were lucky that the rain held off while we pottered about outside; while it was cold we were warm while the sun was out, although it was quite breezy! We wandered into town for coffee just before lunch time @ Simon's waterfront were Plumbing Boy & I got hitched. They've finished off the beer garden which looks fabulous; but we sat inside & watched the waves roll in & some very brave surfers while sipping on our coffee. Simon & his wife were both working so had a quick chat before heading "up the street" to the shops.

My sis had a couple of birthday presents to get, then a bit of lunch, groceries, dvd store & before we knew it it was 3.30pm! We'd been out for dinner Friday night, so Tess & I were cooking a birthday dinner for my sis. By request, it ended up being chocolate self sauce pudding (1st request) preceded by pasta bake with meatballs. We prepared out meatballs & got the tomato sauce on then watched a DVD that I've now seen 3 times in the past 2 weeks. I really liked it. For those of you who have kids, or like movies about quirky little girls, then try Ramona & Beezus. Tess had been hanging out to see it & I didn't mind seeing it again. I'd actually made PB watch it 2 weekends ago. I hired it for me to watch while conquering a mountain of ironing then had hired something else for us to both watch together. The 2nd DVD was crap; so I put Ramona & Beezus back on. He wouldn't say he loved it, but he probably liked the movie as much as the Dad in the movie loved Picky Picky, the cat. Now I want to go & read the books!

Our dinner was as success although Tess got carried away & put birthday candles in everyone's desert. We played a couple of rounds of cards & everyone was in bed by 9.30pm! I had a huge sleep in - woke at 9.30am to the lawn mower! Pottered about with Sis & Tess then hit the road. It was really really windy on the way back to Melbourne - you could almost say there were tumbleweeds blowing everywhere! I spent a lot of time hoping that the gum branches were as flimsy as they looked & wouldn't damage my car!

I made it home before the storm hit; but really enjoyed the drive looking out over the country side at the hills & trees & cows & other livestock. I almost feel like I'd like to move back to the country. I felt so peaceful & calm away from the hustle & bustle of the city. I probably should have pulled over & just sat for a while, but I ended up on phone duty while PB went dirt bike riding which was spoiling my serenity. Ah the serenity. You can take the kid out of the country, but you cant take the country out of the kid. And amusingly enough, I've got a bit of a John Denver addiction going on right now. I love Rocky Mountain High. Love it. Sing along now!

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Ute said...

Sounds like my kinda weekend. :o)

It's true, you can't take the country outta the kid. I'll always be drawn back to the country, and one fine day I hope we'll buy our very own little farm.