Friday, June 17, 2011

Blogger reguritated my post

HA! when I first checked after blogger ate my post the other day, I looked in the drafts straight away & either I really do need glasses or it was definately not there. But guess what. Now it is. So. I'm gonna tweak it & try again to publish.

How was your (long if you live in Australia) weekend?

Mine was pretty quiet - I got saddled with the work phone while Plumbing Boy went out dirt bike riding two of the 3 days we had off.

Friday night we went out for dinner & to see some live local muso's play - the food was divine & the music sublime! Saw a couple of old fave's in Nigel Wearne & Sarah Carroll, plus a guy Luke Watt who I'd never heard before who is awesome!

Saturday I slept in (Plumbing Boy had a couple jobs booked in early) so Rosy (my cat) & I were happy to have the bed to ourselves. Pottered about doing household chores then went for a 5km walk listening to my new CD's purchased the night before (made PB answer the phones). If you'd have seen me bopping along with a stupid grin on my face, you'd have wondered what sort of a nut bag I was!

Saturday night we went to friends for dinner & watched them do "home style" Karaoke - they don't have a bouncing ball or lyrics, they just play their favourite songs & sing along over the top. Kind of amusing, but a little anti social as unless you know the words to the music they have, you can't really join in. PB was riding the next day anyway so we didn't stay late. AND I missed out on watching the footy due to said Karaoke. Was not happy. I had to get text updates from my cuz in Sydney!!!

Sunday & Monday seem to have passed in a blur, although I did manage walking 5 & 6kms respectively finishing book 9 of True Blood as I walked on the tready (easier to answer the phone than while walking outside). I seem to have conquered a mountain of laundry; split kindling for the next week or so, met a cute huntsman spider while filling up the wood box & watched Burlesque (surprisingly good), The Fighter (good but nodded off towards the end) & Black Swan (brilliant, but ruined by PB arriving home & having to have the story explained to him over & over). I'd watch all of them again & recommend them, although Black Swan was pretty out there & I had to shut my eyes a couple of times.

All in all, was not a bad weekend. I would have prefered to have gone away somewhere, but it's hard to compete with a shiney new motorbike!

# Updated Thursday afternoon.

Last night I went back to body pump after having a month or so off with a bout of tennis elbow. My gym has just released body pump 78. Yowsers! The lunge track is a killer! I used "girly" weights for everything involving elbows & felt like a bit of a wuss, but said body part is thanking me for it now & feels fairly good. A slight burn in my forearm, but a bit of heat & some home massage should handle it. I used weights for the lunge track though & am waiting for the DOMS to set in good & proper. I'm a spaz as it is with lunges, so usually concentrate on form without weights, but since I'd been so girly I gave it a crack! I had a really hot bath with Radox last night & felt OK this morning, but I'm starting to feel it now, believe me!

Anyhoo. I am happy my fave instructor is still there & she cracked me up last night with her "go hard or go home" & other such motivational statements. I found myself wondering whether you'd appreciate her or not Memphis! I recon you would......


Ute said...

Yay for Blogger Draft!

Your LWE sounded busy. Mboy was meant to go fishing with his buddy, but they reckoned it was far to cold, so ended up sitting at his mates place and watching dvds.

I went to see a mate and her bubba, then on the sunday we went down to Currency creek for an antique road show thingy and see some rello's.
Monday we saw the old's and pretty much veged out.

What ya up to this weekend?

Memphis Steve said...

Yay for draft!

And yay for you for all that walking and making it back to pump class! My instructor is leaving for the beach for 2 weeks, so I'm going to be stuck with subs beginning next week. I usually don't like subs. I am comfortable with the usual torturer and don't like change. Maybe if the sub was super hot I might be less resistant, eh? Probably.

AlleyCat said...

Yay indeed Ute! you sound like you had a pretty chilled weekend! I'm busy again this weekend - baby sitting my neice (11.5yrs) tonight, then my cuz is down from sydney with his chickee babe, so we are going out somewhere (to be decided upon) in the city Saturday night which I imagine will be a later one. Sunday I plan to lay on the couch & nurse my hangover!!!

What are you up to??

AlleyCat said...

My quads are not saying yay at all Memphis! LOL. bloody sore today. I did another walk last night to try & stave off the DOMS. I don't like subs either. I recon you'd like Nat. She's a great instructor & doesn't take any shite from the participants. I'm sure you'd love any hot nipple baring sub though :0)

Ute said...

Um, dunno at this stage to be honest. Try and keep warm and maybe watch some dvds. Enjoy your weekend chick. :o)

Chris H said...

I loved Burlesque too..have you seen The Hangover and Hangover 2 yet? I loved the first one and can't wait to see the second!

AlleyCat said...

Hey Chris - I saw 1st Hangover, after someone had already told me about it, & didn't find it all that funny. Not really my style of comedy. Yes, I know, I'm a bit sad.....

Memphis Steve said...

Don't feel bad. I didn't find The Hangover that funny either. And by not that funny I mean I didn't laugh out loud even one time during the entire movie. Then again, seeing a man shot in the balls with a Taser tends to put me in a bad mood, so that might've been part of it. Anyway, try Bridesmaids.

As for your instructor friend who bares her nipples, yes, that would help motivate me in my workouts for sure. I would never miss a workout.