Friday, May 27, 2011

Tales from Abroad 8.

Hello Everyone from Kilorglin in Ireland

Firstly, thank you everyone for their thoughts, prayers and messages on the death of Rita (C's mum). Our lovely Irish landlady at Navan loaned us her daughter's laptop and we were able to sit up in bed at 5AM and watch the webcast and talk to everyone via mobile afterwards.

Considering Mum was happy for us to go, and it was peaceful at the end, we couldn't have asked for anything better other than being there in person.

Ireland is living up to expectations - a few showers everyday! We have seen some amazing things. The ring of Kerry has lived up to expectations, the drive around the ring of Skellig better and the drive through the Gap of Dunloe truly spectacular.

It is hard to take in the millions of man hours it took to build megaliths at Newgrange. Nobody really knows how or why. We are also amazed at the attitude of the farmers who accept people here and in the UK walking all over their land - even through lambing ewes.

We visited the National (racehorse) Stud on Friday. The place was crawling with security in preparation for the Queen's visit. The army was welding up pit & man hole covers. Workers were levelling out speed humps. Generall the Irish are happy that the visit will bring financial benefits & improve Anglo Irish relations.

Things are tough here. Lots of empty shops & young folk heading to Australia or North America if they can. They are going back to burning peat as it is a sixth of the cost of oil. Most of the people we speak to are philosophical & expect things to come good again. Their sense of humour is still intact.The people here and in Wales are very friendly.

L went to a local twighlight footy match here - same passion but no pies or hot dogs. Off to here some Irish pub music tonight.

Hope everyone is well.
C & L

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