Monday, May 23, 2011

Tales from Abroad 6 & 7.

Hi from Navan

The kind lady from the B & B has loaned us her daughter's laptop (bought in Australia) & we have been able to log onto Tucker's site & the pin seems to work. The page was not available but guess it was asleep. We have set the alarm for 4.45am, so fingers crossed it might work. We will be with you in spirit anyway. Hope everything goes OK & the weather stays fine for Mt Moriac. Hitting the hay now as we were up before 6 to catch the bus this morning.
Lots of love
Mum & Dad


The webcam worked better than we expected. It was more than we could hope for. You will probably have talked to us before you get this but you really did Mum proud. It must have been the easiest service the celebrant has ever conducted as you said it all for him and very well. The camera was in just the right place & the connection was fast enough for the sound to be clear. They kept the video going for more than an hour so we were able to see most of the surprising number of people there. The picture wasn't good enough to pick up everyone clearly & we had fun guessing.

Will talk soon.

Love, The Travellers

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