Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tales from Abroad 4.

That all sounds good (death notice & funeral plans). Hope everything is going to plan. Mum is glad that she & J (Mum's sister) have planned as much as they could. By now J should have found the file I transcribed from Grandma's writings.

We have had an email from W's so thanks for letting them know & they have contacted (Ministers) G & E, so one or the other might turn up at home.

Unfortunately Mum has been unwell & has had a short course of antibiotics but it might not be enough. She is still sleeping (10.20am) but that might be the stress of yesterday. She has coped pretty well. The phone call came at just the right time. We were already up & dressed after spending a comfortable night at Deb's & she was almost expecting it.

And of course the prospect of spending the next few days at T & C's (Dad's brother's). Mum up now & bright & chirpy, so that's a good sign. Bright & sunny today. We have had only a few spits of rain yesterday for our entire time away. Gorse fires everywhere & dust blowing in some places. The road was blocked in a built up area at Sandhurst & it took us an hour to get round it. Weird because there was nothing to indicate what was happening - such is the nature of the UK where city & countryside areas are blurred. Have watched a video clip of the race fall (Warrnambool Steeplechase) on the web & read the Standard (newspaper) report.

Thanks for everything you have done so far & hope everything goes according to plan.
Love "D"


Anonymous said...

got it all rolling really well and with very few little hiccups

AlleyCat said...

rolling rolling rolling!