Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tales from Abroad 3.

I'm going to go backwards before I go forwards if that makes any sense........

Hi Everyone

The rest of our time in Cornwall was very pleasant and everything has gone well since then. We slept in the prison cell in St Briavels castle! Graffiti from the 1600's!

The Big Pit was a very impressive display of the coal mining industry and St David's palace was quite amazing. We also went in a boat through an old slate mine which was set up as King Arthur's labyrinth, telling the story through Welsh eyes. Tessa & Charlotte would have loved this.

Today we went to Carnarfon castle & took a steam train to the foot of Mt Snowdon. 80-90% of the people here in north Wales speak in Welsh which is surprising to us. Tomorrow we hope to go on a canal boat on our way to Shrewsbury (YHA Bridges) then Bristol, Salisbury, Sandhurst & then St Albans.

Love to all

PS Sorry to hear Grandma wasn't so well.


Chris H said...

Sheesh, you out tripping around the countryside again Chick? Having fun by the sound of it.

AlleyCat said...

Naaaa not me Chris!! It's my mumsy & dadling. forgot to include their "sign off"!

Epic Fail said...

Somehow sleeping in an ancient prison cell doesn't sound like fun, but I'm sure it was. I wonder if Rosetta Stone offers a package to teach Welsh?

Amanda said...

I'm jealous. I think sleeping in an ancient prison sounds awesome :)

AlleyCat said...

Epic - i had no idea who Rosetta Stone was....had to google! I'd rather learn welsh from Eve Myles....preferable on the set of Torchwood :0)

Amanda - lol. I'd be a bit worried about the temperature in an ancient prison!!!! But if Mum survived it mustn't have been too bad!!!