Friday, May 27, 2011

Regular Broadcast Resuming

Things have settled after the stress of the past couple of weeks. Again thank you to everyone for their kind words of support on the passing of my Grandmother.

I've been feeling "chunky" of late. Lets face it. I've done little or no exercise since last year. New Year's resolutions, Biggest Loser Challenges, 100 days of exercise challenge & a trip to warmer climates (where bathers were to be worn) had little or no effect on my waist line which of course is now in muffin top territory, rising rather unattractively over the top of all of my pants (the ones that I can still fit into)!

I could use every excuse in the universe, work, injury, death in the family, but lets face it. I could still have gone for a walk. I could still say no to chips, or another glass of wine, but no, I've been slack & overindulgent.

I drew some inspiration from another blogger the other day & actually went for a run. I managed 5kms on the tready, every step was a fight, but if Humongous can do it, then so can I. I was very hot & sweaty & just a little sore afterwards, but also felt a bit of that happy endorphin buzz. Zippy Do.

I went again last night planning to repeat Tuesday's effort, but no go. My hammy was not a happy camper so I walked a km, then ran a km repeat repeat repeat. 3 kms managed of running or I should say jogging considering my speed (or lack there of!) & 4kms of walking followed by lots of stretching. I must say today I am feeling sore spots everywhere in my legs so think I will give in to a nice hot bath with lots & lots & lots of bubbles & radox!

Things have shifted slightly for me already. Yesterday was buy your lunch day & instead of a chicken burger (with or without chips) I chose a chicken satay skewer & 2 home made steamed dimsims. And last night, I got about halfway through dinner (a giant lamb chop n veg) & felt full. I did eat a bit more, but instead of gutsing the lot, I saved the last 3rd for my lunch today. I mean, it's only one day's work, but if I can string a few together, I might just get somewhere.

The other problem I've been having is that I can't do Pump at the moment. I've had sore wrists/forearms & my right elbow had been progressively getting worse - Yes Slyde - it's gone out in sympathy with you. Before Grandma passed, I went to see a TCM practitioner who ran a few tests, for which I tested positive for Tennis Elbow.

I had an acupuncture treatment & a massage & was advised to come back for 2 - 3 more treatments. Of course with everything that happened, I haven't been back have I. The funny thing was, I knew pump was starting to aggravate it, yet continued on. I suppose it doesn't help with my job - repetitive mouse & keyboard work is not conducive to healing any hand/arm/shoulder complaints.

So. Pump is out. Tready is in & I'm thinking I might try cycling tomorrow as well.

While slogging it out on the tready last night, I was again amused by another member at my gym. I saw a lady in 3/4 pants & a long tee-shirt & HIGH HEELED SHOES. I mean she'd obviously changed into workout clothes, had she not noticed she was still in heels???? LOL luckily she was going to a yoga class & slipped them off as she walked into the group fitness room. I tried to have a sticky beak to see who was instructing as I half thought about joining them, but as the usual yoga instructor is the most sour unyoga like lady I've ever had the pleasure of meeting & unless we have a new instructor, I just couldn't do it. The lights were out though & I could not for the life of me figure out (or see) who was running the class!

Anyhoo. Enough of my dribble. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend & I'm hoping the Catters have a big big big win against the mickey mouse team from the gold coast! Happy Trails everyone!


Ute said...

Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate, it's teh wrong time of the year to be dieting! All that nommy Wintery food!
But good weather to walk/jog/skip.

I have put on weight. But have felt so fkn low lately, that there is no way I am gonna try to diet and feel even more miserable.

Have a great w/end!


AlleyCat said...

lol don't worry - I wont be giving up all that nom noms. I just need to move more. A sloth makes for a gumpy cat. A physically active cat is a happy cat. just ask plumbing boy!!! I made the bestest meat balls the other day; oooh & gnocci & mash with butter N cream!!! see I need to move my potato ladden arse!!! :0)

Epic Fail said...

Well, who would'a thought that little old me could inspire a lovely Aussie girl 9000 miles away to get back to running? I'm glad to have been of help. And thank you for reminding me to zip downtown and pick up my race packet and number or I wouldn't have been able to compete the next day. All my training (3 whole days) would have been for nothing. You rock!

AlleyCat said...

NO Wuckers EP! Glad to help. NOW. you just gotta keep inspiring me OK- I've been slack again since last week!!!!!