Friday, May 27, 2011

Regular Broadcast Resuming

Things have settled after the stress of the past couple of weeks. Again thank you to everyone for their kind words of support on the passing of my Grandmother.

I've been feeling "chunky" of late. Lets face it. I've done little or no exercise since last year. New Year's resolutions, Biggest Loser Challenges, 100 days of exercise challenge & a trip to warmer climates (where bathers were to be worn) had little or no effect on my waist line which of course is now in muffin top territory, rising rather unattractively over the top of all of my pants (the ones that I can still fit into)!

I could use every excuse in the universe, work, injury, death in the family, but lets face it. I could still have gone for a walk. I could still say no to chips, or another glass of wine, but no, I've been slack & overindulgent.

I drew some inspiration from another blogger the other day & actually went for a run. I managed 5kms on the tready, every step was a fight, but if Humongous can do it, then so can I. I was very hot & sweaty & just a little sore afterwards, but also felt a bit of that happy endorphin buzz. Zippy Do.

I went again last night planning to repeat Tuesday's effort, but no go. My hammy was not a happy camper so I walked a km, then ran a km repeat repeat repeat. 3 kms managed of running or I should say jogging considering my speed (or lack there of!) & 4kms of walking followed by lots of stretching. I must say today I am feeling sore spots everywhere in my legs so think I will give in to a nice hot bath with lots & lots & lots of bubbles & radox!

Things have shifted slightly for me already. Yesterday was buy your lunch day & instead of a chicken burger (with or without chips) I chose a chicken satay skewer & 2 home made steamed dimsims. And last night, I got about halfway through dinner (a giant lamb chop n veg) & felt full. I did eat a bit more, but instead of gutsing the lot, I saved the last 3rd for my lunch today. I mean, it's only one day's work, but if I can string a few together, I might just get somewhere.

The other problem I've been having is that I can't do Pump at the moment. I've had sore wrists/forearms & my right elbow had been progressively getting worse - Yes Slyde - it's gone out in sympathy with you. Before Grandma passed, I went to see a TCM practitioner who ran a few tests, for which I tested positive for Tennis Elbow.

I had an acupuncture treatment & a massage & was advised to come back for 2 - 3 more treatments. Of course with everything that happened, I haven't been back have I. The funny thing was, I knew pump was starting to aggravate it, yet continued on. I suppose it doesn't help with my job - repetitive mouse & keyboard work is not conducive to healing any hand/arm/shoulder complaints.

So. Pump is out. Tready is in & I'm thinking I might try cycling tomorrow as well.

While slogging it out on the tready last night, I was again amused by another member at my gym. I saw a lady in 3/4 pants & a long tee-shirt & HIGH HEELED SHOES. I mean she'd obviously changed into workout clothes, had she not noticed she was still in heels???? LOL luckily she was going to a yoga class & slipped them off as she walked into the group fitness room. I tried to have a sticky beak to see who was instructing as I half thought about joining them, but as the usual yoga instructor is the most sour unyoga like lady I've ever had the pleasure of meeting & unless we have a new instructor, I just couldn't do it. The lights were out though & I could not for the life of me figure out (or see) who was running the class!

Anyhoo. Enough of my dribble. Hope you all have a fabulous weekend & I'm hoping the Catters have a big big big win against the mickey mouse team from the gold coast! Happy Trails everyone!

Tales from Abroad 8.

Hello Everyone from Kilorglin in Ireland

Firstly, thank you everyone for their thoughts, prayers and messages on the death of Rita (C's mum). Our lovely Irish landlady at Navan loaned us her daughter's laptop and we were able to sit up in bed at 5AM and watch the webcast and talk to everyone via mobile afterwards.

Considering Mum was happy for us to go, and it was peaceful at the end, we couldn't have asked for anything better other than being there in person.

Ireland is living up to expectations - a few showers everyday! We have seen some amazing things. The ring of Kerry has lived up to expectations, the drive around the ring of Skellig better and the drive through the Gap of Dunloe truly spectacular.

It is hard to take in the millions of man hours it took to build megaliths at Newgrange. Nobody really knows how or why. We are also amazed at the attitude of the farmers who accept people here and in the UK walking all over their land - even through lambing ewes.

We visited the National (racehorse) Stud on Friday. The place was crawling with security in preparation for the Queen's visit. The army was welding up pit & man hole covers. Workers were levelling out speed humps. Generall the Irish are happy that the visit will bring financial benefits & improve Anglo Irish relations.

Things are tough here. Lots of empty shops & young folk heading to Australia or North America if they can. They are going back to burning peat as it is a sixth of the cost of oil. Most of the people we speak to are philosophical & expect things to come good again. Their sense of humour is still intact.The people here and in Wales are very friendly.

L went to a local twighlight footy match here - same passion but no pies or hot dogs. Off to here some Irish pub music tonight.

Hope everyone is well.
C & L

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


We Farewelled my Grandma in style Wednesday 11th May 2011. My Aunt J after a bit of a wavery start, delivered an amazing Eulogy, during which I found out a number of things that I hadn't heard before. One of which was a telephone game Grandma used to play with one of my uncles. He lives in WA & sometimes the footy broadcast would stop at 3/4 time. Grandma would then call & my uncle at 5 minute intervals, he was not to answer the phone, but count the number of rings - that would be the score the Cat's would be in front!

We had the most lovely reply from an email I sent to the club letting them know one of their older supporters had passed away wanting to be buried in her club scarf.

Hi C,

Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately we are unable to have a representative attend the funeral, however you are more than welcome to read out the following on behalf of the Club:

“The Geelong Football Club would like to offer its condolences to Rita’s family on her passing.
A lifelong supporter, Rita epitomised dedication and passion to the Geelong Football Club.
Her family can be comfortable in the knowledge that her support and love for the Club meant a great deal and that all our successes were in part to this support.
She will live on as one of the many supporters who make up the proud history of the Geelong Football Club.“

Kind Regards

She would have been astounded & absolutely stoked. Even better was the win on Friday night (sorry Cinders!).

There were double the numbers expected at the actual funeral which surprised & pleased the family. My interstate cousins all made it except one & we had a good time catching up with each other, despite the sad occasion. After the cemetery, we went to a local winery (where we'd had Grandma's 90th birthday party) & were able to speak with Mum & Dad on the phone. Mum was able to speak with each of her siblings (5), as well as myself, my sis & Tess. It certainly made her feel part of the proceedings & as you (may have) read from their last transmission, they were able to watch the funeral via web cam. I've probably already said this, so sorry for repeating myself, but Grandma was happy for Mum & Dad to go & had told them not to cut their trip short should she "pass" before they return.

After the winery, we had a family dinner at a pub in Geelong. After older family members retired, us cousins (having stopped in at the supermarket for a pack of cards) fired up a round of 500, Grandma's favourite card game. We were promptly told we weren't allowed to gamble (yes, the only bar left open at 10.30pm was the pokie bar) & to pack up our cards. We found a little beer garden with patio heaters & continued on til 1am when our 2 lookouts took their eyes off the ball & we got busted again & were asked to leave by the security staff. Hilarious. Probably just as well as I had to get up at 5.30am & drive back to Melbourne to work.

I was a bit worse for wear Thursday & was excused for a few hours to have a nap. Friday I was still in a bit of an emotional haze & spent the weekend trying to catch up on work/home/sleep & recuperate from the emotions of the past week.

It's strange to think of never seeing or visiting Grandma again, but that is life & I'm not sure I want to live to be 94 myself!

Thank you again to everyone for their kind words via email, txt, FB & here - it means so much to know that you all care.

From Grandma's order of Service.....

Miss Me - But Let Me Go

When I come to the end of the road

And the sun has set for me

I want no rites in a gloom filled room

Why cry for a soul set free?

Miss me a little - but not too long

And not with your head bowed low.

Remember the love that we once shared,

Miss me - but let me go.

For this is a journey that we all must take

And each must go alone

It's all part of the Master's plan,

A step on the road to home.

When you are lonely and sick of heart

Go to the friends we know

And bury your sorrows in doing good deeds.

Miss Me - But Let Me Go!

Rita Jean 20th August 1916 - 5th May 2011 RIP.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Tales from Abroad 6 & 7.

Hi from Navan

The kind lady from the B & B has loaned us her daughter's laptop (bought in Australia) & we have been able to log onto Tucker's site & the pin seems to work. The page was not available but guess it was asleep. We have set the alarm for 4.45am, so fingers crossed it might work. We will be with you in spirit anyway. Hope everything goes OK & the weather stays fine for Mt Moriac. Hitting the hay now as we were up before 6 to catch the bus this morning.
Lots of love
Mum & Dad


The webcam worked better than we expected. It was more than we could hope for. You will probably have talked to us before you get this but you really did Mum proud. It must have been the easiest service the celebrant has ever conducted as you said it all for him and very well. The camera was in just the right place & the connection was fast enough for the sound to be clear. They kept the video going for more than an hour so we were able to see most of the surprising number of people there. The picture wasn't good enough to pick up everyone clearly & we had fun guessing.

Will talk soon.

Love, The Travellers

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tales from Abroad 5.


It was a lovely surprise to get yesterday's calls as Mother's Day is at a different time here. Yesterday was pretty amazing.Check out the Living Crafts Fair & the Marquess of Salisbury & Hatfield House on the web. We will be at a farm B & B tomorrow night & Wednesday. We will have Mum's phone on at breakfast.

The funeral will be 5 AM GMT so if you can manage a call after when everyone is together that should work out. F might need to write a big cheque from our cheque book to pay for the phone calls! We are all OK. T & C have the use of a Jaguar while they are here so we have travelled in style the last few days.

Love to everyone
Mum & Dad

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tales from Abroad 4.

That all sounds good (death notice & funeral plans). Hope everything is going to plan. Mum is glad that she & J (Mum's sister) have planned as much as they could. By now J should have found the file I transcribed from Grandma's writings.

We have had an email from W's so thanks for letting them know & they have contacted (Ministers) G & E, so one or the other might turn up at home.

Unfortunately Mum has been unwell & has had a short course of antibiotics but it might not be enough. She is still sleeping (10.20am) but that might be the stress of yesterday. She has coped pretty well. The phone call came at just the right time. We were already up & dressed after spending a comfortable night at Deb's & she was almost expecting it.

And of course the prospect of spending the next few days at T & C's (Dad's brother's). Mum up now & bright & chirpy, so that's a good sign. Bright & sunny today. We have had only a few spits of rain yesterday for our entire time away. Gorse fires everywhere & dust blowing in some places. The road was blocked in a built up area at Sandhurst & it took us an hour to get round it. Weird because there was nothing to indicate what was happening - such is the nature of the UK where city & countryside areas are blurred. Have watched a video clip of the race fall (Warrnambool Steeplechase) on the web & read the Standard (newspaper) report.

Thanks for everything you have done so far & hope everything goes according to plan.
Love "D"

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tales from Abroad 3.

I'm going to go backwards before I go forwards if that makes any sense........

Hi Everyone

The rest of our time in Cornwall was very pleasant and everything has gone well since then. We slept in the prison cell in St Briavels castle! Graffiti from the 1600's!

The Big Pit was a very impressive display of the coal mining industry and St David's palace was quite amazing. We also went in a boat through an old slate mine which was set up as King Arthur's labyrinth, telling the story through Welsh eyes. Tessa & Charlotte would have loved this.

Today we went to Carnarfon castle & took a steam train to the foot of Mt Snowdon. 80-90% of the people here in north Wales speak in Welsh which is surprising to us. Tomorrow we hope to go on a canal boat on our way to Shrewsbury (YHA Bridges) then Bristol, Salisbury, Sandhurst & then St Albans.

Love to all

PS Sorry to hear Grandma wasn't so well.

Friday, May 6, 2011

RIP Rita Jean

My remaining Grandparent passed away peacefully yesterday morning surrounded by 2 of her daughters, 2 of her granddaughters & one of her son inlaw's. She would have been 95 in August. She has 8 children (6 living), 10 grand children & 3 great grand children. She was loved & will be missed.

My cousin & I arrived at the nursing home Wednesday night at 7.30pm & stayed with her til midnight & were very pleased to have had that time with her, to tell her she was loved, that it was OK for her to go & that we would look after & keep her children together, even if some of them were ratbags. While she wasn't conscious & was on morphine, we believe she heard us. We had a scented candle burning & played some music we thought she'd like, as last time she was really sick, she though she heard the angels singing her into heaven (which at the time was actually the oldies regular singalong).

We came back in the morning, on our arrival (the others were already there & had told her we were coming), she opened her eyes & looked at both of us, then drew her last breath. We were privileged to have been there to support & love her (& her daughters) in her final moment.

My Mum is overseas & I was relieved to have been there for her as well; although she bid grandma farewell before she left & Grandma did not begrudge her leaving. I had to call Mum yesterday & deliver the news, however she took inexplicable comfort, that Grandma was not alone when she passed.

The funeral won't be til next week as we have family interstate who will want to be here.

While I am sad that she is gone, I am relieved she is out of pain, as her existance in the past 12 months has not been particularly pleasant.

Please excuse my absence in Blogland over the next week or so.

Irish Blessing
May the road rise up to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,and rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

RIP Grandma.