Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tales from Abroad 2.

More from Mumsy & Dadling.....

Hi from St Ives
We are enjoying sunny Cornwall. So far we have spent 5 pleasant days T & C in St Albans. Now we are youth hostelling in Boswinger near St Austell before heading for Wales. We will be staying in a castle first night there. Have done a lot of miles driving up hedgerows (where the satnav takes us) It is like driving up a tunnel - lots of backing up! However they are very colourful with the spring flowers & the odd pheasant. All the land is used for housing first, then farming & what
is left for roads! The gardens are magnificant esp. the Lost Gardens of Heligan where we walked for 4hrs. Highlights so far have been St Albans Cathedral, Cheddar Gorge, Wookey Hole, Glastonbury, Mavegissey plus all the quaint villages & interesting people we meet along the way. No Internet or mobile coverage at Boswinger so this instalment is late. Sending postcard to mother.
Love to all

Flat out at work this week Port Douglas was lovely; more on that another day, but I will leave you with a pic of me & one of my cousin's resident dunny dwellers. Yes, this little dude usually lives on the dunny wall, up high, but is not opposed to being picked up on his way out the window so long as your skin is wet.


Ute said...

Are they going to THE wedding?!

Awwww, cute lil' froggy.

Glad you had a great Easter break. xox

Salina said...

Hey, nice blog you have here! Keep up the excellent work! Garden of Life

AlleyCat said...

LOL Ute - I suspect they'll be aiming to be as far away as possible from the whole hoohar!

AlleyCat said...

Thanks Salina - went looking for your blog to say hello.......sadly you were just ADVERTISING stuff to sell. :0(

Tully said...

Very cute little creature, but far too close for comfort for me! Eeeek!!!

Looking forward to hearing more about the holiday! :-)

Chris H said...

We had a frog... for a day... then we let him go.
He was cute too.

Irish Daughter said...

Looking forward to the parents next instalment. Will they be Scotland bound on this trip?

Slyde said...

oh my goodness.. if my son sees that picture, we'd be right over on a plane to get one for ourselves.. hes been driving me crazy about getting him a frog and this would put him right over the edge..

AlleyCat said...

Hey Irish - yes, they are going to scotland & ireland - we have the blood ancesters from both countries! They are visiting cousins in ireland & the clan in scotland

Slyde - hehehe what sort of froggie does minime want???