Wednesday, April 6, 2011


is my life this week! Plumbing Boy's gone fishing (finally - the trip has been on & off again 3 times in the past month!) Work has gone psycho - I was doing deliveries myself until 6.30pm last night (my poor plumber didn't get home til 9.30pm) & I had to be ready & at work by 5.15am this morning to let someone in. I'll be back when my brain stops doing 360's!


Ute said...

Ew.... do not like.

Sounds like you need a fishing trip(reads-shopping/girly weekend away).


AlleyCat said...


yes i needs me restfull rest for the wicked!!!! I must be a bad bad girl :0)

Chris H said...

I hope you get to go on a trip when Plumbing Boy gets home!
Shopping sounds good! lol