Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tales from Abroad 2.

More from Mumsy & Dadling.....

Hi from St Ives
We are enjoying sunny Cornwall. So far we have spent 5 pleasant days T & C in St Albans. Now we are youth hostelling in Boswinger near St Austell before heading for Wales. We will be staying in a castle first night there. Have done a lot of miles driving up hedgerows (where the satnav takes us) It is like driving up a tunnel - lots of backing up! However they are very colourful with the spring flowers & the odd pheasant. All the land is used for housing first, then farming & what
is left for roads! The gardens are magnificant esp. the Lost Gardens of Heligan where we walked for 4hrs. Highlights so far have been St Albans Cathedral, Cheddar Gorge, Wookey Hole, Glastonbury, Mavegissey plus all the quaint villages & interesting people we meet along the way. No Internet or mobile coverage at Boswinger so this instalment is late. Sending postcard to mother.
Love to all

Flat out at work this week Port Douglas was lovely; more on that another day, but I will leave you with a pic of me & one of my cousin's resident dunny dwellers. Yes, this little dude usually lives on the dunny wall, up high, but is not opposed to being picked up on his way out the window so long as your skin is wet.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm going AWAL tomorrow. I'll be lazin' about here at my cousin's.....

In glorious Port Douglas. I don't think we will bother taking the computer, so enjoy your Easter break.......I know we'll enjoy ours.

Our 2IC (2nd in charge) is taking 10 weeks long service from mid May to the end of July; this is our treat before he goes. Plus we will meet my cousin's new sproglett (born Nov last year). I'll be playing with the 3 year old & avoiding baby duties I dare say. Plumbing Boy, well, he might be entertaining the dog!!

Hopefully we'll get a day out on the Barrier Reef & get a couple dives in. Can't wait! Eat lots of chocolate, drink & be merry. I'll catch you all next week :0)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


is my life this week! Plumbing Boy's gone fishing (finally - the trip has been on & off again 3 times in the past month!) Work has gone psycho - I was doing deliveries myself until 6.30pm last night (my poor plumber didn't get home til 9.30pm) & I had to be ready & at work by 5.15am this morning to let someone in. I'll be back when my brain stops doing 360's!

Friday, April 1, 2011


I finally caved & bought some boots, but not the exorbitant ones I was salivating over a few weeks ago. I decided I wanted ankle boots as I don't own any (unless you count my work boots) but couldn't find anything similar to the ones I fell in love with at Mimc0. Ideally I wanted something with a low heel for work, but, all the low or flat boots I saw were U.G.L.Y. Then I saw these puppies, with their fancy laces up the front.

& cute little zipper at the back....

not sure if the 7cm heel is that practical for work - I'm struggling to run to the phone; & I think I'll need to put some "party feet" in them if I want to walk any great distance in them!

But they do look pretty sexy dont they!!!! I almost bought them on Sunday, but I couldn't face walking back past one of those sales people in the aisle of the shopping centre. You know the ones, trying to sell you make up or any plethora of shite you don't want. This guy tried to give me a flyer & I politely said no thank you.

He then had another go, saying "may I please just ask you one question - what sort of moisturiser you use?" My response was "today I am tired & hungover so nothing & I said NO!!!!!" & stomped off. I couldn't be shagged going the long way around either to get to the shop so I left without trying them on.

Last night I had to get a birthday present for a friend so went & tried these & a couple of other pairs on & still loved them, so home with me they came.

The only problem I'm having (besides the walking in high heels thing) is the bloody tights I'm wearing. I bought them a couple of weeks ago so they are new i.e. not stretched. I read the sizing on the back & I fall well & truly in the average category. I should have been alarmed when average was the smallest size. I can see some of you nodding your heads thinking they will be too small. I shit not, I can pull them up & tuck them under my bra strap. Yes, I just stood up & did that in my office to confirm it. So. I either have half a foot or so of saggy crotch (girls who wear tights know what I am talking about) OR I have half a foot tucked & folded over the top of my skirt. Either way, its a f#cken pain in the arse . Hitch & fold, hitch & fold, hitch & fold. All bloody day. grumble grumble grumble. Now that I've amused you with my tights, go forth & have a lovely weekend!

PS We got our final 2 hopefuls coming in tonight for their second interview. Hopefully this time tomorrow we'll have ourselves a new apprentice!!!