Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Has everyone else been receiving an extraordinary amount of spam lately or is it just me??? At the moment I've been receiving 20 emails a day from various recruitment companies offering me a job, amongst the usual other plethora of shite. I'm almost receiving more spam than regular emails.

I've seen a few things at the gym lately that made me giggle & some that haven't. Firstly was a young dude who'd forgotten his sneakers & was attempting to jog in his business shoes. Like these ones I kept thinking he was going to trip over the ends of them & face plant the tready. Next was the dude on the stationary bike with about 1/2" of his crack exposed. I kept wanting to drop an ice cube there. Last week I overhead a couple of girls chatting before class who obviously hadn't seen each other for a while; one commented to the other "what's happened to your tooth?" The other replied, "well, I got sick of waiting for a diamond, so I bought myself one & put it on my tooth". Kind of a WTF moment! I get body adornment, but I don't think she achieved the desired result if she had to explain!.

What wasn't amusing at all was the pathetic excuse of an instructor who when asked about his recent weight loss, explained that he used to be really fat - "just like you" to one of the girls who I do pump with. I wasn't there, but heard about it from both herself & another friend who was there at the time. That particular instructor no longer works at my gym. The girl in question went home & cried for 2 days straight, then decided she was going to do something about the situation & make a complaint. As she put it, she's pretty resilient, but imagine what could have happened had this insensitive prick said this to a someone with much poorer self esteem. She feels bad that he lost his job, but reality is, he shouldn't be working in the health or fitness industry with that kind of attitude. What a complete tosser.

It was Plumbing Boy's birthday on the weekend. We went out for dinner on Saturday night with a couple of friends; one of whom was keen to party on after the restaurant, so we ended up going to see my cousins band. PB has never seen them play before - not from any lack of encouragement on my part!!!! PB is pretty much only into Blues music & doesn't have time for anything else (see me rolling my eyes!). The gig was really good & although not PB's style he did quite get into it; as did our friends. I was rockin' out at the front dancing with my cousin's mates. I think my neck has only just recovered today! I did tell my cuz that if I'm too embarrassing, to tell me & I'll stand up the back!!!!

They are having a single launch next month. If you are in Melbourne, come along! I'll be (one of) the chick(s) rocking out at the front of the stage! You can listen to their single here.

Asides my cousins band ( & Adele - Hi Steve!) I've been listening to Adalita do yourself a favour & have a listen. Brilliant!


Ute said...

Yes. My hotmail addy is constantly getting spam.

I have got so sick of it, that I now just leave it open in the spam that's basically all I get.

I only recently put the hotmail addy up on my blog for contact, so I'm guessing that's the reason behind all the spam.

OMG.... I would've decked the cunt!
How fucking rude.
He deserved to lose his job.

AlleyCat said...

glad I'm not the only one being spammed then!

Everyone who overheard what was said was just dumbfounded I think. my other mate was really upset with himself for not saying anything to the instructor. I hope I would have said "excuse me?" or "I think you owe XXX an appology", but I may have been just as gob smacked as D. I wish you were there!!!!!

Chris H said...

Yeah I get masses of it... I would be a MILLIIONAIRE a thousand times over if I believed any of it!
I just junk it and delete it.

Can't believe a fitness instructor would say such a thing!

I hope you continue having fun dancing.... I can just see it. lol

Cinders said...

I love the dude running in shoes. That is pure dedication.

Slyde said...

i think if any instructor i had said something as ignorant as that, i would be forced to punch him in the throat.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Chris! I junk & delete too - only every now & then an important work email goes automatically to junk so I have to scan them before I delete = time consuming!!! I'm still dancing!

Cinders - dude & his mate also did Zumba last night - in fact I spotted 5 blokes come out of the class.

Slyde - like your sentiments also.

Jules said...

Maybe he didn't mean it as harshly as it sounded, maybe he just meant I used to be as big as you are, just trying to give the people he was talking to some appreciation for how much work he has done in losing weight. People often say things without the maliciousness intent that the thing they have said implies.

AlleyCat said...

LOL yes Jules, you are entirely correct as this instructor spends the ENTIRE class banging on about himself. He certainly does suffer from the look at me look at me syndrome. He went on to tell the girl if she'd done the boot camp he was running, she'd be anorexic; although he was hardly "thin" now himself. It really is about time he considered someone other than himself the silly git. Unfortunately I've used up all my compassion for him (sticking up for him when everyone else complained about how shit an instructor he is since he started) since January - he wasn't the best instructor we've had; I thought the class was homophobic so did my best to support him......til now :0(

Memphis Steve said...

I've been getting funky spam emails telling me some package is ready for me and they just need my info. I hit 'delete' and move on. These are new to me.

I had a trainer who was a douche like that. He is now working as a car salesman and I am in a pump class where no one talks to me while I am trying to work out, which is how I like it.

I just got Adele's "21" Cd in the mail yesterday. I've already ripped it to my computer in preparation for loading my favs onto the iPod.

Tully said...

My blood is boiling at that instructor, but unfortunately it doesn't surprise me...

I am constantly worried I will forget my shoes or socks for the gym, but I don't think I'd have that guys dedication to continue on. Perfect excuse to go home if you ask me! :-)

Have a good long weekend gorgeous.

AlleyCat said...

Steve - I've been getting the parcel post ones too from 2 x sep courier/mail companies. Glad you are liking Adele too :0)

Tully - I don't think I'd have that dedication either!!! Thank you!!