Thursday, March 17, 2011

still dottie

some things i forgot yesterday

  • my cat caught a baby rat & dumped it under our dining table while I was away. I am sure she told plumbing boy a gazzillion times, but as he doesn't wake to my cat talking, he didn't realise it was there until I commented on the stink & he went looking. He'd emptied the bin already.
  • it must have been there a couple of days because it was deteriorating (leaking! .... ewwwww). Teatree to the rescue.
  • PB cooked dinner Tuesday night - he called & asked me to pick up a bunch of Bok Choy & a bunch of Brocolini on my way back from the country.
  • He'd seen a cooking show on CH31 & decided to reproduce the recipe.
  • He found the replay of the show on the interwebs & followed the steps to butterfly a chook & marinate it. Then he BBQ'd.
  • That little chat we had last week about him being a slack arse seems to have impacted.
  • He also BBQ'd the greens so they took up the flavour of the chook. YUM!
  • The chicken was juicy & tasty & he cooked it on the grill plate over the rocks. Delicious!
  • When I got home from pump last night, he'd also put on some veggies to roast. I had to change what I was cooking from beef steak stir fry to steak & veg, but that was no biggie; it was a pleasant change!
  • I've had a sore throat on an off for the past week. I'm trying to kill it with Vit C & Zinc & garlic & chili. I have a date tomorrow night I don't want to miss.
  • I almost had to go on another date tomorrow night instead. PB heard an advert on the radio for the doobie bros, apparently playing in Melbs. Lucky for me the show is sold out. (sorry to any DB lovers out there!).
  • I think I'm getting arthritis in my index finger end knuckle joints. Insert multiple expletives.


Ute said...

Egads you are a lucky woman to have a bloke cook for you!

Ew. Fermenting vermin. :oS

It's getting towards that time of year again for colds/flu. Which reminds me, must get my flu shot.

AlleyCat said...

I know! Its a rarity around here. He can cook when he tries, but I like to cook & don't do to bad a job of it. But i also do EVERYTHING other than take out the odd bag of rubbish, so he's trying to help out a bit more :0)

yes, rat guts are gross.

I've never had a flu shot!!!!

Slyde said...

ugg.. .a few months ago my cat caught a baby mouse, but a RAT?

my wife would make us sell the house.... :(

AlleyCat said...

Slyde - you've just bought to my attention that where there are baby rats the will be a mumma & a pappa rat! I hope they are living in the paddock across the road & not here.........