Thursday, March 24, 2011


Work has been extraordinarily busy this week. We have a couple of larger projects that are drawing to conclusion & the pressure is on. One is supposed to finish March 31st - the boys tell me there are still walls to be constructed!!!! Not going to happen. Meanwhile, we are knee deep in fixtures & fit off materials as there is nowhere to store them on site.

Yesterday I was at my desk from 6.30am til 7.30pm. Ouch.

I made a batch of muffins on Tuesday night for Plumbing Boy's lunch. I know some of the boys at work like them too, so I saved a few for PB & bought the rest into the office. They're all gone with a request for more. I guess that recipe is a winner!

My office assistant just informed me that G##gle has a new picture (today they are celebrating Harry Houdini). I said, yes, they change it frequently. She says NO, they don't. Sigh.

I'm interviewing for apprentices again. We've had 35 applications & the ad has only been on line since Monday afternoon. So far I've had a kid applying who wants to be a train driver; a kid from Sweden & 2 mature age applicants from the UK.

I interviewed an applicant, where someone else had cleary writen his resume & cover letter "I hope to illustrate the value I can bring to this position. I see myself as energetic, enthusiastic & keen to start in a position where I can utilise & develop..." I'd say the applicant was close to illiterate & his Dad wanted to sit in on the interview. I felt quite sorry for the kid in the end as I had to cut the interview short: he failed to meet the minimum requirements, but had been unable to articulate that in writing or over the phone.

Speaking of job interviews - tell me what you think of dress codes & facial piercings & interviews! My Da is dead set against employing people with tatts & piercings. I remind him our 2IC has LOTS of tatts; he keeps them covered - unless you catch him in a singlet/tank. Dad really likes our 2IC so his theory is shot.

Yesterday I interviewed a kid with a hoop through his lip, saggy arse skinny leg jeans & runners. He did wear a shirt with a collar so that was something. I dunno. I have nothing against piercings or tatts; or saggy arse jeans even, but wearing them to a job interview?? That kind of says to me I don't respect the job already (or I respect my right to be fashionable???).

I know the position is for a "trade" rather than an office job - is that enough of an excuse to dress sloppily??? I'd rather they came in grotty overalls. I don't mind the jeans so much, but I though he could have removed the hoop. Am I being old fashioned & judgemental??

Training an apprentice WELL takes a huge commitment of time & money on our part. We want an applicant who cares more about his job than his hair, or jewellery or how fashionable he looks. As part of our OHS policy we ask that staff working on tools don't wear any jewellery. I mean even wedding rings can be an OHS issue. There is no way you'd even be allowed on some of our clients sites with bits of metal hanging off your face.

Tell me tell me tell me, what do you think??????

PS your opinion will not affect any of our applicants job opportunities. If they are good, they go through to the next interview. PB has the final decision, not me!!!!!!


Ute said...

Call me old fashioned too, but I think it's a sign of respect that you present yourself in the best possible way. ie: NO metal or tatts showing if at all possible.

And dress appropriately's not that hard to look clean and well groomed.

Wow, you got applicants from the UK and Sweden? Isn't there any in Oz?

Good luck. Hopefully the right bloke(or chick) is just around the corner.
Btw- have you considered using any of the job network places?

Anonymous said...

oh man i feel your pain, i'm currently recruiting for a receptionist... holy fuck they all think they are going to be the CEO by the end of the first week or marry the first single white guy who snags a management position.

no piercings, clean clothes, minimum collared polo shirt, look like you have had at least one shower in the past 12 hours and and a resume that doesn't smell like bull shit.

I had a girl in yesterday, on paper she was perfect, she had the education, experience and the skills to do the job... when she turned up she barely understood me and when i questioned her on items in her resume she had to read it to check....

If they can look you in the eye, are clean tidy, good handshake, on time and can keep you interested in their work history for more than 20 min your on a winner.

Amanda said...

Hope your work settles down soon.

I have a tattoo on my wrist, that I generally don't cover at work, so I purposefully don't cover it with a watch or bracelet when i go for an interview. That way if it ever comes up after employment, I can say "I've had it for a long time, I didn't cover it up at my interview"....

It's not an offensive picture or word, it's just part of me. Doesn't affect my ability to do a job or make me dumber :)

Jules said...

I have four tattoos and my ears pierced. LOL.. I think it's about presentation. You can still have tattoos and piercings and turn up looking clean cut and interested in the position.

I agree with Amanda in there no point hiding the things you have because in the end, if you are employed then you don't need to explain them at a latter date.

I know heaps of employers wouldn't look twice at an applicant with dreadlocks, I don't see why not, does your hair have anything to do with your ability to do the job and do it well. Again, it's all about how your PRESENT your REAL self.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Ute - yes, I agree, its about dressing appropriately for the position. I think I've had 35 aussie applications so far.....plenty!!!!

Dog3oy - yes I like your criteria - cannot deal with a wet fish hand shake!!! My problem is that I'm interviewing 17 - 19 year old boys/men, some of whom don't really know how to deal with being interviewed by anyone, let alone a chick!!!

AlleyCat said...

Hey Amanda - half our staff have tatts & no, they dont have anything to do with ones intellegence.

What I really wanted to know is whether the ring through the young mans lip should have been taken out prior to the interview.

Plus he fiddled with it, with his lip, toungue & fingers throughout the whole thing!!! Would he have been allowed to wear it to school??? I think not - my nephew got suspended from school for refusing to remove a piercing.

Personally, I think the kid was too young to know better, but that's just my feeling.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Jules - yes, I agree, you have to represent your true self - no point being someone you clearly are not. Like I just responded to Amanda - it was the ring though his lip that really put me off. People can do what they want in their own time, but is it appropriate in our work place??

Does it depend on the job you are going for as to whether you wear all your earings/piercings/jewellery/makeup etc etc etc I think so.

AlleyCat said...

PS Dog3oy - good luck with your interviewing!! I had one kid apply who wrote on his resume (after 2 weeks work experience only with a plumber) that he had knowledge of ALL tools & ALL pipes & fittings.........cocky much.....

Tully said...

I always think you should dress your best for an interview, even for a casual job, because it shows your potential boss that you understand simple concepts, ie. like dressing well for a job interview!!! Surely their parents must have taught them this???

Good luck getting through it all and have a great weekend chicky!


Cinders said...

Your office assistant is just gold.

I'm with Tully - you should dress to impress in an interview.

Have a great weekend.

AlleyCat said...

Tully & Cinders - thank you!!! I think you should dress accordingly - if you are going for a job at the circus, by all means, pierce away!!!! Have a lovely weekend both of you. PS I'll be at the builders arms in fitzroy Saturday between 4 & 6pm watching a friends accoustic set if you feel like a cider.........

Jules said...

I'm not a fan of piercings at all but if he takes it out it may heal over.

If he was dressed nicely and well groomed etc do you think you would have minded the piercing as much? Not being contentious, just wondering.

AlleyCat said...

hehehe Jules - you know me well! yes that was partially the point of the post I guess.

One of the guys at our most used suppliers has eyebrow, nose & lip piercings. He is direct & good at his job. I have no problem whatsoever with his piercings & get along with him really well; I respect his ability. My office assistant cant stand him - she thinks he's rude, unfriendly & she doesn't like his piercings. She likes to have a laugh & a joke with the guys at the plumbing store. I don't mind either way (about the laugh/joke or seriousness), so long as they are good at their job.

This kid - if he'd had a bit more of a clue overall, I probably wouldn't have minded so much about the piercing. He was dressed & groomed well enough, I just thought he was dressed more for a casual job interview at just jeans or a record store!!!

It's hard interviewing younger people - they often are shy & don't have a lot of life experience, or self awareness (eg of fiddling with piercings!). I need to be careful of my expectations.

I just interviewed a very well groomed kid who had his tongue pierced. :0)