Wednesday, March 2, 2011


With the past couple of cooler days, I'm already lusting after winter boots from Mimco.

These look super comfy (not to high) for everyday wear.

I LOVE the knee high black ones, but I don't think I can justify the cost. Man are they expensive!!!!

Considering I already own a couple of pairs of boots...........

The last pair I bought were these in winter 2009. They are flat & I can walk for ever in them; I wore them to work yesterday.

I have a black pair of knee highs from 2008 that I still wear, while the heel is chunky - I get sore feet if I have to walk too far in them. Add to those a pair of (at least) 10 year old black 8 up Docs; a pair of black knee high stilettos that I really should sell or give away as I can't wear/walk in them at all (& the few times I've attempted them, I almost broke both ankles); my old black blunnies & red gumbies; I seem to have quite a collection!!!

So. I refrained from buying a pair last year..........just maybe I could get a new pair this year??? How many pairs of boots do you own??? How many pairs is too many??


Cinders said...

I tend to only wear boots in winter because they suit my work wardrobe the best and my feet are always cold :)
I usually have about 7 pairs in rotation at any time. Cheap Target ones are good for work that I can wear everyday and not worry too much about wear and tear before tossing out at the end of the season.
I must say I'm loving the shoe boots that are out at the moment and have bought a nice fawn suede pair which are super comfy. I've also got my eye on a pair from Rubi Shoes that have a peep toe which sort of defeat the purpose of boots but look cute as.
Gosh, aren't you glad you asked?

AlleyCat said...

Bloody oath! surely that means I can buy a new pair right :0)!!!!!

Work does tend to trash them a bit - never thought about trying the target ones!

I usually only wear them in winter too, but it was cold yesterday!!!!!

Anonymous said...

two pairs of DrMartins, one pair of motor bike boots and one pair of Italian handmade soft leather boots that feel like sex on foot.

how many is too many... when your storing them in the boot of the car...

Ute said...

Jaysus... expensive is an understatement. Well, for me anyways.

But they are nice...the knee length ones.

I only have the one pair, bought last Winter. El Cheapo's from Spendless shoes! But hey, ya can't sneeze at them, they will last me forever, and they look fkn good!

AlleyCat said...

mmm sex on foot - They must be fancy! So you are saying that while I have space in my room I can have more??? :0)

Cherry Doc's or black??

Cinders said...

lol, Winter started about 2 weeks ago in my books. I've been wearing boots flat out.
Ute, my shoeboots are from Payless or something similiar. I'm with you, you can't sneeze at them if they look good.

AlleyCat said...

I nearly fell of my bloody chair too Ute. I've never spent that much $$$ on shoes!!! The closest I think are a red pair of heels which are LESS than half the price of the knee high ones.

Mimco make stuff that lasts though - I have a wallet & a hand bag.

So long as ya love em, doesn't matter where you get them from I recon!!!

AlleyCat said...

Cool - it's officially boot season!!!!!

looks like I'll have to check out some cheaper options :0)

Ute said...

Spendless are fantastic! I always manage to find great shoes there. My last pair of high heels came from there.

As you say Cinders, if they look good, who cares?!

AlleyCat said...

I'm on it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate said...

I wore my bots yesterday and forgot how COMFY they were (only got them for the first time last season!)... I'm look forward to your new purchases! ;)

AlleyCat said...

Hey Kate! Did you find some flat ones :0) I remember you were on the look out when I got my purple ones!!!!