Friday, March 4, 2011

Five on a Friday

I'm stealing Amanda's Friday Theme today. She does a post every Friday on 5 things she is grateful for. I'm feeling a little tired & grumpy (& lazy) today, hence my thievery!

1. Plumbing Boy. While he does drive me crazy at times (like forgetting to fix my clothes dryer for 3 months, but remembering to fix his motorbike every weekend) he is a good bloke, works hard & makes me a laugh. He took a call from a telemarketer yesterday who wanted to confirm our business details for a free directory - he told her we'd changed our business & name to the $pearmint Rhin0 as there was more work in the $tripper industry than Plumbing. He then went on to enquire if she was pretty, as we might have a job opening for her. How he comes up with this stuff I'll never know.

2. 3RRR radio station. It gets me through the week, especially on a Friday. I'm in the office on my own usually, so unless the phones go crazy, I have reasonably uninterrupted listening pleasure. I can't listen to commercial radio any more (except when I listen to KRock for the footy).

3. Tessa McTessa my niece. She & her Ma are coming up this weekend. Tess to see her Dad so I'll only have the pleasure of her company tonight, but she's bound to have a heap of new jokes to tell me & stories of being back at school & in grade 6.

4. my Kmix. PB gave it to me for my birthday last year. It's PB's birthday this weekend, so I need something to put a candle into tonight for Tess. So, this morning I whipped up a Pav & had it in the oven at 6.10am. It took me 10 minutes exactly from the time I got the machine out til the time I put the bowl in the dish washing machine.

5. the Internet. I love how I just had a quick convo on FB with my cuz who was on her break at uni; with Jules last Friday night (which had me in fits of giggles) & with my mate in HK.

What are you grateful for at this point in time???


Ute said...

If I weren't in such a pissy mood, I'd probably do this one. Maybe another Friday?

Hmmm...Okay, what can I say I'm grateful for?

•good mates who send me Ute photos. ;o)

Have a great weekend.

AlleyCat said...

bless ya mate! at least you got one on the list! I took me ages to come up with those 5.

must be the weather....

hope your day gets betterer...... have a lovely weekend xoxoxo

Chris H said...

I'm grateful Stew loves me even when I forget to cook dinner.
I'm grateful for my computer which keeps me in touch with so many lovely bloggers.
That's all for now.
I've come down with a blasted cold...*sniff*

Amanda said...

Yay for Five on Friday! :)

Love your five, makes me feel warm & fuzzy.

What is a Kmix???

Kate said...

Fabulous! What a gem PB is... too funny!!!!

AlleyCat said...

Aww Chris - hope you are feeling better by now!

Amanda - lol. Kmix is my fancy red kenwood mixer! Got it for my not the f word birthday last year.

Kate - yes, he certainly can be entertaining!!!