Wednesday, March 16, 2011


yup. dot points today.

  • things got quite busy last week. I was heading away for the long weekend.
  • to Port Fairy to attend the Port Fairy Folk Festival!
  • my family has a bit of a gathering at my aunt & uncles who live there every year.
  • I was in charge of Saturday nights dinner so had a bit of a cook up during the week.
  • There are usually between 10 & 14 peeps for each meal, be it breaky, lunch or dinner.
  • 11 of us slept at the house.
  • my aunt & uncle are off on a 2 year adventure involving house sitting in the UK, but having to enter & exit the country a number of times during that period to comply with visa requirements.
  • my aunt & uncle are lovely, gentle, kind, beautiful people & they will be missed.
  • we usually head home early Monday morning before the festival finishes, but this year Plumbing Boy had to stay & work & I got to take Tuesday off work as well to spend time with my aunt & uncle.
  • i came home with a lot of food! They are renting out their home & were trying to get rid of most of their food.
  • i tried to focus on how excited they are about their pending adventure so I didn't cry bidding them farewell! I am quite close to them & a lot could happen in 2 years. I was pretty successful & managed to hold off the tears till I drove off.
  • i also visited my grandma who is in the high dependent part of the nursing home - she's never recovered well enough to walk after almost dying last year. She still off in lala land & told me all about her new husband - apparently there are 2 men up for the position, she can't remember either of their christian names, but the most likely candidates surname is King so she'll probably be Mrs King.
  • the Folky was fabulous as always. This year the Waifs were playing & I got to seem them both nights.
  • I also saw Kasey Chambers in an afternoon concert; whom I also love.
  • i bought CD's from Crooked Still after seeing them twice; they are an alternate bluegrass band.
  • i'll probably get a Breabach CD (they came out just for this Festival).
  • i'm undecided about Justin Townes Earl & Joe Pug - they might have to wait a couple of months - I can only spend so much $$$ on CD's!
  • my sis purchased Bob Evans & Kasey Chambers new one so we'll swap soon.
  • despite participating in various challenges fitness & weight loss I'm getting fatter instead of skinnier damn it! I really need to pull my finger out (or should that be head out).

So. How was your weekend?


Ute said...

I love a good bulleted blog post, don't you? ;o)

Kasey! Love that woman!

Love a folk fair/festival. There's one coming up at my old home town in Laura in April. Haven't been in years... may try to get up that way again.

Weekend? Hmmmm... can't have been all that spectacular, 'cos I can't even remember now what I did!

AlleyCat said...

I'm listening to Kasey now. She finished her set (her Dad & hubby had already left the stage) when she anounced she was going to do an encore in advance, just in case we didn't cheer enough for one (this festival runs very on schedule & they don't usually allow the performers encores unless they are the last gig for the day). She said this is still my favourite song to perform; i wrote it when I was 17, & I've never done a gig without playing it; it doesn't feel right not doing it so I'm gonna do it now. She launched into a very slow accoustic version of the "captain" I needed as tissue.....

You should try & go your old home town festival!!!

LOL i have plenty of weekends where they were just so exciting I can't remember what i did!!!!