Thursday, March 31, 2011


We've been invited to go to bali for 8 nights with friends later in the year. I've never been before & after the bombings never really wanted too. So. Has anyone been? Any recomendations? If we do go we'd be travelling with an 11 3/4 year old girl plus her parents, so want to be somewhere kid friendly. We scuba, they don't. Speak to me people!!!

In other news, I stopped counting job applicants once I reached 55. We narrowed it down to two & will be reinterviewing them tomorrow night.

I've been fighting a bit of a sinus infection this week, which I though was eventuating into a cold yesterday based on the elves hammering away on the inside of my brain with ice picks, an ear ache & feeling feverish. But I woke up this morning, snotfree. My sinuses are still giving me grief, but I don't have a cold. I recon my hayfever spray is making it worse, which is bloody annoying.

That's all I got I'm afraid. What's been going on with you?


Ute said...

Can't help I'm afraid.

Never been out of the country. Unless you call Tasmania OS!

Bali is somewhere I've never wanted to go. And like you, after the Bali bombings, even more so.

If you go, please be safe. Everytime someone says they're going there, I worry a little.


Ute said...

Oh, what's been going on with me? Hmmm.... well, today was fun. NOT!

Last few days we've had some plumbing issues. Toilet backing up, drains gurgling, etc..
Our real estate co, got the plumber out today...but before they came out, we had a power failure from 7am til 11am. Not good when the plumber wants power!

Anyway... seems they found out the reason we've constantly had plumbing problems.
Don't know the proper termanology, but there was a S-bend thingymajig UNDER the house, that SHOULD have been moved when they built out... some inspection thing. It's cracked in two places, and dirt and other shit has been getting in there, not allowing the poo and paper and whatever else to smoothly pass through.

Long story short, the house is dropping, and has crushed the pipe... they had to dig it out, by hand, and replace it, then put an inspection thing outside of the house.

Yay! No more blocked dunny, or smelly drains!!!!

Ok, bored you senseless now.... I'm off.


DOG3OY said...

Where I am, bali is a 40min flight and is still very popular, it’s a really lovely place.

Thai people are the warmest and most sincerer on the planet, to the point where you think they are putting it on. So yes, fantastic place to visit.


Not right now, the country is in the middle of flooding, Bangkok is a foot under water, I have had to evacuate out staff twice due to access to the building being swamped. The chance of getting bombed again is very slim. The bombings happened in a very politically charged point and the media in Australia missed this point.

An alternative, Vietnam, before baby No3 came along we were planning a holiday there, easily accessible, tourist friendly and has some great resorts. The price is cheaper than Bali and still has some areas that are untouched by the tourist dollar and are fantastic to explore. Da Nang was where we were planning to stay as there are great resorts, beaches and is next to the historic city Hoi An which is fantastic.

Another which a lot of people rave about in Singapore is Boracay island in the Philippines, Mandarin Island Boracay Resort is said to be the best for both resort and the diving, also the booze and accommodation is super cheep.

Whatever you choose just keep an eye out for monsoon season, as you can spend you the whole time sitting inside and the run off of the rain makes the water less than pleasant for diving.

kathrynoh said...

I haven't been to Bali for years so my only advice is to stay away from Kuta beach which is where all the Aussie bogans hang out. Oh and don't smuggle pot in your boogie board bag.

Slyde said...

i think i would kill to go to bali.

my usual trips involve going to New Jersey, which isnt so much of a trip as it is a punishment...

AlleyCat said...

bloody blogger.

AlleyCat said...

ate my last comment. that was a test to see what happened next!

Ute - tassi is over a sea so i recon it counts :0)

I much perfer holidays without bombings & political unrest myself!!!!!

glad your dunny is fixed. today has been the sort of day where we'd snap a cable about 30 minutes ie friday arvo when everything else as gone to the shit!

AlleyCat said...

Dog3oy - I think you need another coffee (or more sleep). I'm terrible at geography but I though bali was in indonesia not thailand???? Minor detail. I went to Boracay last year - it is a fabulous place. we learnt to scuba there 10 years ago. A lot more touristy now, but I still love it so long as we are not there in peak times. good point about monsoon - I'd better check that out. Have heard good things about vietnam......probably no scuba though :0)

AlleyCat said...

Kathryn - lol was waiting for someone to say that!!!!

Slyde - I've never been to new jersey so I'll take your word for it!!!!

Irish Daughter said...

Hope the sinuses have healed. I suffered with the agony of it through 2 pregnancies. Tried every remedy possible. Best one being to snort salted water. Worth a shot if you are still suffering.

AlleyCat said...

Hey Irish! thanks for stopping by....

Yes, been snorting salt water. delightful isn't it!!! they are getting better & my ear unblocked yesterday Wooot!!!

Shona said...

My other half dived at Cham Island with a Hoi An dive shop (Cham Island Dive Shop) 2 weeks ago. It's about 30mins from Danang in Vietnam (Taxi from Hoi An>Danang was 18USD). Nha Trang is popular with diving as is an island down the bottom, think it is called Phu Quoc.

Been to Bali 2 weeks before the fist bomb and oddly enough, 2 weeks before the second. Agree entirely with not staying at Kuta beach