Thursday, March 31, 2011


We've been invited to go to bali for 8 nights with friends later in the year. I've never been before & after the bombings never really wanted too. So. Has anyone been? Any recomendations? If we do go we'd be travelling with an 11 3/4 year old girl plus her parents, so want to be somewhere kid friendly. We scuba, they don't. Speak to me people!!!

In other news, I stopped counting job applicants once I reached 55. We narrowed it down to two & will be reinterviewing them tomorrow night.

I've been fighting a bit of a sinus infection this week, which I though was eventuating into a cold yesterday based on the elves hammering away on the inside of my brain with ice picks, an ear ache & feeling feverish. But I woke up this morning, snotfree. My sinuses are still giving me grief, but I don't have a cold. I recon my hayfever spray is making it worse, which is bloody annoying.

That's all I got I'm afraid. What's been going on with you?

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Work has been extraordinarily busy this week. We have a couple of larger projects that are drawing to conclusion & the pressure is on. One is supposed to finish March 31st - the boys tell me there are still walls to be constructed!!!! Not going to happen. Meanwhile, we are knee deep in fixtures & fit off materials as there is nowhere to store them on site.

Yesterday I was at my desk from 6.30am til 7.30pm. Ouch.

I made a batch of muffins on Tuesday night for Plumbing Boy's lunch. I know some of the boys at work like them too, so I saved a few for PB & bought the rest into the office. They're all gone with a request for more. I guess that recipe is a winner!

My office assistant just informed me that G##gle has a new picture (today they are celebrating Harry Houdini). I said, yes, they change it frequently. She says NO, they don't. Sigh.

I'm interviewing for apprentices again. We've had 35 applications & the ad has only been on line since Monday afternoon. So far I've had a kid applying who wants to be a train driver; a kid from Sweden & 2 mature age applicants from the UK.

I interviewed an applicant, where someone else had cleary writen his resume & cover letter "I hope to illustrate the value I can bring to this position. I see myself as energetic, enthusiastic & keen to start in a position where I can utilise & develop..." I'd say the applicant was close to illiterate & his Dad wanted to sit in on the interview. I felt quite sorry for the kid in the end as I had to cut the interview short: he failed to meet the minimum requirements, but had been unable to articulate that in writing or over the phone.

Speaking of job interviews - tell me what you think of dress codes & facial piercings & interviews! My Da is dead set against employing people with tatts & piercings. I remind him our 2IC has LOTS of tatts; he keeps them covered - unless you catch him in a singlet/tank. Dad really likes our 2IC so his theory is shot.

Yesterday I interviewed a kid with a hoop through his lip, saggy arse skinny leg jeans & runners. He did wear a shirt with a collar so that was something. I dunno. I have nothing against piercings or tatts; or saggy arse jeans even, but wearing them to a job interview?? That kind of says to me I don't respect the job already (or I respect my right to be fashionable???).

I know the position is for a "trade" rather than an office job - is that enough of an excuse to dress sloppily??? I'd rather they came in grotty overalls. I don't mind the jeans so much, but I though he could have removed the hoop. Am I being old fashioned & judgemental??

Training an apprentice WELL takes a huge commitment of time & money on our part. We want an applicant who cares more about his job than his hair, or jewellery or how fashionable he looks. As part of our OHS policy we ask that staff working on tools don't wear any jewellery. I mean even wedding rings can be an OHS issue. There is no way you'd even be allowed on some of our clients sites with bits of metal hanging off your face.

Tell me tell me tell me, what do you think??????

PS your opinion will not affect any of our applicants job opportunities. If they are good, they go through to the next interview. PB has the final decision, not me!!!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011


I was chatting with my Aunt C last weekend & somehow came to be talking about commenting on appearances. She finds it extremely rude when people comment not only on her weight, but on anything to do with her personal appearance whether it be complimentary or otherwise. She used an example of a friend who looks her up & down, when ever she sees her, regardless of whether she is alone or with someone & makes comment. The last time this lady commented on C's shoes - "I haven't seen those shoes before, where did you get them". A bit blunt & not really complimentary on this occasion; C says she has made complimentary comment in the past.

I got to thinking & went back to C & mentioned that some people are bought up to believe that it is polite to compliment people on their personal appearance; I was certainly encouraged to make kind & positive comments (in fact to look for something positive to say every time) & that if I didn't have something nice to say to not say it at all.

C lost a lot of weight when she retired & I remember commenting to her that she looked great & bought this up. C's philosophy is that it doesn't matter what you look like, what weight you are, how your hair is done, whether you are well or unwell - you are friends &/or interact with people with no relevance to those things. C said her Mum bought her up that way & perhaps it was a little old fashioned. I'd imagine she feels these things are all as irrelevant as your skin colour as to any positive or negative interaction she may have with you.

Her husband T, then commented that in some cultures it was probably insulting if you didn't comment on someones physical appearance. I did read somewhere too that in a particular culture if you compliment someone on a possession, they are obligated to give it to you!

It's really got me thinking though:

Validation/approval V Disapproval

Genuine care & interest V shallow & disinterested/disrespectful

I guess everyone(?) makes shallow comments. You know the kind, where you meet someone & comment on a piece of jewellery or the shirt they are wearing to make conversation. Do blokes do this too or is it more us chicks???

In the work place managers often use validation as a tool in attempt get the best out of their employees (which reminds me, another of C' pet hates is asking people what they do for a living/job as again this holds no relevance as to who you are as person).

Personally I guess it really depends on the genuineness of your delivery of a compliment as to whether it is appropriate or not. I would never hesitate to compliment any of my friends on what they are wearing or if they are looking good or fit or lost weight. If they've gone to the trouble to lose weight or be well groomed or dressed & look good, surely a compliment is not disrespectful or out of order. I don’t think showing admiration & respect by verbalising it as a compliment is a bad thing either.

I do understand where C is coming from though. I think the lesson here is to think before speaking??? Consider your motivation for commenting; & the effect of what you are proposing to say will have on the person you are interacting with.

What do you recon?

Thursday, March 17, 2011

still dottie

some things i forgot yesterday

  • my cat caught a baby rat & dumped it under our dining table while I was away. I am sure she told plumbing boy a gazzillion times, but as he doesn't wake to my cat talking, he didn't realise it was there until I commented on the stink & he went looking. He'd emptied the bin already.
  • it must have been there a couple of days because it was deteriorating (leaking! .... ewwwww). Teatree to the rescue.
  • PB cooked dinner Tuesday night - he called & asked me to pick up a bunch of Bok Choy & a bunch of Brocolini on my way back from the country.
  • He'd seen a cooking show on CH31 & decided to reproduce the recipe.
  • He found the replay of the show on the interwebs & followed the steps to butterfly a chook & marinate it. Then he BBQ'd.
  • That little chat we had last week about him being a slack arse seems to have impacted.
  • He also BBQ'd the greens so they took up the flavour of the chook. YUM!
  • The chicken was juicy & tasty & he cooked it on the grill plate over the rocks. Delicious!
  • When I got home from pump last night, he'd also put on some veggies to roast. I had to change what I was cooking from beef steak stir fry to steak & veg, but that was no biggie; it was a pleasant change!
  • I've had a sore throat on an off for the past week. I'm trying to kill it with Vit C & Zinc & garlic & chili. I have a date tomorrow night I don't want to miss.
  • I almost had to go on another date tomorrow night instead. PB heard an advert on the radio for the doobie bros, apparently playing in Melbs. Lucky for me the show is sold out. (sorry to any DB lovers out there!).
  • I think I'm getting arthritis in my index finger end knuckle joints. Insert multiple expletives.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


yup. dot points today.

  • things got quite busy last week. I was heading away for the long weekend.
  • to Port Fairy to attend the Port Fairy Folk Festival!
  • my family has a bit of a gathering at my aunt & uncles who live there every year.
  • I was in charge of Saturday nights dinner so had a bit of a cook up during the week.
  • There are usually between 10 & 14 peeps for each meal, be it breaky, lunch or dinner.
  • 11 of us slept at the house.
  • my aunt & uncle are off on a 2 year adventure involving house sitting in the UK, but having to enter & exit the country a number of times during that period to comply with visa requirements.
  • my aunt & uncle are lovely, gentle, kind, beautiful people & they will be missed.
  • we usually head home early Monday morning before the festival finishes, but this year Plumbing Boy had to stay & work & I got to take Tuesday off work as well to spend time with my aunt & uncle.
  • i came home with a lot of food! They are renting out their home & were trying to get rid of most of their food.
  • i tried to focus on how excited they are about their pending adventure so I didn't cry bidding them farewell! I am quite close to them & a lot could happen in 2 years. I was pretty successful & managed to hold off the tears till I drove off.
  • i also visited my grandma who is in the high dependent part of the nursing home - she's never recovered well enough to walk after almost dying last year. She still off in lala land & told me all about her new husband - apparently there are 2 men up for the position, she can't remember either of their christian names, but the most likely candidates surname is King so she'll probably be Mrs King.
  • the Folky was fabulous as always. This year the Waifs were playing & I got to seem them both nights.
  • I also saw Kasey Chambers in an afternoon concert; whom I also love.
  • i bought CD's from Crooked Still after seeing them twice; they are an alternate bluegrass band.
  • i'll probably get a Breabach CD (they came out just for this Festival).
  • i'm undecided about Justin Townes Earl & Joe Pug - they might have to wait a couple of months - I can only spend so much $$$ on CD's!
  • my sis purchased Bob Evans & Kasey Chambers new one so we'll swap soon.
  • despite participating in various challenges fitness & weight loss I'm getting fatter instead of skinnier damn it! I really need to pull my finger out (or should that be head out).

So. How was your weekend?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Has everyone else been receiving an extraordinary amount of spam lately or is it just me??? At the moment I've been receiving 20 emails a day from various recruitment companies offering me a job, amongst the usual other plethora of shite. I'm almost receiving more spam than regular emails.

I've seen a few things at the gym lately that made me giggle & some that haven't. Firstly was a young dude who'd forgotten his sneakers & was attempting to jog in his business shoes. Like these ones I kept thinking he was going to trip over the ends of them & face plant the tready. Next was the dude on the stationary bike with about 1/2" of his crack exposed. I kept wanting to drop an ice cube there. Last week I overhead a couple of girls chatting before class who obviously hadn't seen each other for a while; one commented to the other "what's happened to your tooth?" The other replied, "well, I got sick of waiting for a diamond, so I bought myself one & put it on my tooth". Kind of a WTF moment! I get body adornment, but I don't think she achieved the desired result if she had to explain!.

What wasn't amusing at all was the pathetic excuse of an instructor who when asked about his recent weight loss, explained that he used to be really fat - "just like you" to one of the girls who I do pump with. I wasn't there, but heard about it from both herself & another friend who was there at the time. That particular instructor no longer works at my gym. The girl in question went home & cried for 2 days straight, then decided she was going to do something about the situation & make a complaint. As she put it, she's pretty resilient, but imagine what could have happened had this insensitive prick said this to a someone with much poorer self esteem. She feels bad that he lost his job, but reality is, he shouldn't be working in the health or fitness industry with that kind of attitude. What a complete tosser.

It was Plumbing Boy's birthday on the weekend. We went out for dinner on Saturday night with a couple of friends; one of whom was keen to party on after the restaurant, so we ended up going to see my cousins band. PB has never seen them play before - not from any lack of encouragement on my part!!!! PB is pretty much only into Blues music & doesn't have time for anything else (see me rolling my eyes!). The gig was really good & although not PB's style he did quite get into it; as did our friends. I was rockin' out at the front dancing with my cousin's mates. I think my neck has only just recovered today! I did tell my cuz that if I'm too embarrassing, to tell me & I'll stand up the back!!!!

They are having a single launch next month. If you are in Melbourne, come along! I'll be (one of) the chick(s) rocking out at the front of the stage! You can listen to their single here.

Asides my cousins band ( & Adele - Hi Steve!) I've been listening to Adalita do yourself a favour & have a listen. Brilliant!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Five on a Friday

I'm stealing Amanda's Friday Theme today. She does a post every Friday on 5 things she is grateful for. I'm feeling a little tired & grumpy (& lazy) today, hence my thievery!

1. Plumbing Boy. While he does drive me crazy at times (like forgetting to fix my clothes dryer for 3 months, but remembering to fix his motorbike every weekend) he is a good bloke, works hard & makes me a laugh. He took a call from a telemarketer yesterday who wanted to confirm our business details for a free directory - he told her we'd changed our business & name to the $pearmint Rhin0 as there was more work in the $tripper industry than Plumbing. He then went on to enquire if she was pretty, as we might have a job opening for her. How he comes up with this stuff I'll never know.

2. 3RRR radio station. It gets me through the week, especially on a Friday. I'm in the office on my own usually, so unless the phones go crazy, I have reasonably uninterrupted listening pleasure. I can't listen to commercial radio any more (except when I listen to KRock for the footy).

3. Tessa McTessa my niece. She & her Ma are coming up this weekend. Tess to see her Dad so I'll only have the pleasure of her company tonight, but she's bound to have a heap of new jokes to tell me & stories of being back at school & in grade 6.

4. my Kmix. PB gave it to me for my birthday last year. It's PB's birthday this weekend, so I need something to put a candle into tonight for Tess. So, this morning I whipped up a Pav & had it in the oven at 6.10am. It took me 10 minutes exactly from the time I got the machine out til the time I put the bowl in the dish washing machine.

5. the Internet. I love how I just had a quick convo on FB with my cuz who was on her break at uni; with Jules last Friday night (which had me in fits of giggles) & with my mate in HK.

What are you grateful for at this point in time???

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


With the past couple of cooler days, I'm already lusting after winter boots from Mimco.

These look super comfy (not to high) for everyday wear.

I LOVE the knee high black ones, but I don't think I can justify the cost. Man are they expensive!!!!

Considering I already own a couple of pairs of boots...........

The last pair I bought were these in winter 2009. They are flat & I can walk for ever in them; I wore them to work yesterday.

I have a black pair of knee highs from 2008 that I still wear, while the heel is chunky - I get sore feet if I have to walk too far in them. Add to those a pair of (at least) 10 year old black 8 up Docs; a pair of black knee high stilettos that I really should sell or give away as I can't wear/walk in them at all (& the few times I've attempted them, I almost broke both ankles); my old black blunnies & red gumbies; I seem to have quite a collection!!!

So. I refrained from buying a pair last year..........just maybe I could get a new pair this year??? How many pairs of boots do you own??? How many pairs is too many??

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Stolen from Kek. as I'm feeling lazy....

A. Age: Old enough to know better
B. Bed size: Queen
C. Chore you Hate: Dusting
D. Dogs: Nope. I have a Cat
E. Essential start to your day: A shower.
F. Favorite color: Purple
G. Gold or silver: Silver
H. Height: 163 cm /5.4ish
I. Instruments you play: Piano & Guitar both in high school, still have one of each; but haven't played either for a long long time.
J. Job title: Office Administrator
K. Kids: Nil (still not sure on that one).
L. Live: Melbourne, Australia
M. Mum's name: Cally
N. Nicknames: Cat; ca-twinkles, ca-twinks.
O. Overnight hospital stays: Skin graft on the roof of my mouth; 2 x drainage tubes in ears, 2 x separate skin grafts to close those back over, appendix, cone biopsy.
P. Pet peeve: making me repeat myself/asking me a question then not bothering to stop talking so I can answer it.
Q. Quote from a movie: “You can't handle the truth" A Few Good Men / "Tell him his Dreamin'" The Castle
R. Righty or Lefty: Righty.
S. Siblings: One sister
T. Time you wake up: 5 - 5.30am week days; a bit later on the weekends
U. Underwear: usually; sometimes not.
V. Vegetables you dislike: Broad beans
W. What makes you run late: Plumbing Boy.
X. X-rays you've had: Sinus, wrist, shoulder, hand, foot, teeth.
Y. Yummy food you make: Linguine Alla matriciana; Pavlova; lamb/goat rogan josh; mushroom risotto.....
Z. Zoo animal favorite: Tigers!!!

Play too if you want!